There's Something about Dubai: Top Ten Reasons it Sucks

There's Something about Dubai: Top Ten Reasons it Sucks
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It's simple, anyone who goes there needs a car and a place to live - period. Your employer "sponsors" you to buy a car and provides you with a home. This means that you go to a bank and sign a series of post-dated checks. If anything happens, you need to hop on board that evening's flight out of the country. If not, your bank accounts are frozen, you are evicted, and then arrested for writing (soon to be) bad checks.

At the first hint of trouble with my employer, I booked a ticket on-line since I always wire-transferred all my pay to a non-Emerati bank account that couldn't be touched each month. I then packed everything that I owned and FedExed the packages back to my home countery using my employer's FedEx number. I left the car at the airport in long-term parking and off I went - informing no one in advance.

36 hours later, safe in my home country, my bank called me to confirm whether "I" had asked to have my international wire transfers "reversed" because the bank in Dubai claimed it had "my" signature on a wire-transfer reversal request. I told them that I had never signed such a form (since I never did). It's amazing that I hadn't even missed a day from work and the FedEx forms wouldn't get to my (former) employer for days, but someone had been to my company-sponsored apartment and had entered the locked apartment to find it empty.

Obviously, the banks in Dubai have no problem forging documents to screw over expats. In retaliation, I maxed out their credit card in a hour since they were stupid enough to forget that I had for another 8K in credit available.

Screw Dubai! Screw the way they hold expats hostage!

I was lucky enough to beat them by about 36 hours - from the time I packed until they tried fraudulently reversing my wire transfer. Others are usually not so lucky.

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