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April 17, 2015

Despite the hurdles they face, the majority of working women in the region are quite ambitious.
17:34 GMT
Around 75 per cent of working women in the GCC say that they are not treated equally in their workplaces, which hampers their prospects to advance in their careers as quickly as men.
The market for theme parks in the UAE was valued at Dh1.6 billion in 2014.
17:19 GMT
The UAE is expected to see an increase in amusement parks over the next five years.
Turkey has been declared as the host for the conference on Halal Tourism- a sector that is currently worth $150 billion (Dh550.5 billion).
12:36 GMT
Conference to discuss and shape the agenda on Halal Tourism

April 16, 2015

Even assuming a conclusion of a nuclear agreement in June, it would take a while for its economic impact to be felt on the ground.
19:51 GMT
The economic implications of lifting the sanctions would be enormous for Iran but it would take about a year to be felt in full and growth could accelerate from around 3 per cent in fiscal year 2015-16.

The governments need to urgently scale up their efforts, notably to prioritise the education needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged families, urged the report.
19:45 GMT
Despite impressive progress in raising school enrolment over the past decade, more than 21 million - one in every four children and young adolescents region are either out of school or at risk of dropping out,
Saudi Arabia announced last July that it would permit direct foreign purchases of shares in the first half of 2015 (image: on file).
19:35 GMT
Saudi Arabia will open its $532 billion stock market to direct foreign investment on June 15.
The UAE is strengthening its position as one of the most popular destinations in the world, with flight bookings to the country increasing significantly in recent years (image: on file).
19:25 GMT
Expedia has examined its own data to find out where the biggest flight bookings to Dubai come from
In today’s hyper-connected world, it is no longer a question of whether you will be attacked — but when?
19:20 GMT
Cyber security has always been a headache not only for the consumers but also for the enterprises and it will always continue to be.
Four new gas-powered power plants will have
a total capacity of 900 megawatts (image: on file).
19:13 GMT
Egypt has signed preliminary deals with Kuwait's Alghanim International for two energy-related projects worth a total of $1.6 billion.
The survey also found that up to 63 per cent of the respondents plan to move to a new house before their next lease renewal.
19:02 GMT
Most Dubai residents – up to 82 per cent – faced a rental increase during their last contract renewal, according to a new survey.
Oil prices jumped on Wednesday after US inventories built up more slowly than expected and talks between major oil producers this week triggered speculation of production cuts.
09:31 GMT
Brent crude oil hit 2015 highs above $63 per barrel on Thursday after a rally of more than 5 per cent the previous session and analysts said more price rises were likely despite market oversupply.
“Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential regular customer, and the overwhelming majority of smokers first begin to smoke while still in their teens.”
09:15 GMT
The Middle East, which has the most rapidly growing rate of smokers on the planet, has become a lucrative marketplace for tobacco companies.
Currency, interest rates and deposits showing signs of stability, according to central bank Governor Riad Salameh (image: on file).
09:00 GMT
Lebanon’s economy is coping with fallout from the four-year war in neighbouring Syria, with the currency, interest rates and deposits showing signs of stability.
if things go well, that the six powers and Iran will sign a final agreement on Tehran’s controversial nuclear programme (image: on flle)
08:50 GMT
The world — and the Arabian Gulf in particular — is awaiting a significant event less than three months from now that will have geopolitical and economic ramifications
In 2013, the IMF’s projections for real GDP growth was 2.2% (image: on file).
08:45 GMT
Growth forecasts for Egypt’s real gross domestic product (GDP) were raised to 4% in 2015 and 4.4% in 2016, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in its World Economic Outlook report.
Gulf carriers have been proving the economic impact they have on Western markets after their European and American peers criticised them of receiving unfair government subsidies (image: one file).
05:55 GMT
UAE flag carrier Etihad Airways’ core operations in Europe contributed a total of $1 billion to the combined GDP of the European Union’s (EU) economy and supported up to 11,000 jobs.

