October 21, 2006

06:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba has admitted that she wishes the man of her dreams looks like Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury, whom she extremely admires

October 19, 2006

13:21 GMT

Lebanon's Speaker Nabih Berri has ruled out the overthrow of Premier Fuad Saniora's cabinet unless "consensus" was reached.

07:04 GMT

Sources at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information have revealed that the ministry has refused to allow a number of female singers to perform in Kuwait during the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr

October 18, 2006

October 17, 2006

03:59 GMT

An Egyptian court has sentenced a Russian and a Georgian tourist to two years in jail after they were found guilty of robbing Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram

October 16, 2006

17:51 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday invited Lebanon's prime minister to start peace talks, but Olmert ruled out peace talks with Syria, sayin

04:05 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa has completed filming her latest music video for the song “Lao Ta’rafooh” (If You Knew Him), directed by Salim Turk

October 15, 2006

07:40 GMT

A small grenade went off after it was fired at a building near U.N. offices in a downtown Beirut square early Sunday, wounding four people, police sai

October 11, 2006

04:46 GMT

Lebanese singer Alissa has resumed performing now that the war has ended between Lebanon and Israel, already holding concerts in Paris and Jordan

October 9, 2006

09:16 GMT

Lebanese President Emile Lahoud has thanked the UAE-based Alaqariya Media Group for its contribution towards the war-torn country’s humanitarian efforts. Lahoud was speaking during a meeting with a

October 8, 2006

16:20 GMT

According to a report in the Sunday edition of the Washington Post, Hizbullah did not expect a 34-day war with Israel when it captured two Israeli sol

05:41 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba has agreed to accept an offer for the leading role in the upcoming film “Laiali” (Nights) alongside Egyptian actors Tal’at Zakaria and folk-singer Saed Al Sagheer

October 7, 2006

18:57 GMT

Lebanon's Acting Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat confirmed in a newspaper interview Saturday the presence of al Qaeda in Lebanon, disclosing that "we h

16:51 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi appeared as a guest on a program aired on the Lebanese satellite channel ‘New TV’ and refused to be intimidated by host Nishian, known for intimidating his guests by talkin