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January 27, 2016

You need to make sure that even a small repayment every month is feasible in the long run. (File photo)
09:16 GMT
Consider these three questions before looking for finance.
The proposed changes are intended to make working conditions in the private sector more attractive for Saudi citizens. (Muslim Daily)
09:00 GMT
Retailers are concerned that a 9pm closure is inconvenient in the hot summer months, and will have a negative effect on sales.
The Zika virus, transmitted by the aggressive Aedes aegypti mosquito, has now spread to at least 25 countries. (
08:46 GMT
The Zika virus is spread by the same mosquito that spreads dengue and yellow fever viruses, and it's spooking travelers around the world.
The initiative features four main approaches, six objectives, 15 programmes and 93 initiatives. (Shutterstock)
08:00 GMT
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has unveiled a revamp of Dubai's health strategy that targets health and lifestyle, excellence in providing service, smart healthcare and governance.
Thirty percent of MENA startup investors located in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, according to ArabNet. (ArabNet)
07:00 GMT
With over $700 million were invested in tech startups in MENA between 2013 and October 2015, ArabNet Beirut 2016 optimism is high for its upcoming conference.
Stage One of the network from Shah and Habshan to the port of Ruwais will not be affected by the new suspension. (Railway Gazette)
06:28 GMT
The suspension of plans involves the construction of a rail network between Abu Dhabi, the Saudi and Omani borders and Jebel Ali Port in Dubai.

January 26, 2016

The video feature is available on both iOS and Android versions. (Gear Open)
16:52 GMT
The music app has quietly launched its video channel, which will feature content from ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, BBC, Vice News, Slate, and more.
Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak smiles to photographers after attending a parliament session in Kuala Lumpur on January 26, 2016. (AFP/Mohd Rasfan)
16:29 GMT
Malaysia's Attorney General has found no evidence of corruption in the transfer of millions of dollars by the Saudi royal family to the Prime Minister's bank account in 2013.
OPEC, lead by Saudi Arabia, has thus far resisted calls to cut production. (AFP/Barbara Gindl)
14:30 GMT
As OPEC's chief calls for cooperation to help oil prices recover, Russia's largest oil producer has said it would follow any OPEC decision to cut production.
The vessels will be built using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. (Twitter)
14:00 GMT
ADSB has won the bid to provide Kuwait with eight patrol boats that will boost the country's maritime defense capabilities.
Mubadala Healthcare’s venture with the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi is an example of a master-development medical cluster. (Zutec)
13:00 GMT
With an aging demographic and growth in medical infrastructure, Gulf markets are attracting investment in healthcare assets.
UAE-based Al Futtaim Group, owner of the Carrefour hypermarkets chain, was ranked 172nd. (
12:00 GMT
Deloitte's 'Global Powers of Retailing' report analyzes the performance of the 250 largest retailers around the world for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.
Eight of the eleven longest flights in the world are serviced by Middle Eastern carriers. (Twitter)
11:00 GMT
The combination of lower oil costs, new airports, larger fleets and leading services in MENA is changing the aviation landscape.
The maritime complex will boost economic growth. (Trade and Export ME)
10:00 GMT
Saudi Aramco, Bahri, Lamprell Energy and Hyundai Heavy Industries have inked a deal to construct a new maritime complex in Saudi Arabia.
The sovereign wealth fund currently managed by KIA with assets estimated at $592 billion. (Shutterstock)
09:00 GMT
The new fund will shift burden of domestic asset management away the Kuwait Investment Authority, which will focus more on global investments.
Be honest, be specific, and know how you are different from the rest. (Shutterstock)
08:54 GMT
With so many people looking for work, you need a game plan for edging out the competition. Here's how to get started.
Credit cards can give an instant hit of cash, but can also be detrimental to your financial health. (Shutterstock/FotograFFF)
08:42 GMT
Banking cards have evolved so that we now stand to gain 'something extra' every time we use them.
The Russian delegation to Egypt will include representatives of 60 major companies. (File photo)
08:00 GMT
Russian trade officials will be meeting in Cairo next week to sign a number of MoUs, including a deal to build a Russian industrial zone within Egypt's Suez Gulf.
The Sydney Opera House during the Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review. (AFP/File)
07:18 GMT
Australia's tourism minister is visiting Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia to boost interest in the country's health, education and tourism sectors.
Nafham uses video to tutor K-12 students using the Egyptian public curriculum. (Wise Awards)
06:37 GMT
Check out some of the brilliant ideas from Arab innovators that wowed us last year.
Experts predict the global gut to worse due to increased production in North America, Saudi Arabia and Russia. (Shutterstock)
05:52 GMT
Short-lived optimism fades as oil resumes its downhill course.

