August 25, 2006

17:05 GMT

The French foreign minister on Friday said the U.N. will establish an "exclusion zone" in south Lebanon where it will disarm unauthorized armed men.

08:38 GMT

Sixty-three percent of Israelis want Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign in a sharp public criticism over his handling of the war in Lebanon, a newsp

August 24, 2006

20:38 GMT

President Jacques Chirac said Thursday that France will send a total of 2,000 soldiers for the U.N. peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon.

13:31 GMT

Lebanon insisted on Thursday it would to stop smuggling from Syria, playing down a dispute between Syria and Israel over whether U.N. forces should he

August 23, 2006

23:51 GMT

Despite her recent announcement of cancelling all prescheduled concerts in Lebanon and the Arab world due the war that broke off between Lebanon and Israel, Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has given her a

23:46 GMT

Lebanese singer Assi Hilani has just completed recording the songs for his upcoming album "Fi Marfa' Ainak" (At an Eye Glance), which he intends on releasing by the end of the coming month of June

23:30 GMT

After having called off all her entertainment activities, Lebanese singer Nourhanne is in Dubai to resume work on her upcoming album

13:59 GMT

An Israeli soldier was killed on Wednesday and several others wounded in southern Lebanon when troops walked into a minefield.

09:28 GMT

In a statement made on Wednesday by international human rights organization Amnesty International, the group accused Israel of indiscriminate attacks

07:05 GMT

After the re-opening of Rafik Hariri International airport, German Airline Lufthansa re-establishes its flight operation to the Lebanese capital. As o

06:59 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad on Tuesday rejected calls by Israel to deploy international troops along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

August 22, 2006

15:44 GMT

As the eyes of the world turned to the events of the Arab world in July, all Arab eyes were glued to the TV news for the latest updates on unfolding events, according to rating information from Ipsos-

10:03 GMT

Italy warned on Tuesday that unless Israel abides by the UN cease-fire agreement in Lebanon, it will withhold troops it had pledged to deploy as part

08:11 GMT

Israeli forces shot dead three Hizbullah fighters in southern Lebanon on Monday evening, Israeli sources reported.

07:29 GMT

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz stated on Monday evening that he did not rule out the possibility of direct talks with Lebanon at some point in t