The ebbs and flows of Twitter during Ramadan

The ebbs and flows of Twitter during Ramadan
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I, there's a dozen or so families, all inrarmertied, and the sundry banks, such as they are, all belong to them. Effectively they operate as a single entity. Underneath this are various coat-tail riders who are free to do as they wish as long as none of it goes against the families. If things appear chaotic then everything is as it should be.

Adal (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 22:14

How often have you been rejected at a onairizatgon or social gathering? When was the final time a person turned their back on you, ignored you or rejected your extended hand? Irrespective of how quite a few instances I ask this question, the reply is always NEVER

Trebor (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 17:28

The LA Times piece focuses on stcnaions, not military action, and the WSJ piece provides a long list of practical difficulties in carrying out a military attack, not least that it would be impossible for Israel's military to uproot a program widely dispersed in a country the size of Iran.As for the US, given the (lamentable) lack of will amongst too many American politicians to properly resource the fight against the Taliban, what appetite do they really have for armed conflict with a much more formidable foe like Iran?Missing from the WSJ piece is what Iran might do the day after an attack. The opportunities for revenge would be many.

Adam (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 07:08

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