What's your nose worth? Kuwait sets prices for body parts

What's your nose worth? Kuwait sets prices for body parts
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More ex post facto observations, Iran may have psorimed to back Damascus in the event of a strike. The hollowness of that promise doubtless rings loudly in the ears of a Syria that sees no haste to come to their aid. I recall that some of the subtext of the 83rd Psalm infers that even in that day the Assyrian knew better than to go along with the mob...

Daniel (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 16:51

Sharon would have told him...All USA Newspapers are speculatingAnd Ben Laden Phoned Bush to ask:What Happenned in Syria,Bush releipd, Where are you Ben?No I do not know as Jerusalem Post and Haaretz do not publish on Rosh Hashana. And Condi said that had she known she would not tell Bush.If I go to a Shool on Yom Kippur I will ask G-D : Please send me a SMS or Something as Thomas Friedman of NYT is bothering me, He also wants to know...Chatima TovaUncle Sam from Yaffo

Ryuki (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 09:06

I think Syrian lips are loose and their actions are tsearparnnt. While they may consprire to host a Soviet (did I say Soviet?) naval base, they would still appreciate having a "physics package" that isn't controlled by an atheistic occupier or by a far more fundamentalist Iran, even though Tehran is on Damscus' side... The prospect of being collateral damage for the plans of others I think doesn't suit Syria, so having their own WMDs for the days after a final solution is attractive, but not acceptable to Israel or Turkey.

Kailash (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 06:56

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