January 25, 2016

Russia's Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. (Aviation Times)
15:00 GMT
A Russian MP has fueled speculation that flights between Egypt and Russia could resume soon.
CNN's new studio in Dubai Media City features cutting-edge broadcasting technology. (CNN)
14:00 GMT
CNN's new high-tech digital broadcast studio allows any CNN control room around the world to assume control and operate it remotely.
Bindawood Holding plans to open more than 30 hypermarkets and supermarkets under the Bindawood and Danube brands. (
13:30 GMT
The undisclosed deal is rumored to be the Bahraini company's biggest investment in the Middle East.
Saudi Aramco's announcement of a possible IPO could trigger other state-owned energy companies in the Gulf to do the same. (Twitter)
13:00 GMT
As Saudi Arabia mulls ways of increasing revenue, the national oil company chairman has confirmed that a potential IPO would not include oil reserves.
The security issue was first made public in 2011 but Skype called the problem an "industry-wide issue faced by all peer-to-peer software companies." (Androidplanet)
12:20 GMT
The Microsoft-owned chat service launched the measure to prevent online harassment, particularly in the gaming community.
The gas export deal is under threat due to the ambivalence of Shell shareholders. (File photo)
12:00 GMT
Israeli firms behind the Leviathan gas reserve are eager to finalize a $30B BG export deal to Egypt before the expected BG takeover by Shell.
Emirates has also become the first airline to hit 500,000 followers on LinkedIn. (Twitter)
11:31 GMT
The Dubai-based airline is the first airline to reach one million followers on Instagram, and is celebrating with giveaways.
Created in 2014, Asas mandate is to identify new investment opportunities in Oman. (File photo)
11:00 GMT
Oman's Public Authority for Civil Aviation has awarded the National Development & Investment Company a license to establish the country's first low-cost carrier.
Economist warn that Jordan loses JD 100 million for every cancelled workday due to inclement weather. (File photo)
10:00 GMT
As snow hits the region, the government is torn between safety and economic considerations when declaring public holidays.
The program would enable employees to work from business centers, or even from home. (Shutterstock)
09:00 GMT
The Labor Ministry is hoping to create 200,000 remote-work opportunities in various fields over five years, in a move that should benefit women and those with special needs.
Ambitious plans for Bahrain's Airport expansion were announced in 2010 and will take place over 30 years. (Airport Information Guide)
08:29 GMT
Part of the Airport Modernisation Programme (AMP), the agreements include construction of a new terminal, upgrades of baggage handling and security systems.
The over-use of buzzwords can work against you in your job search. (File photo)
08:00 GMT
The online professional network has revealed the most commonly-used buzzwords on their site.
Investors should know about competitors' offerings and be prepared to compare their own products. (File photo)
07:40 GMT
There are myriad approaches for clients to manage their banker relationship optimally, and the partnership certainly needs to be managed.
Saudi Arabia's Tadawul Index gained 6.7 percent on opening, but energy and utility stocks remained in the red. (File photo)
07:00 GMT
The bourses of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia registered modest gains over the weekend, as regional energy ministers remain confident that oil prices will rise and stabilise by 2017.
The US draft law shifted from an ad hoc law to a general one that defines the penalties for dealing with Hezbollah financially worldwide. (Twitter)
06:08 GMT
Lebanese lobbyists successfully pressed for amendments to a proposed law against Hezbollah finances.
The crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood members began following the ouster of president Morsi in 2013. (File photo)
05:36 GMT
Seized assets include schools, hospitals, arable lands, bank accounts credits and cash.