April 10, 2006

11:27 GMT

Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim and the producer of her upcoming music video were shocked when they received a warning to halt filming or face legal action

08:41 GMT

Reports have surfaced that plans had been in the works to assassinate Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, according to certain Arab sources.

07:47 GMT

Lebanese singer Rami Ayash announced that he has received 15 different offers to star in musical films, making him the most wanted Lebanese singer by the movie industry

April 9, 2006

11:29 GMT

Lebanese singer Rami Ayash has returned to Lebanon after completing a tour around the Arab world, including stops is Tunisia and Jordan

11:21 GMT

After the successful tour held by prominent Egyptian pop singer Amr Diab and the Lebanese group The Four Cats around the United States of America, arts producer Yousif Harb is in the process of organi

April 8, 2006

18:51 GMT

Lebanese contestant Joseph Attieh won the title of Star Academy 3 by winning 55.15% of the votes

April 6, 2006

09:14 GMT

Lebanese singer Maria’s business manager has denied circulating rumors that she has severed ties with Egyptian singer/director Jad Shweiri, director of all her clips

07:17 GMT

Lebanese singer Alissa is in a state of despair over the spread of pirated copies of her latest album “Bastanak” (I Will Wait For You) in Lebanon

April 5, 2006

12:11 GMT

Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim is placing the final touches on her upcoming album, to be released by ‘Alam El Phan’ Production Company

12:04 GMT

A Lebanese court has set a date on October 11, 2005, where Lebanese singer Suzan Tamimi, her father, and an Egyptian businessman will be held on trial for the attempted murder of the singer's ex-husba

10:51 GMT

After her album "Mistani Aih" (What are you Waiting for), Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi has returned to the scenes with a new album "Baya’ El Wurood" (Flower Seller) under the production of Rotana’

April 2, 2006

April 1, 2006

10:24 GMT

Lebanese director Randa Alshihal has revealed that singer Haifa Wahbi will play a leading role in a new film alongside a French boxer, named Ibrahim Saloum who is of Arab origin

10:24 GMT

Prominent Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama was victorious at the world renowned car race ‘Formula One 2006,’ which took place in Bahrain earlier this month, placing third in the race

March 30, 2006

16:16 GMT

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday said that the only way to face the occupation is through the armed resistance.