August 8, 2006

12:59 GMT

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday said that he would review the Lebanese proposal to deploy an estimated 15,000 Lebanese troops into the

06:20 GMT

Israeli troops and Hizbullah fighters were engaged in heavy exchanges of fire Tuesday morning in southern Lebanon.

August 7, 2006

16:59 GMT

Israeli bombs killed at least 17 civilians in Lebanon on Monday in renewed fighting after diplomatic efforts to end the 27-day-old war stalled.

16:56 GMT

Arab League foreign ministers, meeting in Beirut, decided to send a delegation Monday to try to push through proposed Lebanese amendments to a draft U

07:37 GMT

Israeli aircraft struck more than 150 targets in Lebanon overnight, it was reported early Monday, as Hizbullah battled Israeli troops on several front

August 6, 2006

20:02 GMT

Three Israelis were killed and some 40 others were wounded in Haifa on Sunday evening in what was described as the heaviest rocket strike on Israel's

17:19 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has recorded a new patriotic song “Lebnan Ya Habib El Umor” (Lebanon My Only Love) to express her grief over the horror her dear country is experiencing with endless Israel

15:22 GMT

The Syrian foreign minister declared on Sunday that the U.S.-French cease-fire plan was "a recipe for the continuation of the war" and warned Syrian a

08:09 GMT

Israeli warplanes early Sunday bombed two roads linking the eastern Bekaa valley with Beirut and north Lebanon, as well as two bridges in Akkar provin

August 5, 2006

16:28 GMT

A senior U.S. envoy met Saturday with Lebanese officials in Beirut. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State David Welch met with Speaker Nabih Berri and Pri

08:55 GMT

Israeli helicopters attacked the southern port city of Tyre Saturday in a dawn raid that Hizbullah said was a failed attempt commando operation which

03:28 GMT

Lebanese singer Alissa has denied circulating rumors that she is romantically involved with a prominent businessman, and that she was given an expensive diamond watch as a gift from him after she agre

August 4, 2006

20:40 GMT

Hizbullah on Friday night struck deeper inside Israel than ever before, firing missiles which landed in open fields near the town of Hadera, 75 kilome

16:43 GMT

Four Israeli missiles slammed into a refrigerated warehouse where farm workers were loading vegetables near the Lebanon-Syria border on Friday, killin

09:51 GMT

Israeli warplanes struck three bridges linking Beirut to northern Lebanon on Friday, in the worst attacks yet on the north of the country.