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Bahrain Financial Harbour skyscrapers in Manama. (Shutterstock)
13:02 GMT
In a shift of policy, Bahrain's sovereign wealth fund plans more investments in international deals in a bid to diversify its economy, Bloomberg reports.
Russia's Sberbank has displayed interest in incorporating a specialized sector for Islam-based banking transactions. (Kiev Post)
12:31 GMT
Two of the largest Russian banks, led by a proposal from the President of Tartarstan, plan to trial several transactions consistent with Sharia principles.
The opening of the Iranian TV market, a largely untapped market for pay TV business, is providing a wealth of opportunities for the regional operators. (Shutterstock)
11:00 GMT
Revenues from pay tv have passed the billion-euro mark for the first time, and subscriptions are expected to double in five years following the opening of the Iranian TV market.
A 3D-printer measuring 20 feet high, 120 feet long and 40 feet wide was used to print the building. (Khaleej Times)
10:15 GMT
The unique building on the Emirates Towers premises will house the temporary office of the Dubai Future Foundation.
Sometimes a good advertisement needs to be edgy. (Tbreak)
10:09 GMT
Samsung advertising gets creative by using a 262 foot building as a backdrop for the largest Galaxy S7 Edge.
Rony Al Masri is the Director of Human Resources at Radisson Blu Dubai, Media City. (Bayt)
10:00 GMT
Rony Al Masri has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from the American University of Technology, Lebanon and has a decade of experience in HR.
The country’s ceding to the union’s demands will be a blow to plans to include up to 20,000 oil workers under its new public payroll system as low oil prices hit coffers. (AFP/File)
10:00 GMT
Kuwait has yielded to pressure and will offer a oil and gas workers a pay rise, after a three-day strike against proposed benefit cuts crippled production.
The report did not disclose the names of the individuals or groups whose bank accounts were frozen, their nationalities, or amounts. (Shutterstock)
09:02 GMT
The latest report from Lebanon's Special Investigation Commission reveals the latest in a series of measures to combat terrorism financing and money laundering.
Israel restricts the entry of goods into Gaza out of fears they will be used to build tunnels, but Gazans desperately need cement for reconstruction. (AFP/Said Khatib)
08:16 GMT
Cement deliveries to private providers in Gaza have resumed after Israel lifts ban that has been in place since April 3.
Earlier this month Shuaa Capital announced a first-quarter net loss of Dhs 27.5 million. (Shuaa)
08:05 GMT
The UAE's banking industry takes another hit as the Dubai-based investment bank plans to slash jobs in the battle stem losses due to low oil prices.
Qatar is spending up to $200B on infrastructure required to host the tournament.(Yaeni)
06:00 GMT
Investments include opportunities in sports development, event management and promotion, construction, goods and equipment, marketing, tourism and maintenance.
Bahrain's inflation was reported at  3.8 percent year-on-year, its highest for 29 months. (File photo)
05:00 GMT
Slow economic growth and rising costs of living continue to be major challenges for Bahrain.