April 15, 2015

This is higher than the Dh3.366 billion average forecast for net profit this year by eight analysts,
22:48 GMT
Emaar Properties expects a 2015 net profit of Dhs3.695 billion, higher than the Dhs3.366 billion average forecast.
Neither the DFSA or Deutsche would disclose whether any action had been taken against individuals (image: on file).
22:39 GMT
Deutsche Bank must pay the largest ever fine levied by the regulator of Dubai's financial free zone for what the watchdog described as "serious contraventions"
Employees want to feel secure
22:33 GMT
What do the people you employ really want? This is the question that I asked an audience of HR professionals last week in London.
Inspired by the works of glassblowers and artisan metalsmiths, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge represents a seamless fusion of glass and metal (image: on file).
16:39 GMT
Smartphone fans in the UAE snapped up the latest Samsung mobile units in Dubai, clearing the shelves of one distributor within just a couple of days.
The wheat harvest lasts from April to June.
16:22 GMT
The world’s largest wheat importer needs around 9.5 million tonnes of wheat to produce subsidised bread, the main staple food for Egyptians.
The deal has been approved by each company's board of directors and is expected to close in 2016 subject to regulatory approval.
14:13 GMT
Nokia says it is acquiring French telecom company Alcatel-Lucent through a public exchange offer in France and the United States.
The announcement,  Mohammed Choucair, who also warned of grave consequences for the Lebanese economy if the verbal campaign against Saudi Arabia continues.
13:49 GMT
A high-ranking Lebanese business delegation is expected to visit the Gulf states on May 16 in a bid to ensure that strong economic ties with Lebanon remain intact.
OPEC agreed to maintain production at its meeting last November in spite of pressure to curb output and stabilise sliding prices,
09:59 GMT
Last week, Naimi said the kingdom stood ready to “improve” prices but only if other producers outside OPEC joined the effort.
Overall, the construction sector topped the list of employers, with a total of 1.5 million workers – accounting for about 34 per cent of total employment,
09:46 GMT
The UAE has been seeing a steady increase in job opportunities thanks to an improving and diversifying economy.
Rising consumption and falling production has turned the country from an energy exporter to a net importer.
06:55 GMT
Egypt moved closer to easing its chronic power shortages this month with the arrival of a floating import terminal marking the start of imports of super-cooled LNG.
The law also stipulates that the finder of any lost or abandoned property is entitled to receive a 10 per cent reward from the total value of the property (image: on file).
05:55 GMT
Those finding abandoned plots of land in Dubai are required to report the property to the police within 48 hours
“Easing bankruptcy law will give confidence to business community as well as banks. It’s long overdue,” Gianchandani said.
05:55 GMT
It suggests a package of five policy initiatives to sustain the growth of the financial sector and to spur foreign direct investments (FDIs).
The Gulf states saw $2.8 billion of inbound real estate investments in 2014, far less than the outbound investments from the region to destinations such as Europe.
05:55 GMT
“If we are spending $14 billion out, we should at least be able to get $14 billion in. That is what the opportunity is.”

April 14, 2015

The bank’s past experience in integrating previous acquisitions will “ensure a smooth transition for the clients of this business,” he added.
18:06 GMT
Swiss private banking firm Union Bancaire Privee (UBP) is hoping to boost its Middle East operations following its recent acquisition of the overseas operations of Coutts from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
Egypt’s railway, which transports around 1.4 million passengers every day, has been struggling with an outdated system for years (image: on file).
18:02 GMT
Egypt signed a $600 million framework agreement with the China Railway Construction Corporation Limited to renovate railway tracks along the the national railway network.

