August 22, 2006

04:12 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba has denied accusations by the media that she and a number of Lebanese singers did not cancel prescheduled concerts out of disregard for their country while at war with Isra

August 21, 2006

16:35 GMT

Initial estimates following the recent war in Lebanon indicate some $3.6 billion in physical damage to country, the Lebanese reconstruction chief rece

06:56 GMT

Foreign ministers of the Arab League met for an emergency meeting in Cairo where they agreed to call on the UN to oversee renewed peace talks...

06:06 GMT

Foreign ministers of the Arab League met for an emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday, where they agreed to call on the United Nations Security Council

August 20, 2006

16:50 GMT

Lebanon warned Sunday it would charge with treason anyone who fired rockets on Israel in violation of a ceasefire that ended a month of warfare, but s

07:21 GMT

In the wake of an Israeli commando raid near Baalbek in eastern Lebanon on Saturday, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Israel had viola

August 19, 2006

15:12 GMT

Lebanese security and Hizbullah sources said Israeli aircraft and commandos raided a Hizbullah stronghold in eastern Lebanon early on Saturday just ho

August 18, 2006

18:54 GMT

Even though Hizbullah is declaring victory -- and others are seeing the fight with Israel as a draw -- President Bush said on Friday the Shiite group

11:27 GMT

The Lebanese army reached the country's southern border with Israel for the first time Friday, sending a sole jeep on patrol through the village of Ki

August 17, 2006

19:39 GMT

French President Jacques Chirac announced Thursday that his county would immediately double to 400 its contingent in the UN peacekeeping force in Leba

13:54 GMT

Parliament's majority leader Saad Hariri blasted both Syria and Israel in a fiery speech Thursday to hundreds of supporters in Qoreitem

10:33 GMT

It has become clear that Hizbullah's limited budgets will not come close to funding the massive reconstruction projects necessary to rehabilitate Leba

07:23 GMT

Lebanese forces moved towards the south of the country Thursday to replace Israeli soldiers in line with a U.N. peace plan to end a month-long war.