May 23, 2016

A total of $115 million has been allocated to complete the Jordan Gate project, of which 72 per cent is already finished. (Wikimedia Commons)
13:00 GMT
Construction on the project is due to resume 'within days' as disagreements between the Al Bayan Holding Company of Kuwait and Al Hamad Contracting Company are reportedly resolved.
Last year, GE announced an investment of $100m in its research and manufacturing programmes in the kingdom. (Twitter)
12:45 GMT
The agreement between GE and Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Company will fund water, energy, aviation, and digital projects.
Nokia is finally ready to play the game with reigning smartphone giants as Microsoft sells off its feature phone business. (File photo)
12:34 GMT
Bolstered by a $500 million investment, the Finnish company is getting back in the mobile game.
A busy schedule is the biggest challenge standing between 30% of polled professionals and healthier lifestyle. (Shutterstock)
12:28 GMT
Just because you might be tied to a desk doesn't mean you have to survive on donuts and sugary drinks.
Fitch indicated that Lebanon’s banking sector was among 15 banking systems that have a Banking System Indicator of “b”. (File photo)
11:45 GMT
Lebanon's banking sector rating remains unchanged since 2013, according to Fitch Ratings' semi-annual risk assessment of 114 banking systems in advanced and emerging economies.
Thomas Cook said more holidaymakers are spurning Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia, heading instead for the western Mediterranean, particularly Spain. (File photo)
11:28 GMT
Shares in one of the UK's biggest travel firms fell 19 percent after the EgyptAir crash and amid skittish sentiment over insecurity in once-popular destinations.
Up to $200 billion is being spent on wider infrastructure required to host the World Cup. (Twitter)
10:28 GMT
Spending on Qatar's infrastructure and stadiums is well on track, with labor inspections and scrutiny of recruitment agencies also on the increase.
Omagine are exploring a proposal involving Chinese investment in Omagine LLC and the Chinese contractor arranging finance for the Omagine Project. (Shutterstock)
09:00 GMT
Pressure on local finance options have forced Omagine LLC to look to China for help in developing the beach complex, with talks reaching an advanced stage.
In March 2016, Dubai Islamic Bank successfully closed a $500M sukuk issuance. (File photo)
08:00 GMT
The sukuk market has witnessed a resurgence of interest as equities sag and corporates seek to raise capital.
The agreement includes establishment of a mechanism to employ and a guarantee of the rights and duties of the domestic workers as also the employers, as per international norms. (File photo)
07:00 GMT
The ministries of labor for Saudi Arabia and Indonesia have reached an agreement to improve the recruitment and welfare of Indonesian maids in the Kingdom.
The total number of multinational companies that signed agreements in Al Mazunah Free Zone exceeds 75. (Al Mazunah)
06:00 GMT
Investment agreements in Al Mazunah free zone have been signed with 21 companies in the first quarter of 2016, including plans to build a hotel.
The cabinet is seeking to create conditions that will help enhance trust, expedite investments and encourage additional investments in the gas sector, including the entry of new investors. (File photo)
05:09 GMT
The new agreement paves the way for more Leviathan gas field development and includes a more flexible stability clause that allows for policy changes over the next ten years.

May 22, 2016

Jordan used to export 180,000-200,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables to Iraq each year but were forced to export via Kuwait after the border crossing was closed. (File photo)
13:00 GMT
The Karama-Turaibil border crossing between Jordan and Iraq is expected t re-open in less than two weeks after nearly a year of closure.
Officials from Russia (L) and Egypt (R) sign an agreement to build Egypt's first nuclear power plant as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (C) in November 2015. (Facebook)
12:00 GMT
Egypt's President Sisi approved a $25 bln loan from Russia for the Dabaa nuclear power plant, the largest Russian-Egyptian project since the Aswan Dam.
Saudi's retail sector has been experiencing the same crunch as in other Gulf markets, brought on by the steep dive in oil prices and the fallout this had on consumer spending habits. (Damas)
11:49 GMT
Despite a slowdown in sales, Damas is targeting ultra-wealthy shoppers with plans to open another 20 shops for a total of 40 by the end of the year.
Everything may seem to be a lot cheaper when bought in bigger quantities. (Shutterstock/mandritoiu)
11:22 GMT
Wholesale buying can increase waste and offset the savings goal, so make sure you are getting the most for your money.
The IMF standby arrangements allow the fund to respond quickly to countries’ external financing needs, and to support policies designed to help them emerge from crisis, with lending tailored to member countries' needs.
11:00 GMT
The IMF's standby loan agreement could unlock an additional $15B over the next three years, including securing international bonds, according to Iraq's finance minister.
There was almost a 24-hour time lapse between the first instance of reporting on the aeroplane’s disappearance and the Egyptian authorities announcing that it had crashed, despite statements early on by other governments that the plane had gone down into the sea. (AFP/Thomas Samson)
10:50 GMT
As the world expresses its shock over missing EgyptAir flight MS804, personal stories of the Egyptian victims have begun to emerge.
Lamsa, an Arabic language app, has grown to become the region's leading edutainment app for children. (File photo)
10:36 GMT
Lamsa reading app launched due to lack of quality and culturally relevant education material for children in the Arab world.
Saudi has been pushing for a freeze deal since February so they needed to rely on stocks to meet any rise in customers’ demands at home and abroad while keeping their output flat. (File photo)
09:35 GMT
Saudi Arabia’s stockpiles dropped to 296.7 million barrels in March from 305.6 million barrels in February to meet demand while keeping a lid on production.
Middle East architects and building owners are increasingly demanding global best practices in energy efficiency.   (Hunter Douglas)
09:06 GMT
With energy and facilities management combining for 90 percent of a building’s costs, energy efficient buildings can drive $3.5 in savings in the GCC.
Be careful of being involved in more things than my hours in the day could fit, or biting off more than you can chew. (File photo)
08:39 GMT
It's a challenge to manage your time when starting a new business, but you need to set yourself limits to avoid burnout.
Sheikh Mohammad and Tim Cook met in 2014 during the CEO’s first visit to the UAE. (Dubai Media Office)
08:32 GMT
Apple CEO Tim Cook announced plans for more stores in the UAE during a surprise visit to the Dubai Apple store.
The Western powers also called on the Islamic Republic to create a favorable environment for investors to do business in the country. (File photo)
08:20 GMT
The US and EU have released a joint statement to affirm that they 'will not stand in the way' of extensive economic opportunities available in Iran.
Images of debris believed to be from the lost EgyptAir flight from Paris were released on the official Facebook page for Egypt's military spokesman of the Armed Forces. (Facebook)
05:29 GMT
Investors have panicked at the prospect of EgyptAir MS804 being brought down by a terrorist attack, and the negative impact on Egypt's tourism industry and economy.

