November 21, 2006

19:55 GMT

Lebanese Christian minister Pierre Gemayel, an outspoken critic of Syria, was assassinated near Beirut on Tuesday

November 20, 2006

13:48 GMT

Hizbullah supporters were allegedly geared up for mass street protests on Thursday.

05:33 GMT

ADIH says the move sets the project on the right track

November 19, 2006

13:51 GMT

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah called on his followers in a speech aired Sunday to be "psychologically" ready to take to the streets in mass protes

11:15 GMT

As part of its regional launching campaign to introduce the unique infotainment TV Channel, directors of Al Aan TV which was recently launched from it

November 18, 2006

07:20 GMT

Lebanese singer Carol Samaha has left Lebanon and will split her residency between France and Dubai, where she is signing her latest album “Adwa’ El Shuhra” (Fame’s Lights)

07:12 GMT

Lebanese singer Nourhanne recently held a private performance at a wedding in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt, at which she received a special proposal to hold a concert for New Years Eve

November 17, 2006

17:04 GMT

French UN anti-aircraft batteries have taken "preparatory steps" to respond to Israeli jets violating Lebanese airspace.

November 16, 2006

15:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi is filming her music video for “Bahib Nou’ Kalamak” (I Love what you say) from her recent album “Baia El Ward” (The Florist)

05:42 GMT

A special invitation was presented by Lebanese singer Elissa to every Arab woman, who is looking to rediscover her beauty

November 15, 2006

15:35 GMT

Lebanon's President Emile Lahoud has called for the quick formation of a national union government to resolve the current political crisis and avoid s

November 14, 2006

11:01 GMT

Leo Burnett Middle East North Africa (MENA) held its 2007 Annual Plan Meeting in Lebanon despite the tragic events that shook the country two months e

09:53 GMT

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has vowed to re-establish a "clean government."

November 13, 2006

23:09 GMT

Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama has traveled to the UAE after ensuring that his wife and children had left Lebanon safely en route to France. His family does not intend to return until the Israeli attac

16:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba has been chosen by internationally acclaimed Turkish singer Tarkan to perform with him at an event in Dubai on 9 November