Egypt: 600 Muslim Brotherhood members detained

Egypt: 600 Muslim Brotherhood members detained
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Muslim Brotherhood

When will they learn?

Over the past two months, no less than 700 members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested and detained. The brotherhood cry poor and allege the "Regime is trying to terrorize its citizens," party official says. In the latest monkey in a circus fiasco a further 100 members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested in Egypt on Friday.

Those aware of the political climate in Egypt, can not understand why the Brotherhood deliberately and provocatively antagonizes the Government with their persistent law breaking and defiance of electoral commission by laws.

For example, hey guys, you can NOT use religious slogans, ok? Your Motto “Islam is the solution” is illegal. Now any normal person would have thought ok, that is pretty straight forward. Unfortunately the donkeys in the brotherhood would have us believe they are just too stupid.

But hold on, they are very far from been stupid, the “all boys club” The brotherhood are very intelligent. They thrive on the defiance, belligerence, contempt, disruption and mayhem.

Their defiance is in fact a very clever strategic and tactical ploy designed to attain free publicity, exposure throughout the Middle East and sympathy. The boys are very clever at crying wolf and masters at “playing the victim”. They are masters of deception and now how to manipulate any situation to make the victim look as the villain. Naturally they been the villain are then portrayed as the victim. So we have Islamist Media in the Middle East portraying, the poor brotherhood as victims of persecution, how touching.

At the same time the government and Security officials are fed up with the Brotherhoods daily taunts & incite-full behavior. The brotherhood cunningly executes their carefully planned acts like sly foxes in full knowledge their members will clash with security forces and get arrested.

The benefit been, the stories are then run on national TV, Radio, with full color glossy pictures in the papers and discredited Mubarak as a ruthless leader. This perversion has been on going since the elections were declared open. Had it not been for Mubarak and the security forces, the entire country would have spiraled in to a free for all mass hysteria of civil unrest and mass violence and destruction.

Not contend with the disruption they cause, and the cost associated with deployment of security forces in a country stricken by poverty, the Egyptian media is reporting that a “dissident Muslim Brotherhood faction” has plans to promote civil disobedience in Egypt.
“A dissident Muslim Brotherhood faction intends to take to the streets in civilian disobedience”. (

This threat is typical of the boys club. They are indifferent to the consequences and only concerned with stem the tide of rejection they face at any cost. This call for disobedience will see violence will escalate, and may degenerate into mass civil unrest with the Coptic minority stuck in the middle of the showdown. Copts are easy targets for those wanting to vent their frustrations. Less than a week ago 22 Coptic homes and 65 businesses were torched to the ground by radical Islamists in southern Egypt. The brotherhood is clearly having difficulty coming to the realization that politics and religion do not mix. A wise man does not throw a match on petrol. Nor does a chemist mix oil and water. All useful items, so long as they are isolated. Like wise The brotherhood must learn, politics and religion are separate entities with separate institutions. Democratic societies Do NOT, intermingle politics and religion under the guise of a government.

Will the poor simple barbaric boys ever learn?? The pictures tell their own stories!!

Assad (not verified) Sun, 11/21/2010 - 03:14

This is not fair. Let them be allowed to exercise thier inalienable right.

sani (not verified) Thu, 11/18/2010 - 01:23

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