May 19, 2016

Workers at the Leviathan gas field. (Noble Energy)
14:40 GMT
Egypt had planned an appeal against the arbitrated ruling to pay Israel $1.7B compensation for disrupted gas supply, but a reported reduction may kickstart the gas deal.
The Act that was passed in the US is an U.S. act whose implementation is required throughout the world and in Lebanon, said Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh. (The Daily Star)
13:00 GMT
Condemning Hezbollah's call to resist compliance with the US law, Lebanon's Central Bank governor warned of the risks of isolation from international banking relations.
Jordan Atomic Energy Commission chairman insists that the nuclear program is vital to ensure diversity in the energy mix in the Kingdom, which has been dependent on imported fuel. (File photo)
12:00 GMT
Negotiations are currently underway with the Czech Republic, China and Japan for third-party investment,while Jordan will retain the largest stake in the nuclear plant.
Korean cars topped sales in the second-hand market, acquiring 50% of sales, followed by Japanese cars with 30% of sales. (Shutterstock)
11:00 GMT
A shortage in supply of new and used cars coupled with increased demand has led to skyrocketing prices in the second-hand car market.
Adjustments to the regulation last month made obtaining a holiday home licence easier for property owners and allowed renters to apply for short-term permits to host guests with the agreement of their landlord. (File photo)
10:00 GMT
The online rental site has signed an MoU with Dubai Tourism to support new holiday home regulations in the emirate.
Jordan's energy minister said that the project would create the necessary infrastructure for the interconnection with Saudi Arabia. (File photo)
09:00 GMT
Announced on the sidelines of the Jordan International Energy Summit, The project will take up to two years to complete and will cost up to JD200 million.
How technology can be put to better use to improve crisis response will be a key theme at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul next week, where a Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation will be launched. (YouthOp)
09:00 GMT
LinkedIn, Airbnb, Twitter and Facebook are some of the many tech companies that are using innovation to improve humanitarian responses.
The Dutch company Shell acquired all assets and concessions of BG in February 2016.  (Shell)
08:00 GMT
The 30 percent downpayment will be made in exchange for resuming work in the Mediterranean, to be completed by end 2018.
Advertising companies are focusing on young people to market their products in return for a specific commission agreed for each sale. (Shutterstock/dennizn)
07:44 GMT
Advertising in Saudi will no longer be the same as savvy social media users cash in on digital marketing.
Delta has accused Gulf airlines of competing unfairly by receiving billions in government subsidies, claims strongly denied. (File photo)
07:00 GMT
Qatar Airline launches a celebration of its new Atlanta route in Delta Airlines' hometown, prompting Delta to cancel its long-standing sponsorship of the concert venue.
The compromise is aimed at creating a regulatory environment that encourages investments. (File photo)
06:30 GMT
Negotiations between the Leviathan gas reservoir owners and the Israeli government have reached a compromise over a new clause that allows flexibility for potential changes in natural gas policy.
The sovereign action reflects the ongoing negative impact of lower oil prices on Saudi’s fiscal position 
and economic strength. (Argaam)
06:00 GMT
The investors service has negatively revised the long-term deposit ratings of nine banks and confirming the ratings of two banks as stable, while placing all UAE banks on a negative outlook.
 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal met with founder of Bloomberg and former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg.  (Kingdom Holding Company)
05:00 GMT
Bloomberg will support the creation of financial and economic news programming on the Alarab channel, which is privately owned by the Saudi Prince.
According to the Ridler Report, three-quarters of the105 blue-chip organisations it surveyed expect to increase their investment in coaching over the next two years. (Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT
Sports coaches actively participate to prepare their players for success. And a great CEO coach actively prepares the executive for success.

