July 22, 2005

03:14 GMT

According to JANA, president Assias Afourqi of Eritrea, a member of the Conference of Leaders and Head of States of Cen-Sad Community, conducted a pho

July 20, 2005

July 19, 2005

13:30 GMT

According to JANA, secretary of Cooperation Affairs at the General People's Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation met in Tripoli

13:26 GMT

According to JANA, the Leader of the Revolution Muammar al-Gadhafi affirmed that the transfer of ownership of companies and economic units occurring n

13:22 GMT

According to JANA, brother Leader Muammar al-Gadhafi urged vocational productive syndicate congresses to meet to prepare legislations from their prosp

13:20 GMT

According to JANA, the Leader Muammar al-Gadhafi stressed that he wants all Libyans to be masters and that workers in particular must be masters, the

13:19 GMT

According to JANA, the Leader Muammar al-Gathafi urged producers in Great Jamahiriya to make use of billions currently pumped, and operate them to est

July 17, 2005

11:53 GMT

according to JANA, Libyan-Nigerian talks were held in Tripoli on Saturday in attendance of the secretary for cooperation affairs at the General People

11:51 GMT

According to JANA, in response to the leader's call to the Ayar Liberation front in northern Niger, to put an end to violence disarm, and resort to di

11:48 GMT

According to JANA, the first course for developing financial and administration skills, began Saturday morning at the High Centre for Upgrading Effici

July 13, 2005

15:14 GMT

The European Commission on Tuesday released €1 million to provide urgent support to Libya in its fight against the AIDS/HIV epidemic in Benghazi.

13:05 GMT

According to JANA, the Vocational Syndicate Congresses of the Oil Sector in the Great Jamahiriya held a meeting on Monday in which they renewed their

13:01 GMT

According to JANA, the Assistant Secretary of the General People's Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Co-operation met Tuesday morning in

12:58 GMT

According to JANA, delegations of Social Peoples Leaderships and Libyan people activists from the Shabias (municipality) of Great Jamahiriya flocked t

July 11, 2005

14:20 GMT

Libya’s plans to emerge from years in the tourism wilderness as a major travel destination could help the world’s largest membrane company accelerate