Syria accepts Annan plan, Assad in Homs

Syria accepts Annan plan, Assad in Homs
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From the link dry bones posted:"…and so on. The snide, biintg attacks on Israel in such “objective reports” goes on day after day, and the BBC seldom misses a day. Just check it out for yourself. Think any other country in the Middle East is subjected to similar negative scrutiny or relentless negative spin? Guess again! This, my friends, is anti-Semitism, period!"Bullcrap. Israel is not a person, it's a f*cking country. You can't be antisemitic/racist whatever against a strip of land. Also, that article is full of such misinformation and bias. For example:"The ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza is, somehow, not apartheid."Stupid, it's only ethnic cleansing if they removed them (the settlers) because they're Jews when in reality, they only removed them on the basis of legal background(let alone, financial reasons too).

Kusum (not verified) Mon, 09/24/2012 - 10:46

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