May 18, 2016

Up until now, pictures or links could take up to 23 characters. (File photo)
13:10 GMT
The microblogging site is yet to confirm whether or not they are excluding links and photos from the character limit.
Reducing unemployment rates is not the responsibility of the ministry alone, citing that the number of university graduates in Jordan is on the rise and some majors do not meet the needs of labour market  (
13:00 GMT
The Central Bank of Jordan's annual report puts the joblessness rate at 13 per cent last year, the highest since 2008.
80% of professionals check a company’s online profile before applying for a job. (File photo)
12:57 GMT Premium Company Profiles allows you to create a branded, customized space for your company online.
The idea for the museum dates back to 1997, four years after the Oslo peace accords established the Palestinian Authority and were in theory meant to lead to an independent Palestinian state. (AFP/Abbas Momani)
12:47 GMT
The $28 million museum and grounds in the West Bank has been inaugurated, with an exhibition planned for October.
A model of Al Wakrah stadium designed by the late Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. (File photo)
12:00 GMT
FIFA indirectly cautions Qatar against building infrastructure that will not be used after the 2022 World Cup.
Other Gulf states holding massive amounts of U.S debt include the United Arab Emirates with $62.5 billion, Kuwait with $31.4 billion and Oman with $15.9 billion.  (Shutterstock)
11:00 GMT
The Kingdom ranks 13th among countries holding American securities, compared to the China at the top of the list with $1.3 trillion, followed by Japan with $1.1 trillion.
The bank will offer financial, investment and advisory services to the Palestinian diaspora living in the Gulf region and beyond. (Bank of Palestine)
10:04 GMT
Bank of Palestine has opened its first overseas office at the Dubai International Financial Centre
Emirates employed 4100 pilots as of November and will need to hire as many as 500 new pilots this fiscal year. (File photo)
09:15 GMT
The Emirates Group, which includes airport and travel services company dnata, is on a massive recruitment drive to power its expansion plans.
The technical delegation also reviewed the progress of the Amman development corridor project that cost Dh319 million and is set for completion in 2016. (File photo)
09:04 GMT
A delegation from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development are reviewing nearly $1.2B worth of projects in Jordan including the Amman development corridor, and renewable energy projects.
The bill must now be passed by the House of Representatives before it heads to President Barack Obama's desk.  (Pixabay)
06:35 GMT
The US Senate unanimously passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act on Tuesday, bringing families of 9/11 victims a step closer to legal action against Saudi Arabia.
Jeddah Tower is now due for completion at the end of 2019. (File photo)
06:03 GMT
Work on what will be the tallest tower in the world has been forced to slow to a snail's pace as a result of the Binladin Group's financial difficulties.

