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April 26, 2015

 This event could have been the perfect stage for Turkey to express its altered view on world powers and its willingness to cooperate with the developing nations of the post-Cold War world. (AFP/File)
16:37 GMT
Turkey, having invested in ambitious Asian and African initiatives to expand market penetration and build political capital, has missed a golden opportunity to make its case.

April 23, 2015

Hayek will be attending the screening of "The Prophet" in Lebanon this month. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
10:28 GMT
Lebanese-Mexican Hollywood actress Salma Hayek is heading to Lebanon in April for the premiere of her new film "The Prophet."
With progress to be made in efficiency, job satisfaction and wellness, there’s profit to be made from wearable tech (image: on file).
05:55 GMT
The business world is now exploring how it can take advantage of the new possibilities provided by wearable technology.

April 22, 2015

Facebook also will relax its previous rule that prevented people from seeing multiple posts from the same source.
16:56 GMT
Facebook said Tuesday it was reconfiguring its News Feed, in a move aimed at giving people more information about what is happening to "the friends you care about.

April 21, 2015

The Canadian company did not disclose financial details about the acquisition (image: on file).
21:54 GMT
Blackberry will set up a development center in Israel based on the acquisition of WatchDox.
First to celebrate Earth Day this year is Jeddah. On Tuesday, the Saudi city will set up 20 tents stretching over 5000 sqm, each dedicated to a different cause such as recycling and water conservation. Meanwhile, 200 volunteer divers will cultivate corals as part of a coral reef restoration initiative. More details available on their Facebook page.
10:19 GMT
Earth Day is just 24 hours dedicated to efforts to protect and repair “Mother Earth.” More than one billion people from 190 countries will celebrate Earth Day 2015. How will you use your power to change climate change?