December 1, 2006

19:50 GMT

Lebanese singer Mariam Fares has revealed through the television show “Ma Hubi” (With My Love), which is considered to be the most popular show on Rotana, that she had received an indecent proposal fr

15:51 GMT

Hundreds of thousands of protesters from Hizbullah and its pro-Syrian opposition allies massed Friday in downtown Beirut seeking to force the resignat

November 30, 2006

19:58 GMT

A dark cloud hovers over the concert industry in Canada

11:25 GMT

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, terming Premier Fouad Saniora's government "failure," called for an open-ended protest Friday in downtown Be

November 29, 2006

13:45 GMT

Syria was reported on Wednesday to have dispatched some 200 agents to Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon to assassinate 36 Lebanese public figures.

November 28, 2006

18:52 GMT

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) today announced a new Global Service Delivery Center to be opened next year in Beirut, Lebanon. The new center will initially employ about 100 people and will serve regional and

14:18 GMT

Lebanese singer Laura Khalil has gotten married to a wealthy businessman named Najib Akiki, who resides in Africa

14:11 GMT

Lebanese singer Laura Khalil is in the process of choosing the right title for her upcoming album

November 25, 2006

19:08 GMT

Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury is preparing to meet his fans in Canada at the end of November

19:02 GMT

Rising Lebanese singer Darine Hadchiti held a press conference in Beirut for the release her second album “Irtahlak Albi”(My Heart is Comfortable with You) by EMI productions

14:03 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi has filmed a special episode for the program “Malakat” aired on the Egyptian satellite channel “Hya Al Mara’a Al Arabia” (Hya the Arab Woman), a channel geared toward Arab

02:22 GMT

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad has filmed a music video for the song “Ana El Insan” (I am Human) from a previous album, in support of Lebanon during the ongoing Israeli attacks

November 24, 2006

17:53 GMT

Banks, factories and other businesses started to observe a two-day general strike in a bid to push pro-Syrian ministers who resigned to rejoin the gov

November 23, 2006

14:05 GMT

Hundreds of thousands gathered in Lebanon's Martyrs' Square on Thursday to pay respects to Lebanese minster Pierre Gemayel, who was gunned down on Tu

November 22, 2006

14:34 GMT

Lebanon's anti-Syrian leader said on Wednesday he expected Damascus to try and assassinate more politicians a day after the assassination of a Christi