May 17, 2016

Flash was an indispensable part of the web just a few short years ago. (Ubergizmo)
13:42 GMT
Google Chrome throws its weight behind weaning users off Flash, announcing that it will block Flash by default.
British banks and the Bank of England are busy preparing contingency plans should Britain leave the EU after the June 23 vote. (Shutterstock)
13:31 GMT
If you have UK assets, there are a number of things you can do if the UK votes to leave the EU on June 23.
Charred structures in the fire-damaged city of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, (AFP/Jonathan Hayward)
13:21 GMT
Up to a million barrels per day are affected by wildfires that have struck the heart of the Canadian oil industry.
Many people assume that networking is just making contacts and acquaintances but never apply any actual focus on why they are networking. (Shutterstock)
13:01 GMT
The real value of networking is how much your contacts are willing to do for you.
In cooperation with Russia’s Rosatom, Jordan's first reactor is slated to be ready by 2023 and the second by 2025. (Shutterstock)
12:53 GMT
Jordan is aiming for renewable sources to constitute 20 percent of the energy mix in 2020, and to produce 48 per cent of its electricity using nuclear power by 2025.
The rise of free internet-based calling apps and messaging such as Viber and Whatsapp has cut into Gulf telecom operators' profits. (Vodafone)
12:33 GMT
The loss-making telecoms operator blames the rise of free internet-based calling apps for eating into its profits.
In December, the Health Ministry's tally showed 189 drugs were in short supply but had available substitutes and a further 43 drugs were in short supply with no substitute. (Shutterstock)
11:47 GMT
Egypt's health ministry is coordinating with the supplies and military production ministries to ensure essential drugs are on the shelves.
One of the biggest obstacles to feminising the private and public sectors is providing a suitable work environment. (Shutterstock)
11:19 GMT
The programme is expected to particularly appeal to women working in rural areas and small towns and will be served be seven centres in Qassim, Hail, Jazan, Madinah, Najran and Al-Ahsa.
A $300,000 investment gets you permanent residency after two months and then a Cypriot passport after three and a half years.  (Twitter)
11:04 GMT
Cash for citizenship programs in Greece and Cyprus are becoming the 'Plan B' for the Lebanese who can afford it.
With more stores open and demand weak, average sales per outlet are lower than in 2009. (File photo)
10:48 GMT
High-end retailers are expecting to hit a seven-year low in sales as fewer tourists and reduced spending power cast a shadow on the market.
The new changes represent the biggest overhaul of the sovereign wealth fund since 2014. (File photo)
10:26 GMT
Qatar Holding is being overhauled and rebranded as Qatar Investments, a $100B unit made up of stakes from Qatar Airways, and other companies, while international investments will fall under QIA.
Although low oil prices are having a varying impact on Mena countries economically, they are having little impact on M&A strategy. (Shutterstock)
06:05 GMT
Regional economic reforms are expected to increase mergers & acquisitions, with the hottest sectors expected to be in media, telecom, tech, mining and energy.

May 16, 2016

Doha Bank Tower, Qatar.  (Arabian Business)
13:00 GMT
Qatar's fourth largest bank by assets is eyeing new markets but suggests that there are still regulatory issues to resolve in certain countries.
More than 45 per cent of respondents consider agency repair to be the most important feature when choosing a new car insurance policy.  (Shutterstock/Mtsyri)
12:47 GMT
Avoid unnecessary expenses and select a car insurance policy that meets your needs.
Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Jarallah said Saturday the market could not support a production increase from Iran, adding oil exporting countries must freeze output. (File photo)
12:03 GMT
As Iran pushes long-term deals with Glencore and Vitol and increases exports to Europe, Kuwait makes a plea for Iran to 'learn from the market'.
With 24 million registered professionals on, there is a wide choice of candidates companies can pick from. (File photo)
10:30 GMT
Bayt's CV search contains over 40,000 regional employers and allows you to filter suitable candidates in a faster and more cost-effective manner.
ADNOC is reported to be cutting some 5,000 jobs by the end of this year with 2,000 already carried out.  (ADNOC Groups)
10:00 GMT
With staff numbers doubling over the last ten years to 50,000, the slashing of 5,000 jobs at Abu Dhabi's state-owned oil company is a necessary measure.
Apple is considering all reports of the deleted music seriously and encourages anyone with the issue to approach AppleCare. (File photo)
09:49 GMT
If you are facing issues with your iTunes, dont worry. Apple has heard you loud and clear and will be working on a new update.
The Department of Economic Development is committed to preserving the Arabic language and its position in the society. (Shutterstock)
09:43 GMT
All commercial establishments have to use Arabic while issuing invoices, receipts, menus, price tags and in call centers by 2017.
Given the current budget deficit, the government is expected to continue with a number of reform measures, bearing political risks, so as to reduce expenses according to S&P.  (File photo)
09:00 GMT
Standard and Poor's predicts Egypt's currency shortage problems to worsen due to dwindling Gulf aid, soaring debt and the country's 'social fragility'.
Jakarta's Istiqlal mosque, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. (Wikipedia)
08:00 GMT
The Jakarta summit brings together delegates from 56 countries to review a record level of IDB financing in 2015.
Previously known as the Command and Control Center, the new facility will have 18,000 cameras which will be linked to smart applications in future. (File photo)
07:00 GMT
Saudi Arabia's new National Center for Joint Security Operations is touted as the Middle East's largest and most sophisticated security center.
The statement quoted Abu Hashima as saying that the channel's acquisition "comes in recognition of the role played by the Egyptian media." (Pinterest)
06:00 GMT
Egyptians' Media Company announced that the acquisition of the satellite channel is the "first step" among many media-related projects that will be announced successively.
Once commercially operational in early 2019 the plants will supply approximately 30% of electricity demand in the Sultanate of Oman. (Shutterstock)
05:10 GMT
Saudi's ACWA and Japan's Mitsui are the largest investors of the project which includes two natural-gas fired power plants in Oman.

