December 24, 2006

12:40 GMT

Egyptian folk singer Saed Al Sughair’s popularity soared after his US tour, capturing the hearts of his American fans, although his stroke of good luck may have ended

December 23, 2006

15:08 GMT

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa on Saturday urged the rival Lebanese leaders to practice restraint, warning that escalation by the Hizbullah-

December 22, 2006

17:04 GMT

Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa is expected to continue his current mediation between the Lebanese government and opposition until December 23

December 21, 2006

13:21 GMT

Arab League chief Amr Moussa said on Thursday he had won Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's backing for his attempts to solve the political crisis in

10:37 GMT

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says in comments published Thursday that his country will not talk with the "genocidal" movements of Hamas and

10:03 GMT

MTC Touch offers home data and messaging services to Lebanon-based users and visitors to Lebanon

December 20, 2006

08:39 GMT

Sources have revealed that Lebanese singer Rami Ayash is intimately involved with Catherine Mo'awad

December 19, 2006

20:45 GMT

After Lebanese singer Rami Ayash completed the composition of a new patriotic song he wrote, he headed off to Cairo to hold a special concert at the Marriot Hotel, which witnessed a large number of au

13:47 GMT

Ayna announced today the launch of its mobile service which enables users

December 18, 2006

22:52 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi has unveiled the secrets behind her beauty and perfect complexion

22:18 GMT

The Hizbullah-led opposition called Monday for early parliamentary elections to resolve Lebanon's political crisis.

December 17, 2006

22:42 GMT

Lebanese singer Assi Hilani was recently in Europe, where he spent a short vacation with his family to relax after he spent endless hours preparing for his upcoming album

22:37 GMT

Director Ahmad Sameer Faraj has confirmed that the film “Abiad Aswad” (Black and White), which marks Lebanese singer Maya Nasri’s debut on the big screen, will be ready for screening during the second

December 16, 2006

13:18 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram is currently recording the songs for her upcoming album, which she plans on releasing during the summer season in 2007