June 14, 2006

07:05 GMT

International Investment Bank (IIB), a globally-focused investment bank based in Bahrain, today announced the launch of a mixed-use real estate investment opportunity in a prime location in the heart

June 13, 2006

13:44 GMT

Lebanese singer Elaine Khalaf recently appeared as a guest on an entertainment program aired on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) to launch her most recent album, performing four of her news

June 11, 2006

14:38 GMT

McAfee Inc, the pioneer and worldwide leader in intrusion prevention solutions, announced today the appointment of Emile Abou Saleh as Territory Manag

June 10, 2006

21:17 GMT

The U.N. inquiry into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri reported on Saturday "considerable progress" in its work.

17:11 GMT

Lebanon announced on Saturday it had arrested a man who was a key mastermind in a car bombing that killed a senior official of an armed Palestinian gr

June 8, 2006

07:37 GMT

After the severe market corrections, the UAE market started off trading earlier this month in positive territory.

June 7, 2006

16:17 GMT

With the upcoming session of Lebanon's National Dialogue talks set to convene on June 8, the nation's political situation is extremely tenuous.

14:25 GMT

Intel® Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and the Hariri Foundation to develop its wor

June 5, 2006

13:43 GMT

After three months since rehearsals for the play "Al Iskafi Malikan" (The Shoe man a King) stopped due to the leading actor Hannan Turk and her preoccupation with other work, director Khaled Al Jalal

11:18 GMT

In response to circulating rumors that she publicly insulted Syrians and refusing to hold any concerts in Syria

07:38 GMT

Holidays are closing in and can’t decide between an adventure break and a spot of Spa lounging? Stressed out city residents can have both at the ‘Mzaa

June 4, 2006

13:09 GMT

Lebanese television broadcaster and actress Razan Moughrabi recently traveled to Miami in the United States to shoot an episode for her weekly show "Shahrazad" on the Arab satellite channel MBC

08:36 GMT

Wearing the latest trends in fashion for Lebanese singers Haifa Wahbi and Alissa is one of their main concerns, leading them to wear the exact same dress but on different occasions

08:23 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi was recently honored by the International Union in charge of the ‘Miss Lebanon’ beauty pageant. Haifa was presented an award for her drive to succeed from the moment she l

08:00 GMT

Lebanese singer Rami Ayash plans on filming a music video for the popular duet he performed with Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi, “Balghi Kul Mawa'eedi" (I will Cancel all my Plans) during an episode of t