Just in TIME: Egyptian President Morsi makes the cover

Just in TIME: Egyptian President Morsi makes the cover
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And I thought Colorado was imaontprt. And Syria. Talk about access.Israel has a regional plan in the offing. The timing will depend on the fall of Bashaar al-Asad. Once he's out of power or out of the proverbial picture, Israel plans to go full throttle against Syrian infrastructure AND at the same time against Hizbollah. My sense is that for the time being the plan is focused and limited to the Syria/Lebanon area. An Israeli or American attack on Iran will come at a later date (Years).Neither Israel nor the U.S. can afford to start several fronts of conflict. It is best to divide and conquer. Long overdrawn conflict has been taxing on Israel. For example, it withdrew its forces from Lebanon after a 20-year-long occupation because it turned into a war of attrition. The same happened with the occupied West Bank and Gaza. When Israel brought the Palestinian Authority to do the policing of Palestinian enclaves, it was a long-term attempt to outsource/sub-contract the occupation to another entity. It succeeded. Anyway, Israeli generals have already bragged that the next attack on Lebanon will put to shame the attack on Gaza in early 2009. That is when Israel plans on using the bunker busters that the Obama administration provided a year or two back.

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