Egypt parliamentary election to be held on Nov. 28

Egypt parliamentary election to be held on Nov. 28
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Dear Sirs,

I would take this opportunity to ask that you please pass on my support to President Mubarak.
I whole heartedly congratulate and applaud Mr. Mubarak on his strong stance against the Muslim Brotherhood.
I appreciate to tackle “radical Islam” in any Islamic state is a very sensitive issue and daunting task.

Not withstanding this Mr. Mubarak has shown the traits and convictions of a true patriotic leader, in tackling this issue head-on.

Whilst it is common knowledge, that the Muslim Brotherhood are at the forefront of radical Islam and extremism world wide, it disgusts me that the Egyptian Media have not uttered one word in support of Mr. Mubarak’s stance.
In the west Muslims and non Muslims rejoice Mr Mubaraks Bravery, yet the Egyptian media seem ignorant as to the global significance of dealing with radical sects such as the Brotherhood.

The agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, the use of religious slogans in elections, the pursuit of radical Islam and desire to impose shariah laws and suppression of non-Muslims and non adhering Muslims will drag Egypt back to a draconian era, that replicates modern day Iran.

It seems to me that many in the media need to be re-educated and made aware of the independent reports that have been commissioned, these reports clearly identify the "Muslim Brotherhood" as the core and root of radical Jihadists all over the world. Whilst every one in the west is aware of these reports the prehistoric arm of the Egyptian media seems to be oblivious to reality and what the rest of the world is fully aware of.

As a Coptic Egyptian, I am delighted that Egypt is slowly being transformed into a secular society that is independent of religious interference, and will provide a fair go for every single person.

Any educated, decent civilized individual accepts that religion is a private issue between the individual and god. It is not a communal issue where certain aspects of religion are to be imposed by stealth at threat of physical harm, segregation, discrimination or death.
Such a notion is barbaric and is totally unGodly (irrespective of faith). Has Egypt forgotten that it is Gods role to Judge and punish, not any man or organisation declaring they have the right to execute the will of god. For any person or group to equate their ability with that of any god is pure nonsense and barbarism.

Mr Mubarak, I wish you all the best in the upcoming election. May god above give you long life, strength, health, tenacity and wisdom in dealing with the problems you confront daily.

All Egyptians must mature and utterly reject any discrimination in any from against any individual based on religion or creed. Egyptians are “Egyptians” and must stand united as "patriotic Egyptians", NOT Muslims or Copts.
Mr Mubarak, your government has led the way, and set an example (for all other Islamic states to follow), that makes me proud to say I am Egyptian by Birth.
May I respectfully suggest that it is time for NDP, to demand that the Egyptian constitution be enforced in totality, with absolutely no religious undertones. The NDP should totally denounce and reject any call by any party to divide the country on the basis of any religion.

Egypt must walk the hard road,

- ID cards should NOT make any reference to religion,

- People should be free to practice any faith, (the notion that freedom of religion will result in a mass exodus of Islam, is utter nonsense and an insult to Islam).

- The country must be based upon common humanity, decency and respect; these ideologies are free from any religious basis.

- Religious fanatics of any faith must be very sternly dealt with and made an example of.

- The Egyptian people must rise as ONE voice, and oppose any form of discrimination by any individual, let people power crush such insolence.

I believe Mr Mubarak has the will and courage to stand up and affirm Egypt will be transformed, and restored to its former glory, a country of democracy and tolerance where every ones rights are respected irrespective of their faith, creed, colour or origin.
Religion and politics are like mixing water with oil, they DO not Gel, yet they are perfect on their own never to be mixed.

I live in Australia, (since 1970), I have been blessed to be raised, educated and live in this extraordinarily magnificent beautiful place. It truly is heaven on earth.

Most sadly When I visited Egypt, I was shocked and disgusted that the Egyptian people have lost aim, lost their way, lost direction and have allowed their homeland to slip into the status of a third world country dominated by religious factions, discrimination, poverty and hardship.

Egypt was once called the “Mother of the world”, the “Mother of civilisation”, what in Gods good name happened to Egypt??
Egyptians are far smarter, they simply need to change their mind set and take a good look at what they have allowed to happen, look at he western world and stop believing the rubbish propaganda spread by the radicals.

The media supported by the Government (NDP) can play a huge role in education the entire population. Documents such as the ones I have attached need to be made public.

The Populous must be shocked into reality; they must be educated into understanding that religious extremism is counter productive and against the nations best interests. I note that every Egyptian that has left Egypt (irrespective of faith) would never return to live in Egypt.

This is a shame, as these people can offer Egypt so much and help it transform into a country that can rival any western democracy.

I would finally humbly request, the NDP openly declare they will not tolerate any persecution of the Copts, and ensure there is no repeat of the disgraceful demonstrations against Pope Shenouda and the Church. These people must realise they are actually harming Islam. Islam is not so fragile that it can not refute comments made by a foolish Bishop with foot in mouth. Islam can respond in a civilised way. Better still out law any public attack of any religion by any person. Shamefully the mosques daily attack Jews and Christians and are used to cause social disharmony unabated, this too needs to be dealt with.

God Bless you all, and may peace, tolerance, unity, prosperity, harmony and love possess this once great land. God clearly chose Mr Mubarak for a very good reason. Mr Mubarak, May God grant you every success, wisdom and insight in all you do. One day I will re visit my homeland again.

Ibby (not verified) Sun, 10/31/2010 - 05:37

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