October 13, 2005

15:15 GMT

Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al Shara said on Thursday that some media channels and what was leaked from the International Investigation Committee i

October 12, 2005

17:08 GMT

Syria's Minister of Interior Gen. Ghazi Kana'an died in his office before noon on Wednesday after committing suicide.

October 11, 2005

19:16 GMT

Lebanese singer Rami Ayash has completed filming his first music video after taking time off to relax and regain his health

19:07 GMT

Lebanese television announcer and actress Razan Moughrabi recently underwent a complete makeover by beauty experts from Wella Hair Products and hairdresser Fadi Shadi as part of the program ‘Global Ha

19:01 GMT

Lebanese television announcer Razan Moughrabi has received an offer to star in the new Egyptian television drama series “Al Ameel 1001” (Agent 1001)

16:29 GMT

The Palestinian Authority has reportedly made attempts to secure the release of Lebanese political prisoner Samir Kuntar, held in Israel since 1979 fo

12:47 GMT

Lebanese singer Marwa has officially announced that she has nothing against Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi, while acknowledging that she did make a comment that Haifa is better fit to be a fashion model

October 10, 2005

11:35 GMT

The United States reportedly considered using military strikes against Syria to target training camps it believes operate there for the purpose of dis

10:22 GMT

Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker has chosen a new song over the phone to include in his upcoming album

10:14 GMT

Lebanese singer Assi Hilani has completed recording almost 20 new songs, and will be choosing the most appropriate ones to include in his upcoming album

October 9, 2005

15:08 GMT

Statistics issued today by Visa International, the world’s leading payment organisation, for the 12-month period to 30 June 2005 show strong growth across Levant. The region enjoyed a 15 percent annu

12:28 GMT

Rotana has chosen Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker to hold the first concert and officially launch the upcoming “Rotana 2005 Festival” on July 22, 2005

08:45 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has expressed her desire to become a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations

October 6, 2005

13:00 GMT

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Thursday that new explosive devices used against US and British forces in Iraq "lead us either to Iranian eleme

10:11 GMT

Lebanese singer Maisam Nahas has denied circulating rumors that she was intimately involved with young Egyptian actor Ahmad Izz