August 23, 2006

09:28 GMT

In a statement made on Wednesday by international human rights organization Amnesty International, the group accused Israel of indiscriminate attacks

07:05 GMT

After the re-opening of Rafik Hariri International airport, German Airline Lufthansa re-establishes its flight operation to the Lebanese capital. As o

06:59 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad on Tuesday rejected calls by Israel to deploy international troops along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

August 22, 2006

15:44 GMT

As the eyes of the world turned to the events of the Arab world in July, all Arab eyes were glued to the TV news for the latest updates on unfolding events, according to rating information from Ipsos-

10:03 GMT

Italy warned on Tuesday that unless Israel abides by the UN cease-fire agreement in Lebanon, it will withhold troops it had pledged to deploy as part

08:11 GMT

Israeli forces shot dead three Hizbullah fighters in southern Lebanon on Monday evening, Israeli sources reported.

07:29 GMT

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz stated on Monday evening that he did not rule out the possibility of direct talks with Lebanon at some point in t

04:15 GMT

Lebanese singer Nourhanne left a major issue unresolved during a recent press conference for the release of her latest music video “Tab Wana Mali” (What is it my Business)

04:12 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba has denied accusations by the media that she and a number of Lebanese singers did not cancel prescheduled concerts out of disregard for their country while at war with Isra

August 21, 2006

16:35 GMT

Initial estimates following the recent war in Lebanon indicate some $3.6 billion in physical damage to country, the Lebanese reconstruction chief rece

06:56 GMT

Foreign ministers of the Arab League met for an emergency meeting in Cairo where they agreed to call on the UN to oversee renewed peace talks...

06:06 GMT

Foreign ministers of the Arab League met for an emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday, where they agreed to call on the United Nations Security Council

August 20, 2006

16:50 GMT

Lebanon warned Sunday it would charge with treason anyone who fired rockets on Israel in violation of a ceasefire that ended a month of warfare, but s

07:21 GMT

In the wake of an Israeli commando raid near Baalbek in eastern Lebanon on Saturday, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Israel had viola