May 15, 2016

A number of EgyptAir pilots had announced on Wednesday that they were on strike to demand higher pay and improved working conditions. (Wikimedia Commons)
13:30 GMT
The go-slow had resulted in delayed and cancelled flights over the last five days.
Money management is similar to learning on the job exercises. (Shutterstock)
13:05 GMT
As with other life lessons, teens need to learn about consequences of their actions when it comes to handling money.
The TabPro S boasts better laptop credentials than many competitors thanks to the familiarity of Windows 10. (Gulf News)
12:35 GMT
Samsung's latest entrant to the convertible space offers some interesting features but may not justify the price tag.
The American company has launched a product designed to fit up to $250,000 into your wallet. (Euronews)
12:32 GMT
Vult has a solution for that tricky problem of carrying $250,000 in your pocket.
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries said in its latest monthly market report it estimated about $290 billion was cut from spending plans across the globe in the last year.  (AFP/File)
12:30 GMT
The industry is expected to invest around $40 billion per year in exploration and appraisal, less than half its investments during 2012 to 2014, according to OPEC.
Create a space within your organization with a more relaxed atmosphere, where employees can unwind, brainstorm and discuss ideas. (Shutterstock)
12:19 GMT
Applying new ideas to stale methods and processes is essential for business success. Here are six ways to foster innovation at the workplace.
Hilton Al Hamra Beach and Golf Resort, Ras al Khaimah. (Hilton)
11:30 GMT
The oft-overlooked emirates of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah are in a major drive to woo more visitors with new projects in the pipeline.
Refugees make up approximately one third of Jordan's total population. (File photo)
10:30 GMT
Jordan will receive a share of a 100 million euro grant for the country's active role in responding to the Syrian refugee crisis.
The deficit in the balance of payments, and which reached $664 million in the first three months of 2016, constitutes a challenge facing monetary stability in Lebanon. (World Finance)
09:12 GMT
Economic stimulus packages will boost the knowledge-economy sector, arts, SMEs and potential home owners, according to Lebanon's Central Bank’s governor.
A slowdown in activity will give organisations the opportunity to prioritise projects and address internal issues,  according to PwC MidEast's capital projects services leader. (AFP/File)
08:48 GMT
Persistently low oil prices have led to an increasing number of employment disputes and delays as construction firms and governments struggle with shrinking budgets.

The project is already more than half-completed, with the first turbine monopile installed in early April, and construction of the wind farm’s 1,000-tonne offshore substation underway. (Shutterstock)
07:00 GMT
The Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm is under construction off the east coast of England and is being co-developed by Masdar, Statoil and Statkraft.
According to a leaked document, coliform bacteria was found in samples of Nestle Pure Life and Baraka Water bottled water. (Nestle Pure Life)
06:31 GMT
Bacteria allegedly found in leading brands Nestle Pure Life, Baraka Water and Aquafina bottled water in Egypt made them “unfit for human consumption.”
According to Moody's, combination of lower growth, higher debt levels and smaller domestic and external buffers leave Saudi Arabia less well positioned to weather future shocks. (AFP/File)
05:21 GMT
The negative outlook for Saudi, Oman and Bahrain follows a Standard & Poor's downgrade three months ago.

May 12, 2016

Dubai beat Yekaterinburg, Russia; Izmir, Turkey; and São Paulo, Brazil in a bid to host the 2020 world's fair.  (Twitter)
12:34 GMT
The massive expo will run from October 2020 to April 2021 and is expected to host 25 million visitors from 180 countries.