Iraq PM: Bahrain crisis could lead to regional sectarian war

Iraq PM: Bahrain crisis could lead to regional sectarian war
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A Re-think is needed.
Hasnain Imam

It is time for retrospection. The US intelligentsia should review the 5 decades of foreign policy that it has followed. Something somewhere has gone askew or else the US would not be hated so much around the globe. The countries in Europe are adept in masking their dislike but the underprivileged citizens of the third world countries are very vociferous about it. The good intentioned foreign policy full of humanitarian considerations has from time to time been usurped by the unscrupulous industry producing weapons of mass destruction. Lies have been forged to create wars for them be it in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. One president after another followed the diktats of this industry and what was evident in the recent Obama visit to India was that he was acting more as a salesman for this industry than a president who desires to establish peace and justice in this world.
How can one make friends with rampant and inconsiderate use of cluster bombs and chemically induced weapons? The drone attacks on civilians, hospitals and schools make more enemies than friends. Democracy cannot be made the excuse for raining bombs on people who were totally unrelated to the 9/11 attack while the real perpetrators of the crime the Wahhabis are being befriended because of the greed for oil. No one in the US had the courage to stand up and say “It is wrong” except for the few mothers who tried to dissuade their sons from fighting a war on a foreign soil just for oil. The world should sympathize with the American mothers because their sons are being sacrificed for the greed of people who trade in death. What is the glory in dying in foreign land so that companies like Lockhead and others can sell more weapons and own more oil.
The present crisis in Libya is also because of oil and because it is evident that a divided army cannot defend its country. The CIA instigated revolt in this country is not something spontaneous but the result of years of planning by the greedy industrialists. This is being done simply to balance the possibility of a successful revolution in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bahrain. US occupation of Iraq is now staring at defeat and the ultimate loss of oil from that country.

All the lip service being given to democracy and human rights are just rhetorical. For more than three decades the US government has pursued a policy of establishing and protecting , monarchs, autocrats, and tyrants like in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt. It is on the urgings of this super power that the besieged leaders of these countries began offering sops to their citizens after decades of suppression. Some of them have gone and some will go soon.
The new trick of creating a Sunni and Shia or a Arab and Ajam divide will not work any more. Citizens of the oil rich countries are not willing any more to let a band of a few people rule them and usurp all the national wealth for their families. The need for economic equality now over rules sectarian and religious divides. Religion is meaningless for the hungry and downtrodden.
Look at how these tyrants are now behaving:
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh who has been in power for 32 years, promised his country's parliament that he would not seek reelection in 2013 when his current term expires not try to hand power over to his son. This is the same man who up until a month ago was trying to amend Yemen's constitution to make himself president for life.
There have been demonstrations in Algeria, where a military coup in January 1992 that was supported by the United States and France prevented the Islamic Salvation Front from coming to power after it won elections the previous month. The result was a civil war in which at least 200,000 people were killed. At least three people have died of self-immolation during the past month. The government has stepped up purchases of wheat and other foods, fearing that what happened in Tunisia will happen in Algeria too. The government has already retreated by ending a state of emergency under which the country had been ruled for almost 20 years.
The British and American governments offered training to the Libyan army and received oil contracts. They now rain cluster bombs and call it a humanitarian effort to save the rebels of eastern Libya. What about those who are under Ghadafi’s control? Aren’t they being suppressed and their rights being violated but you are bombing them, why? The National Council of Libya who are British and American trained non-resident Libyans are totally out of touch with the ground realities. If they come to power they will face a second rebellion. This ragtag army which is being termed as the “opposition” will turn upon them. Ikhwanol Muslimeen ( Muslim Brotherhood) may have been purchased for the time being but their love for power will overcome this new found love of the western powers. The stature of Ghadafi increases among the Muslims all over the world because he has taken on the super power and its allies head on. Fighting will intensify when ground troops will be committed but where will the ground troops come from? From the gulf Arab states who have sponsored this war? No Way. Their army is full of foreign nationals from Africa and Pakistan as well as India. Who wants to die under a foreign flag and for nothing?
In Tunisia the Americans are still not wanting to give up and are trying to install someone who will obey them.
It is strange that the Nobel Peace Prize awardee Obama and his allies are blind to the happenings in Yemen and Bahrain where their allies are murdering people by the score every day. There is no talk of a no fly zone for them. Georgia’s president rained bombs on his dissidents and Israeli planes bombed the civilians in Gaza but no spoke about sanctions or implementing a no fly zone. Obama is raining cluster bombs through his drones in Pakistan to eradicate just some 200 hundred fighters of the defunct Al Qaeda. Shouldn’t he return the Nobel award and tell them “ Look my business is war”
Greed has no end. It blinds those it preys. All that they now see is that they can have a certain country’s wealth either by force or by coercion through sanctions. The industrial oligarchy in the US has spun out of control. This process started George Bush and increased with Bill Clinton who killed more than a million Iraq children through the sanctions he imposed on essential supplies. George W. Bush will always be remembered as a cheating lying Christian fanatic who gave the call for the modern day crusade. Obama is so indebted to the oligarchy that he can do nothing but obey their bidding. America needs wars to survive and it does not matter who is killed and where he is killed so long as different parties to the conflict buy American weapons. Millions of skulls lie at the feet of the Goddess of Democracy. More are yet to die in Syria and Iran in the name of “Humanitarian Assistance” May their souls rest in peace.

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