August 9, 2005

14:12 GMT

Lebanese singer Alissa has given her final approval for the leading role in a new Egyptian film, alongside actor Ahmad Al Sakka.

14:07 GMT

A new round of negotiations between Hizbullah and Israel failed, according to the Tuesday's edition of the Saudi daily Al Watan.

12:03 GMT

Lebanese singer Laura Khalil has revealed that the rumors of an intimate relationship between her and Lebanese singer Wael Jassar is true, but denied that they had gotten married

07:44 GMT

Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is said to have fled Britain for the Middle East. His departure comes as the British Government considers using trea

August 7, 2005

12:22 GMT

Lebanese singer Maya Nasri is placing the final touches on her first album produced by Rotana, after breaking her contract with Alam El Phan Production Company

08:52 GMT

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam has decided to postpone the release of her upcoming music album, which was scheduled for release at the beginning of this month

07:30 GMT

Lebanese singer Laura Khalil has returned to the scenes with a new release “Rawi’ A’sabak” (Take it Easy) under the production of Rotana

August 1, 2005

15:08 GMT

Iranian president-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday the Lebanon's Hizbullah is a "symbol of pure thought of Islam" in Lebanon and at the forefr

13:07 GMT

Lebanese singer Carol Samaha is preparing to shoot the music video for her song “Keef Bidi Eish” (How Will I Live) under the direction of Laila Kan’an, marking their first collaboration

12:32 GMT

Lebanese singer Alissa has recently held a spectacular performance in Casablanca Morocco, which was considered the concert of the century

06:01 GMT

Lebanon’s telecom sector is set to have an operational regulator soon charged with implementing wide reaching telecom sector reforms along international best practices. Political uncertainty and turmo

July 31, 2005

10:55 GMT

Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama has announced that he will not make a bid in the Lebanese elections

July 30, 2005

19:27 GMT

Lebanese Premier Fuad Seniora's government won a comfortable vote of confidence from parliament on Saturday clearing the way for him to go to Damascus

July 28, 2005

10:40 GMT

Lebanese television announcer Razan Moughrabi will return to the small screen in a new program called “Shahrazan,” an adaptation of the popular tale “A Thousand and One Nights”