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March 18, 2015

Ask your boss, ‘What do I need to do to get promoted? What opportunities are there for me to learn and develop?
13:43 GMT
Studies have shown that a significant number of employees in the UAE and other countries in the Middle East, are dissatisfied with the level of their compensation.
"Why do they do this?" Netanyahu asked.
11:42 GMT
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, set out to refute the claims that his government had failed in running the economy.
there is a clause in the contract allowing gas supply to be interrupted at short notice
11:30 GMT
There is a clause in the contract allowing gas supply to be interrupted at short notice
"This is an act of state sovereignty,” foreign ministry spokesman Badr Abdel Atti told Ahram Online.
11:19 GMT
Any person wishing to enter Egypt will need to obtain a visa before departure and will not be offered it at the airport upon arrival/
OPEC warned that prices picked up even though there was still an oversupply of almost one million barrels a day on the market.
10:55 GMT
A recovery in oil prices which began last month is not justified by fundamentals as there remains a supply glut in the market.
The trip can be followed on the Solar Impulse website with live video and updates.
10:01 GMT
On March 9, 2015, a plane took off from Abu Dhabi early in the morning and landed in Muscat, Oman, early in the evening.
Kahramaa said it is now working on the second phase of the water project, which is targeted to meet the country's requirements until 2036.
09:56 GMT
Qatar is planning to construct 24 mega reservoirs in five different parts of the country in a bid to boost its water storage capacity.

March 17, 2015

The St Regis Dubai Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club is scheduled to open in early 2017.
19:50 GMT
The St Regis Dubai Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club is scheduled to open in early 2017 and will be the centerpiece of a six-million square-foot equestrian sports complex.
The bustling city state now has 1.4 million vehicles for a population of 2.4 million
19:45 GMT
The number of vehicles in Dubai has doubled over the past eight years giving the Gulf emirate more cars per person than New York or London, official figures showed Monday.
Salary levels in Israel's private sector are lower than the levels 14 years ago
19:40 GMT
Ministry of Finance Chief Economist Yoel Naveh found that private sector salaries have fallen in real terms over the past 14 years.
The situation Jordan is facing as a host is unprecedented, according to Ensour.
19:36 GMT
The Kingdom this year launched Jordan Response Plan (JRP) that worth $2.9 billion to provide services to Syrian refugees in the country and host communities.
The project, worth $40 billion (305 billion Egyptian pounds), will see the construction of a million housing units in 13 sites across Egypt.
19:30 GMT
Arabtec has accepted Egypt's new conditions.
“Money is a short-term motivator. Companies need to find ways to continue to connect with their employees."
19:21 GMT
If a company is certified as being a great place to work, there is no higher validation than that.
The last time BlackBerry had a device like the Classic in its range was four years ago with the 9900.
19:07 GMT
The aptly named Classic is the latest device out of the struggling phone maker’s stables, but one that really harks back to the good times.
As many as 569,128 unskilled labourers work for 3,039 companies in Dubai, according to statistics issued by the PCLA.
16:15 GMT
Smart devices will be used during inspection of workers’ accommodation which will give precise information about the number of workers housed in a particular facility.
Stress about money destroys families and pushes people over the edge to depression and even suicide.
15:33 GMT
Debt does build up quickly, but still you should see the problem coming.
How to win private investment confidence is rather a more ticklish problem.
11:10 GMT
In order to make such infrastructure investment really take-off then the state needs to act as a seed financer only and secure the support of private investors to multiply that investment many times.
Dubai house prices fell by the most in the world in the second half of last year with a 6.2 per cent average drop.
10:52 GMT
According to the article, if you are looking for another strong indicator of a coming global recession then this index is surely it.
OPEC holds its next meeting in June and comments from officials so far suggest it will not adjust policy as it waits for the strategy to take effect.
08:12 GMT
The exporter group will have to wait beyond its next meeting in June to see if its strategy to defend market share will dent the shale oil boom.
Kuwait is cooperating with the International Monetary Fund to discuss introducing a corporate tax for local companies.
07:52 GMT
Introducing a new corporate tax would be a major, politically sensitive policy shift for Kuwait, and for the wealthy Gulf oil exporters in general.

March 16, 2015

One of the biggest buffers that the Gulf nations have from food insecurity is their oil revenue, according to some experts.
19:09 GMT
Food security has long been a burning issue in the GCC given the region’s over-dependence on food imports.
Lagard blamed 'asynchronous monetary policy'.
18:57 GMT
“Even if this process is well managed, it may result in excessive volatility in financial markets, including India,” Lagarde said according to a prepared text of her remarks.
More than 14.7 million tourists visited Egypt in 2010, dropping to 9.8 million in 2011.
18:49 GMT
Egypt hopes to generate $20 billion in revenue from tourism by 2020 by attracting 20 million visitors, new tourism minister Khaled Ramy said on Sunday.
Tehran is in talks with world powers about its nuclear programme, seeking a deal to lift the sanctions that have halved its oil exports and hammered its economy.
18:41 GMT
Sanctions imposed by the West over Iran's nuclear programme have made it hard to obtain the US dollars Tehran needs for international transactions.
Also, Egypt's housing minister on Friday confirmed plans to build a new administrative capital east of Cairo within five to seven years at a cost of $45 billion.
18:33 GMT
Cheaper oil dragged down Gulf stock markets on Sunday, while Egypt rose after an international conference pledged tens of billions of dollars of investment for the country.
They will work with NASA experts and the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau to create the CubeSat, which will be the first to be developed by Jordan.
18:24 GMT
A group of Jordanian university students will develop a CubeSat by this summer that will be flown on rockets planned for upcoming launches by NASA into the space.
“Egypt needs at least $200-$300 billion to (develop) … I know Egypt and its problems,” Sisi said.
14:20 GMT
Difficult times still lie ahead in a country where two-fifths of the population live on or around the poverty line.
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates each offered $4 billion to Egypt.
14:04 GMT
Central bank deposits that Egypt's Gulf allies pledged at an investment summit will arrive in the country within days.
China’s exports of steel to Saudi Arabia amounted to about 163,000 tonnes in the first 10 months of 2014
13:57 GMT
China is supplying huge quantities of unsafe steel products to projects in Saudi Arabia due to lack of effective controls by the government, a report said.
The land for the proposed new capital was provided by the Egyptian government for free for the Emirati company to invest in, he said.
13:34 GMT
Emirati business tycoon Mohamed El-Abbar has refuted widely-circulating media claims that Emaar, of which he is the chairman, is in charge of implementing plans to establish a new capital for Egypt.
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13:08 GMT
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12:20 GMT
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Egypt has also signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) for potential deals worth $92 billion at the conference, according to Salman.
04:55 GMT
Egypt has also signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) for potential deals worth $92 billion at the conference, according to Salman.
04:55 GMT
Analysts said that if you’re planning to buy an apartment or villa, Dubai’s relatively low property prices make 2015 one of the best times in years to invest in real estate.