Exclusive transcripts reveal the psychological state behind "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Exclusive transcripts reveal the psychological state behind "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
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it was over... so it was over.3. The election relusts did cause a blip in attacks because, because, as we all know:4. Democrats are the terrorists best friends.They're the ones who've been screaming "QUAGMIRE!" since the first boot hit the ground in Afghanistan, no? It's true, most Democrats (Moonbats) speak fluent Arabic and have dark skin. (they even have a Muslim elected official ~ is that legal?)Now, now. They don't have to speak the language or even be "little brown people." They just have to surrender to them.5. The combined media bias and Democrat-led treason in conjunction with a religion where everyone is crazy is causing a one-sided holy war against the West. All that is good, pure and holy in this world is at stake.The Holy War against the West has been in existence for decades. It's being carried out by a relatively small percentage of the Muslim faithful, but when there are a BILLION faithful, a "small percentage" represents a significant number. Especially when they're well financed and supported by their less enthusiastic breathren. What's at stake is what actual liberals ought to care about: individual liberty. Tolerance. Freedom to choose. Equality for women.These people are convinced that the entire world will be under Sharia law, and anything they have to do to accomplish this is A-OK - including killing others of their own faith. You may not have a problem with suicide bombers coming to the U.S. to expand the war, but I do. The Democrats seem to pooh-pooh the idea.Let's see what the next couple of years brings.Oh, and if we pull out of Iraq and the retaliatory massacres over there ramp up to make what's going on now look like a weekend in the park, whose fault will that be? Oh, right: Bush's. It's all his fault. Always was.Must be nice living in a world where the answers are so easy.

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