July 10, 2005

14:07 GMT

Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi has been accused of imitating Lebanese singer Alissa, especially in her latest clip

13:26 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi gave a speech to students at the C & E American University Institute, a small vocational institute outside Beirut, in which she stressed the importance of learning the Engl

July 9, 2005

21:23 GMT

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad recently held a concert in Pakistan, making her the first Arab singer to take part in an official event in Islamabad

July 7, 2005

12:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad will release a new single in the coming days, the latest singer to follow this new trend for Arab artists

July 6, 2005

16:16 GMT

Interpol Secretary General, Ronald Noble was in Beirut on Wednesday to follow-up the Interpol experts' work in the ongoing investigations of former Le

14:33 GMT

The Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP) is granting a EUR 60 million loan for new roads in Lebanon.

14:06 GMT

Lebanese singer Maria has recently completed filming her latest music video for her song “Bahibak Ad Eih” (I Love You So), under the direction of Jad Shwairi in Rotana’s studios

July 5, 2005

13:57 GMT

Lebanon's premier-designate Fouad Seniora is threatening to quit the formation of the new government because Shiite Amal Movement and Hizbullah are in

11:07 GMT

Lebanese singer Rida Boutrus has announced that she has postponed the release of her upcoming album due to the tragic conditions that have hit Lebanon this past month with the assassination of former

July 4, 2005

13:38 GMT

Lebanon’s prime minister designate Fuad Siniora was Monday seeking new coalition partners for his government after negotiations to bring in the party

06:08 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba will make a public announcement in the next few days of her intent to marry a wealthy Egyptian businessman, or so circulating rumors claim

July 3, 2005

11:25 GMT

Syrian security troops killed an "extremist of Arab nationality" following an armed clash while the "extremist" was trying along with others, to cross

July 1, 2005

17:20 GMT

A booby-trapped car went off near a hotel south of the capital, seriously wounding one woman, security officials said Friday.

June 30, 2005

14:40 GMT

Lebanon's President Lahoud designated ex-Finance Minister Fouad Seniora as the country’s new prime minister Thursday and asked him to form new governm