Shar Al-Shahri, director general of the expropriation department, said owners must present their title deeds and other documents for getting compensation.
17:58 GMT
Saudi government is set to expropriate more than 749 properties around the country at a cost of SR466.4 million ($124 million) for future infrastructure projects.
The first year of your career can be extremely overwhelming; you will probably face many problems and challenges that can negatively affect your personal wellness and job satisfaction.
17:29 GMT
Getting the job is much easier than being successful in it.
“The future of Alcatel-Lucent would be assured but our biggest fear is the future of our R&D in France since it develops products in direct competition with Nokia,” he said. (Image: Shutterstock)
17:20 GMT
Nokia Oyj is in talks to buy smaller telecom equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent, a deal that would combine the industry’s two weakest players but could pose challenges in cutting costs and overcoming political opposition.
Erdogan has hardly helped investor sentiment, fulminating against high interest rates in comments which have raised concerns about the independence of the central bank.
17:07 GMT
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dreams of transforming Istanbul into a financial hub that can rival Dubai or Singapore, but first he needs to win over would-be investors like Ali Bahcuvan.
MEED Projects content and analysis director Ed James forecasts that the value of contracts placed in the GCC will rise to $172 billion in 2015.
16:54 GMT
GCC projects market will continue to grow in 2015 despite lower oil prices and evidence that some government clients are deferring capital investment plans.
The centre will foster cross-border use of the Renminbi in the region and increase opportunity to expand trade and investment between China, Qatar and the region (image: on file).
13:33 GMT
The first clearing centre in the region to offer RMB clearing and settlement and increase financial connectivity between China.
Varsity’s programme helps students acquire skills to investigate offences and help identify, apprehend criminals (Image: shutterstock).
13:08 GMT
Emirati students can now learn forensic science at Amity University’s Dubai campus.
Dubai is among the world’s leaders in the promotion of sustainable energy as it steadily works to diminish its vast carbon footprint.
12:40 GMT
The UAE has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world
On the other hand, Western expats were the least likely to settle debt (32 per cent) or pay bills (nine per cent) with their bonus payments.
07:56 GMT
Emiratis were the most likely to spend their bonus payments while Indian expats are most likely to invest their bonus payments in a savings scheme.
The Middle East represents between 58-60 per cent volume of our global business.
06:06 GMT
Fragrances accounted for 19.6 percent of the Middle East and Africa's beauty and wellness market in 2014,
These programs included the implementation of 18 training programs for age groups of 10-24 years, covering more than 50 cities in 25 educational regions.
05:55 GMT
Boeing and Injaz Saudi Arabia signs a strategic partnerships agreement with more than SR500,000 to sponsor 20 schools within "Safeer Initiative".
US inventories in the week to April 3 surged nearly 11 million barrels to a fresh record high of 482.4 million.
05:55 GMT
Oil prices rose on Monday, extending last week's gains, but the persistent global supply glut will likely cap advances, analysts said

April 13, 2015

"Dubai is an ideal destination for us to debut our first Delano property in the Middle East," said Jason Kalisman, interim CEO of Morgans Hotel Group.
23:25 GMT
Scheduled to open in 2017 as the third hotel in the Delano portfolio, Delano Dubai's 110-key deluxe hotel apartment property will be situated on Palm Jumeirah
On sale from today (April 13) to April 19, passengers can plan their trips in advance and save on Economy class or Business class fares.
23:16 GMT
Qatar Airways' passengers can expect great savings to global destinations across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas with its latest "A World of Fabulous Fares" promotion.
"Six months later, reconstruction and rehabilitation have barely kicked off," said the report.
23:13 GMT
Six months after donors pledged billions of dollars (euros) for devastated Gaza, most of the money remains blocked.
The company signed an exploration and production-sharing agreement in December 2013 for Block 41
23:10 GMT
French oil and gas giant Total has pulled out of a deepwater block in offshore Oman after failing to make commercially attractive discoveries.

