June 16, 2007

16:20 GMT

The Lebanese government met Saturday and approved a decree to hold by-elections to fill the seats of two assassinated ant-Syrian Members of Parliament

June 15, 2007

00:59 GMT

The satellite music channel Mazika is continuing to show the new song “Aghla EL Habieb” (The Dearest Ones) by Lebanese singer Nawal el Zoghbi

12:47 GMT

At least four Lebanese troops died and six others were hurt in renewed fighting Friday with Islamic militants holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp i

June 14, 2007

10:20 GMT

Crowds rallied behind a funeral procession Thursday after a huge car blast killed a prominent anti-Syrian lawmaker and nine other people.

June 13, 2007

23:41 GMT

Since the start of her career, Lebanese singer Carol Samaha, has not committed to one particular production company

18:09 GMT

Lebanese anti-Syrian parliamentarian Walid Edo died on Wednesday, with at least nine other people, when a bomb ripped through his car in western Beiru

June 11, 2007

16:03 GMT

Two relief workers died and a Palestinian mediator was injured in fierce clashes on Monday between Lebanese forces and Fatah Islam fighters at a Pales

15:02 GMT

Lebanese famous singer Najwa Karam just returned home after being on tour in Australia

14:54 GMT

The famous Lebanese singer Assi Hilani’s mother has passed away yesterday after experiencing severe health conditions

June 10, 2007

19:50 GMT

It seems that the love of money had made famous artists blind with regards to the choices they make

12:36 GMT

An international court to try suspects in the murder of Lebanese ex-premier Rafiq Hariri has come into force, Justice Minister Charles Rizk said Sunda

June 9, 2007

21:08 GMT

Lebanon's army intensified its assault on militants hiding inside a Palestinian refugee settlement on Saturday, launching artillery barrages and sendi

June 8, 2007

16:44 GMT

Factions from across Lebanon's political spectrum gave their support on Friday to a proposal from France to host informal fence-mending talks.

June 7, 2007

22:25 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa turned down all offers to be in any movie, stating that the offers she had received were in no way right for her

22:19 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi headed to Monaco where she received an invitation from “Pentium Fund Foundation” to be guest of honor at a dinner charity event