May 11, 2007

11:48 GMT

Lebanese Premier Fouad Saniora in an op-ed piece published Friday in The New York Times urged Israel to work for a Middle East settlement based on an

May 10, 2007

20:10 GMT

Lebanese singer Pascal Mashaalani is preparing to appear in a completely new look and has traveled to Italy and France to choose from the latest fashions

20:04 GMT

Lebanese singer Pascal Mashaalani has denied allegations that she appeared practically nude in her most recent music video “Itghairt Alai” (You have changed)

14:33 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told an investigative panel that the Israeli military ''seriously let itself down'' in last summer's war in Lebanon

12:14 GMT

In his address at the 1st session of the new people's Assembly, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday reviewed the dangers threatening the Arab

May 9, 2007

19:18 GMT

Lebanese singer/actress Maya Nasri is trying hard to divide her time between the recording and filming studios

04:22 GMT

Prominent Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury has announced that he has almost completed his upcoming album, which will be the last with the production company ‘Rotana’ according to the contract he has with t

May 8, 2007

17:15 GMT

The long awaited for performance by prominent lebanese singers Nancy Ajram and Assi Hilani, which was planned for months to take place at the beginning of this current month in Abu Dhabi, has been pos

05:02 GMT

Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi was held guest at a special event that was organized by the Healthy Diet Association to support cancer patients and spread awareness about uterine cancer

May 7, 2007

16:20 GMT

At least one Palestinian died and four were hurt during clashes between rival factions in the southern refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh Monday, a Palesti

13:08 GMT

Hizbullah on Monday voiced hope that the newly elected French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, will have a "more balanced" approach to Lebanon's political

May 6, 2007

17:40 GMT

L'Azurde Company for Jewellery and World Gold Council in Dubai announced Lebanese singer Elissa as the Ambassador of Gold in the Middle East for the years 2007 and 2008

17:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa was in a car accident last week while driving her Range Rover home

04:20 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi denied recent rumors that she had publicly insulted a number of prominent singers like Egyptian Hani Shaker, Amr Diab and Syrian Asalah Nasri

04:12 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Hani Shaker refused to answer Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi back, after she had attacked him publicly