The leading fashion television channel will be visiting Cityscape Abu Dhabi in UAE this month to meet potential private investors to reveal details of its new property portfolio opportunities.
23:01 GMT
Fashion TV, a French-based fashion and lifestyle broadcaster, is eyeing the GCC to launch its brand of hotels and residences.
“My intention this week is to try and convince the GCC and all the member countries that it would be to both our interests,” Robb said.
22:55 GMT
Australia’s Trade Minister, Andrew Robb, wants the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which includes the UAE, to make a regional free trade agreement a top priority.
22:51 GMT
Gulf Business compares what Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways offer versus their counterparts in the US.
To help you choose, Apple has plenty of videos on its website and Apple Store and Apple Watch apps.
22:38 GMT
Apple Watch comes with a choice of watch case, band and size — there are 54 possible configurations in all.
When our brain senses that we are being threatened by a word, a gesture or even a micro expression on someone’s face, something incredible happens that is completely outside of your control.
22:32 GMT
Someone always wins an argument. Every argument will leave you changed.
Pakistan hasn’t begun construction in light of threatened US sanctions for trading with Iran, the report said.
16:36 GMT
China plans to build a pipeline to transport natural gas from Iran to Pakistan in a move to alleviate the crippling burden of electricity shortage in Pakistan.
It is not permitted for schoolteachers in the UAE to give private paid lessons at home
10:21 GMT
Some parents pay more money for private tutoring classes for their children than school fees, Gulf News has learnt.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had repeatedly assailed against the Central Bank to sharply cut its interest rates to boost growth in the run-up to parliamentary elections.
04:55 GMT
Ratings agency Moody's maintained Turkey's 'negative outlook' on Thursday and kept its credit rating unchanged as concerns prevalent among foreign investors persist.
Illustrating diminished performance, the report indicated that that the hotel's net operational income regressed to JD5.5 million last year from JD6 million in 2014.
04:55 GMT
The number of guests who stayed at Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel dropped last year to 73,462 persons, representing a 61.89 per cent average occupancy rate.
The Iran imported 6.3 billion cubic meters of gas in 2014.
04:55 GMT
Iran's Caspian National Oil Company CEO Ali Osuli has announced new exploration operations to be undertaken in the Golestan Province near the border with Turkmenistan.
. The latest data break the strong performance of the US labor market in recent months, but also bring it in line with other indicators of economic activity.
04:55 GMT
The US economy added a mere 126k jobs in March 2015, compared with a monthly average of 281k over the previous six months.

April 12, 2015

Only three months into the year, the company has had as many new riders during this period as it did for the entire 2014 calendar year.
22:29 GMT
Uber, the smartphone technology company, announced on Saturday that demand for its services in the UAE has skyrocketed during the first quarter of 2015.
The ratio of debts to the gross domestic product went up from 61 per cent in 2010 to 80.3 per cent by the end of 2014,
22:17 GMT
Every Jordanian owes over JD3,100 ($4,375) to the Kingdom's creditors.
 Working mothers are succeeding in all walks of life and in traditionally male-dominated industries at all levels of the career spectrum.
17:05 GMT
Below are some life hacks that make it all the easier if you are a working woman in the Middle East.
The new rule arrives following a decision to stop imports of products that have features of Egyptian folklore and antiquities at the beginning of April 2015.
16:42 GMT
This decision is considered to be a turning point for a country that has been mainly depending on purchasing a locally favoured heritage for years from abroad
The combination of rising incomes and changing diets mean that by 2050, the world needs to produce 70 per cent more food globally, it highlighted.
16:21 GMT
A total of 805 million people are chronically undernourished worldwide and hunger and under-nutrition reduce the global GDP by up to 3 per cent.
The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are equipped with an incredibly vivid, bright and fast front and rear camera.
16:11 GMT
The much-awaited Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have finally arrived in Saudi Arabia.
The all-new 2016 Nissan Maxima, which is expected to go on sale in summer 2015, sets a new standard for style, performance and technology in the mid-size sedan segment.
15:48 GMT
Nissan, a leading automobile manufacturer, has recently unveiled a new Driver Attention Alert (DAA) system, designed to help detect drowsy and inattentive driving.
FlyBaghdad, owned by Iraqi investors, is expected to start flights to neighbouring countries by July, complementing state- backed Iraqi Airways,
15:24 GMT
In addition to national operator Iraqi Airways with its fleet of about 30 aircraft, the country’s six airports are being targeted by four other small privately-owned carriers
Global brands such as Moncler, La Perla, Hugo Boss and Sauce will also be moving their regional headquarters into the development,
12:54 GMT
Major regional, retail and hospitality firms such as Chalhoub Group, Marka and Jumeriah Group have confirmed spaces at the upcoming Dubai Design District (D3)
As one industry veteran argues, with technology evolving ever faster, those operating in the telecom space cannot afford complacency.
12:43 GMT
“Companies that do not disrupt themselves and have the courage to be able to make that change will get left behind.”
Even as Bahrain hobbles out of the Arab Spring, ongoing oil price volatility is proving to be its next big challenge.
12:37 GMT
The central bank governor also said that lenders in the country are now in a far better position to withstand economic turbulence.
Omair explained that the ratio of Saudi women assuming senior administrative positions has increased from 19 percent in 2004 to 24 percent in 2014.
05:55 GMT
The Family Business Forum 2015, being held at the Jeddah Hilton, enjoys a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
The kingdom that exports 7.0 million barrels per day on average will see oil revenues fall by 35 percent to $171.8 billion in 2015,
04:55 GMT
The Saudi budget deficit will be more than twice its own forecast, a leading research firm has said, forcing the kingdom into the debt market for the first time in more than a decade.

