March 1, 2007

17:45 GMT

Lebanon's parliamentary majority leader accused Syria Thursday of blocking moves to end a political crisis in his country.

04:31 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa has conquered the number one spot at being the most paid for singer to perform on Valentine’s Day with a wage of almost 75 thousand US dollars, the highest wage paid to a singer

February 28, 2007

13:13 GMT

Lebanese security agents have uncovered a European intelligence-run network spying on Hizbullah, the daily As Safir reported Wednesday.

01:19 GMT

Prominent Lebanese singer Najwa Karam was shocked when she discovered that a massive promotional campaign was launched by a concert agent for the singer’s alleged concert to be held in Montreal Canada

01:08 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi will be the guest star on the reality television program “Star Academy” that is aired on the Lebanese Broadcasting Network (LBC)

February 25, 2007

20:23 GMT

Lebanese singer Darine Hadchiti recently appeared as a guest on the show ‘ART Weekend,’ hosted by Laila Zeidan and Ellie Ahwash, aried on the Arab satellite network Arab Radio and Television (ART)

20:22 GMT

Lebanese signer Assi Hilani has celebrated the release of his most recent album "Dakat Albi" (My Heartbeats), the first under his new production company ‘Rotana.’

February 24, 2007

14:49 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi has denied circulating gossip in tabloids that she is forbidden to enter Kuwait, stressing that such reports are mere lies

February 21, 2007

17:19 GMT

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad’s managing office has denied circulating rumors that the singer and her siblings are experiencing family disputes over financial matters

09:41 GMT

Despite the outstanding success of her most recent concert in Egypt for Valentine’s Day at the City Stars Intercontinental Hotel, Lebanese singer Elissa was outraged with the concert agent

09:24 GMT

Prominent Lebanese diva Sabah has revealed that her only wish in life now is to die and she is making all the necessary preparations for her death

February 20, 2007

00:46 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram is preparing to go on tour in the United States

00:25 GMT

Upon her return from Beirut, Lebanese singer Nicole Saba began filming the first scenes of her upcoming film “Qisset AL Hai Al Sha’bi” (The Story of the Common Neighborhood), also starring Tal’at Zaka

February 19, 2007

13:44 GMT

A senior Israeli intelligence officer told the parliament members on Monday that Hizbullah has managed to rebuild its military wing to match its force

February 16, 2007

16:24 GMT

Hizbullah leader Hasan Nasrallah on Friday stated he would not forgive Lebanese authorities for seizing weapons from his movement's militay arm.