May 28, 2007

14:57 GMT

A new firefight erupted on Monday at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where the army is besieging an Islamist militia, amid efforts to end the cr

May 27, 2007

16:23 GMT

Lebanese singer Rula Saad called on the assistance of little kids in her new video clip for the song “Beidak Ana” (On Your Birthday) leading people to accuse her of attempting to imitate Lebanese sing

13:06 GMT

Lebanon has given Palestinian groups until the middle of this week to negotiate an end to a deadly standoff between government forces and an Islamist

May 26, 2007

17:46 GMT

Lebanese singer Miriam Faris is continuing working on her successful add for the Worldwide Communication Company “Vodaphone”

12:31 GMT

Three U.S. transport planes carrying military aid to Lebanon's army arrived in Beirut Saturday, part of an international airlift to help government fo

May 25, 2007

16:58 GMT

Military aid from the United States and Arab allies started arriving Friday after Washington said it was rushing supplies to the Lebanese army battlin

May 24, 2007

11:57 GMT

Sporadic gunfire erupted Thursday inside the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp where Islamist gunmen are holed up

May 23, 2007

15:25 GMT

Amnesty International accused both Israel and Lebanon's Hizbullah on Wednesday of committing war crimes during the war last summer, saying both were g

13:41 GMT

Palestinian refugees on Wednesday continued to flee a battered camp in northern Lebanon, as fighting between armed Islamists and the Lebanese army sto

May 22, 2007

22:47 GMT

Artillery and machine gun fire echoed around a crowded Palestinian refugee camp Tuesday as the Lebanese government ordered the army to finish off the

May 21, 2007

22:52 GMT

A huge blast ripped through Beirut's Verdun district at 10:50 p.m. Monday, damaging several apartments and storefronts.

20:03 GMT

Lebanese forces fought with al Qaeda-linked gunmen around a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon for a second straight day on Monday, security

May 20, 2007

20:38 GMT

The Lebanese army battled Fatah al-Islam activists with automatic rifles and hand grenades in the northern city of Tripoli and the adjacent Palestinia

17:29 GMT

The Lebanese American Club in Dearborn, Michigan hosted its 19th annual gala on May 15

08:21 GMT

Dr. Badr Al Badr, Cisco Saudi Arabia General Manager, recently affirmed Cisco's commitment to the economic growth and development of Lebanon and its commitment to the key role Cisco plays as part of t