April 11, 2015

No cover letter, poor follow up, not enough research on the company: popular reasons for not nailing that job. (Image: Pixabay)
14:50 GMT
The top ten reasons for not being hired. Cover all the bases before you go to that next interview.
"When should I start saving for retirement?" The answer is simple: As soon as you can. (Image: Pixabay)
14:35 GMT
If you have just turned 40 and do not yet have a set plan for your retirement needs in place, it is absolutely imperative for you to start saving for your golden years.
The Apple Watch is the first groundbreaking new product line from Apple under current chief executive Tim Cook. (Image: AFP/File)
14:13 GMT
Apple's new smartwatch debuted in nine countries on Friday, with pre-orders of many models selling out within hours.
Three months ago, prior to Jay Z's purchase, Tidal was a struggling service with a mere 12,000 users in around half a dozen territories. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
13:59 GMT
The new Jay Z-backed music-streaming service aims to take on the might of Spotify by offering higher audio quality. At the moment, it's a service offering minuscule benefit to consumers.
Reconstruction has barely begun, with experts saying it will take years even if Israel significantly eases its eight-year blockade. (Image: AFP/File)
10:04 GMT
The pledge from Kuwait includes $75 million for housing, $35 million for infrastructure projects and $15 million for supporting damaged agricultural and industrial structures in Gaza.
Shell’s new BG acquisition gives it access to lucrative assets in Australia, Brazil , UK, Egypt and Norway. (Image: Wikipedia)
06:00 GMT
Royal Dutch Shell’s $70b takeover of BG is the largest buyout the oil and gas sector has seen in a decade, edging it closer to world oil leader Exxon Mobil. Expect more oil and gas deals to follow as oil prices dip, analysts say.

April 9, 2015

When dealing with debt you must be aware that no one intentionally gets into debt. You can spend money that you don't have resulting in you accumulating debts.
13:09 GMT
When dealing with debt you must be aware that no one intentionally gets into debt. You can spend money that you don't have resulting in you accumulating debts.
Daesh had set fire to the Himrin and Ajil fields in the face of the advancing counteroffensive. (Image: File photo)
12:16 GMT
The Islamic State group has relinquished control of "at least three large oil fields" in Iraq, cutting off the jihadists from a significant source of income, according to a German newspaper report.
Six chief executive officers (CEOs) in the UAE have made it to the top ten list. (Image: Twitter)
11:18 GMT
The Top CEO Awards is organized by Trends magazine and INSEAD Business School. The CEOs were ranked based on the financial statements of publicly listed companies.
The West of Cairo power plant project is expected to increase power generation capacity by approximately 650MW, which is to be achieved through adding a steam-generating unit to the site. (Image: Shutterstock)
10:14 GMT
Egypt's KWD 60m (approximately $216m) agreement with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) will support the West of Cairo power plant project.
It’s now possible to withdraw not just gold coins and bars from a machine in the UAE, but bond certificates as well.
09:58 GMT
It’s now possible to withdraw not just gold coins and bars from a machine in the UAE, but bond certificates as well.
Some of the bank’s arguments could bring in not only the US Supreme Court, but also a US executive branch intervention on a later appeal. (Image: File photo)
09:56 GMT
US judge rejects bid by Amman-based Arab Bank to avoid liability for financing Hamas attacks between 2001-2004. The bank may still appeal.
A Twitter takeover would send shockwaves through Wall Streeet and Silicon Valley. (Image: Pixabay)
09:02 GMT
Rumours that the microblogging site would be taken over by Google sent Twitter shares soaring.
Do you confuse respect for civility? Be mindful of sending out the right message with your body language. (Image: Shutterstock)
08:41 GMT
The interview process begins as soon as your name is called. Let your body language convey confidence and competence.
The sultanate’s unemployment rate during the period in fact witnessed a strong decline, from as high as 14.4 per cent in 2003 to 11.75 per cent in 2014. (Image: file photo)
07:41 GMT
The number of job seekers in the sultanate has registered a 2.6 per cent average annual growth over the 2003-2010 period, totaling 146,385 people and forming 11.75 per cent of the nation’s workforce.
Production of regular petrol (90 octanes) in February fell 41.9 per cent to 388.1 barrels compared to 668.5 barrels in the same month last year.  (Image: file photo)
07:33 GMT
The sultanate produced 12,321.4 barrels of petrol (regular and super) in February marking a 7.5 per cent fall compared to the output of 13,320.6 barrels during the same month in 2014.
A comprehensive, binding, irreversible, verifable treaty is the most effective and practical way to eliminate nuclear weapons (image: file/photo)
07:12 GMT
Iran is accusing the five nuclear powers of failing to take concrete action to eliminate their stockpiles and is calling for negotiations on a treaty to achieve nuclear disarmament by a target date.
The UAE investment law which allows one hundred per cent ownership to foreigners is in the final phase of being issued.
07:05 GMT
The UAE investment law which allows one hundred per cent ownership to foreigners is in the final phase of being issued.
Visitors are attracted by the region’s legendary climate — an average of over nine hours’ sunshine per day (Image: file/ photo)
06:56 GMT
Dubai’s status as a world-class holiday, business and leisure destination shows no sign of diminishing, and actually looks to be on the increase in the run-up to Expo 2020.
Traders are rushing towards dollar because of the improving economic indicators in the US economy and the perception that the Federal Reserve is going to hike interest rates in the second half of 2015
06:53 GMT
Traders are rushing towards dollar because of the improving economic indicators in the US economy and the perception that the Federal Reserve is going to hike interest rates in the second half of 2015.

