August 11, 2006

15:32 GMT

Five Israelis were wounded in Hizbullah rocket attacks on northern Israel on Friday. One person was moderately wounded when a Katyusha rocket hit an 1

08:25 GMT

Israeli air strikes killed at least 11 people in northern Lebanon on Friday, medical sources said. They said Israeli planes struck an area near Lebano

August 10, 2006

20:49 GMT

The sides involved in diplomatic negotiations for a UN-brokered cease-fire resolution aimed at ending the war in Lebanon reached a breakthrough Thursd

13:26 GMT

More than 1,000 civilians have been killed in Lebanon since Israel launched its massive offensive on July 12, an official body has said.

10:48 GMT

Israeli soldiers and Hizbullah fighters were involved in bitter clashes Thursday morning near the town of Marj Ayoun and neighboring Khiyam and Kila.

06:56 GMT

At least 15 Israeli troops were killed on Wednesday, the army confirmed early Thursday, as fierce fighting with Hizbullah members raged in the souther

03:17 GMT

A photo of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram donning a Hijab (the Islamic Headdress) has been circulating on the internet, prompting rumors that the singer has denounced the Christian faith and become a Mus

August 9, 2006

19:35 GMT

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Wednesday that Israeli attacks had not weakened its rocket capabilities and its fighters would turn s

16:00 GMT

At the onset of the current wave of violence between Lebanon and Israel, Hizbullah's chief, Hassan Nasrallah, pledged to "surprise Israeli forces on t

15:35 GMT

The Israeli security cabinet approved Wednesday afternoon a broader ground offensive by the Israeli army in Lebanon, authorizing troops to push to the

14:26 GMT

A Sky News newscaster, interviewing British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett on Sunday, July 30 demanded an answer to this paraphrased question: if

13:03 GMT

Israeli ground troops advanced further into Lebanon on Wednesday, while heavy fire continues between Israeli and Hizbullah forces in and around the vi

06:40 GMT

One Palestinian was killed early Wednesday and three others wounded when Israeli naval forces targeted one of Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee ca

August 8, 2006

16:08 GMT

The Islamic Revelution Leader, Sayed Ali Khamenei in the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ali (AS) on Tuseday described the Commander of the Faithf