Death Farms: The global surge for meat is killing millions

Death Farms: The global surge for meat is killing millions
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It must be very exciting! Are you palnning on homeschooling Aiden? It seems to early to consider this, though. In the meantime, just enjoy your time with him! Now that my eldest is 21 and my youngest 16, I miss the days when they were babies. Of course, having grown-up children has a plus side to it. They help with the housework and carrying the heavy suitcases when we travel.

Branen (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 17:13

The Wikipedia article isn't bad. "Harry," who goes by viuoars other names in the blogosphere, seems blissfully unaware that the "proportionality" argument was used by that vile anti-Semite Nicholas Sarkozy, and noted (admittedly with approval) in my post.So the counter-argument, then, is that Israel can do anything it bloody well wants. Even nukes shouldn't be counted out, I guess."Kidnap" one of our soldiers? Hey, we'll start a war, kill 1,000 or so people, destroy Lebanon's infrastructure, and make a third of the population homeless. Harper called that a "measured response." You're in good company, BCL.

Hanna (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 07:45

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