April 8, 2015

Sanctions on Iran will only be lifted after a final deal is brokered, which the six powers and Iran aim to reach by June 30. (Image: File photo)
14:29 GMT
The reimposed EU sanctions on Iran's Bank Tejarat and 32 shipping companies are a sign that the 28-nation bloc will maintain economic pressure on Iran, until a final deal regarding Iran’s contentious nuclear program is sealed.
Opening the Saudi stock market to foreign investments aimed at enhancing transparency
13:00 GMT
Prince Fahd bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz has explained that opening the Saudi stock market to foreign investments was aimed at enhancing transparency, quality and efficiency in the market.
They turned healthcare entrepreneurs at the age of only 23. Now Sue Chen and Ameera Shah reflect on what it was that they did right and wrong.
10:27 GMT
They turned healthcare entrepreneurs at the age of only 23. Now Sue Chen and Ameera Shah reflect on what it was that they did right and wrong.
The Islamic finance system faces several key challenges if it is to unlock its huge potential and develop safely
10:13 GMT
The Islamic finance system faces several key challenges if it is to unlock its huge potential and develop safely.
The savings from generating solar during the daytime, instead of consuming gas, are so great that they could justify 17,500 megawatts of PV in the UAE by 2030. (Image: file/photo)
09:07 GMT
The UAE can achieve energy system savings of $1.9 billion (Dh6.98 billion) annually by 2030 by producing a 10 per cent share of renewable energy in its total energy supply and almost 25 per cent in the power sector.
There are attempts taking place to work seriously on the wage hike issue. (Image: file photo)
08:18 GMT
Work is in progress to bring the wage hike issue to a close, Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said Tuesday.
A full deal on Iran’s nuclear facilities and sanctions would be the historical bookend that begins to reverse the negative regional consequences of the 1979 revolution. (Image: file photo)
08:06 GMT
The consummation of a full, multidecade agreement between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany), based on last week’s agreed parameters of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s nuclear program, is likely to have monumental consequences – mostly for the better – across the Middle East.
We are planning to reach out to the universities in the UAE and work on ways to convince students to take on advertising as their career choice,” said Gorayeb.
08:02 GMT
We are planning to reach out to the universities in the UAE and work on ways to convince students to take on advertising as their career choice,” said Gorayeb.
In 2014, Bahrain and the UAE were less affected by the slump in oil prices than other GCC countries, due to the diversification of exported goods. (Image: Pixabay)
08:00 GMT
Heavily dependent on oil and gas revenues, GCC countries must increase economic diversification and strengthen the non-oil sectors to sustain growth and maintain fiscal surplus in the distant future.