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The decline of the farmers' share is the main reason behind the growing poverty rates in the countryside (Wikipedia Commons).
14:40 GMT
Roughly 10 million Egyptians own less than 15 percent of the country's agricultural land --a million feddan-- according a report issued on Sunday by the Ministry of Agriculture.
The meeting will discuss the follow-up to the decisions of the 45th meeting of the Council (AFP/File).
14:15 GMT
The Council of Federation's Chambers of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for Arab States will hold a meeting in the Omani capital, Muscat next Sunday in the presence of the heads and members of boards of directors of GCC Chambers.
Building tomorrow's leaders today: Focussing on the present as well as the future is key to talent spotting. (Shutterstock/File)
09:23 GMT
Talent spotting can be a tricky business. What's the secret? Looking at the present as well as the future.
Pickapp will inform farmers of work productivity in the field. (AFP/File)
08:46 GMT
A new Israeli app showcased at the Agritech 2015 conference in Tel Aviv could potentially help farmers monitor their workload, globally.
Lebanon is the eighth most expensive destination for sending $500 from the US among 30 countries with available data. (Pixabay)
08:39 GMT
The cost of sending $500 in remittances from the United States to Lebanon reached 5.29 percent in the first quarter of 2015, increasing from 5.26 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014, according to the World Bank.
The railway project is due to start in early 2016 and will include 12 stations. (AFP/File)
08:33 GMT
Egypt and Canada will join forces to build a $1.5 billion railway link through Cairo and Giza via a loan to be paid over the course of 14 years.
The emirate is on track to welcome 20 million visitors by the start of the next decade. (Pixabay)
08:14 GMT
Dubai welcomed a total of 13.2 million international overnight visitors in 2014, according to latest data issued ahead of Arabian Travel Market starting today.
Jordanian security forces stand near the Nasib border crossing in Syria following clashes. (AFP/File)
07:57 GMT
Millions of dollars worth of goods remain stranded in Lebanon due to the Syria-Jordan border attack in April, putting a strain on the exports market in the region.
The drop in price was instigated by news that Iraq's oil exports climbed to 3.077 million barrels per day in April. (AFP/File)
07:34 GMT
Oil prices have dropped during weekend trading in Iraq by 32 cents to $66.46 a barrel.
Oil prices are now at their lowest level in a decade, roughly 50 per cent below last year’s peak of $115 (File photo)
07:28 GMT
Low crude production costs and fiscal breakeven prices will support the GCC in a period of low oil prices increasing the pressure to diversify away from the hydrocarbon sector.
Mövenpick is one of the world's leading hoteliers. (Sunstar)
06:48 GMT
Leading Swiss hotel and resort firm Mövenpick announced the opening of a second branch in the Saudi capital of Riyadh along with Morocco's Marrakech.
Only 36 percent of UAE residents save for retirement, according to a National Bonds study. (Shutterstock/File)
06:26 GMT
Only three in ten residents save up for retirement in the UAE, according to new research by National Bonds. Why is it so important to look out for the future?
The 750-room beach resort will be built in Deira Islands. (Nakheel)
06:10 GMT
Super developer Nakheel will partner up with Spain's RIU Hotels & Resorts to build a luxury 750-room beachfront resort at Deira Islands.

May 3, 2015

The GCC Allowances and Benefits Survey was based on 90 companies across different sectors. (Shutterstock)
15:00 GMT
Employee allowances and benefits have risen in the GCC, according to a report by Aon Hewitt.
Scene of destruction in Yarmouk, Syria. (AFP/FIle)
14:30 GMT
The economic and humanitarian impact of ongoing conflicts in the region come at a cost - it's time to use our resources for the greater good.
A floating power plant from Turkey. (
09:46 GMT
Plans are underway for Arab Energy to purchase Egypt's first floating power plant, to help alleviate the energy shortages in the country.
Sophisticated cyber-crime needs to be addressed with business intelligence methods. (Shutterstock)
09:45 GMT
Cyber crime is on the rise, but there's no need to throw money at solutions.
Flying high, and getting paid for it. (Pixabay)
09:45 GMT
Find the job you love, so it doesn't feel like work!
The JVFU accuse Israel of deliberately starting the fires to clear grass for security reasons. (File photo)
09:44 GMT
The Jordan Valley Farmers Union wants to sue Israel for damage caused by wildfires.
A classroom at Harvard Business School. (Wikimedia Commons)
09:00 GMT
The Middle East is experiencing a boom in business education, to meet increased demand for highly skilled employees.
Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem. (Wikimedia Commons)
08:48 GMT
Charging visitors a nominal fee to visit some areas in the West Bank would help improve services, according to a Palestinian official.
A version of Jamal Al Mahamel II (2005), an iconic painting by Palestinian artist Suleiman Mansour, was recently auctioned by Christie's. (
08:45 GMT
The Art Price Global Index has performed well, amid growing interest in Middle Eastern art.
Users are suggesting that tattoos' colors are throwing off the Apple Watch sensors. (YouTube screenshot)
08:43 GMT
Users with tattoos report glitches with their Apple Watch sensors.
A doctors' syndicate has reiterated their right to peaceful protest. (AFP/File)
08:42 GMT
Widespread outrage as Egypt's supreme administrative court decrees protests to be strikes, and forcibly retires alleged participants.
The tech hub will be based in the Beirut Digital District Downtown. (Wikimedia Commons)
08:37 GMT
The launch of the UK-Lebanon Tech Hub plans to inject energy into the entrepreneurial startup scene.
The Carlton Tavern in Maida Vale was being considered by Historic England for Grade II listing when it was razed. (Wikipedia)
08:35 GMT
Tel Aviv-based CLTX Ltd, razed the 94 year old Carlton Tavern, a historic structure in the London borough of Westminister.
Sorting through rubble caused by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Aden. (AFP/Saleh Al Obeidi)
07:46 GMT
Scarcity of fuel and ongoing conflict foreshadows the imminent collapse of Yemen's infrastructure, according to the UN.
The Akoya Oxygen complex is set around the Trump World Golf Club. (Photo courtesy of Damac Properties)
07:23 GMT
Damac Properties have launched the Nova Hotel Villas within the 'green' Akoya Oxygen community in Dubai.
Senior Vice President Amin al-Nassar was named chief executive ‘until further notice,’ according to Aramco's statement. (Pixabay)
07:20 GMT
Aramco, the world’s biggest energy company, will be separated from the Saudi oil ministry, following a major government reshuffle.

May 2, 2015

Construction on the satellites by Lockheed Martin will begin immediately, with a targeted launch in 2018. (Wikipedia)
08:22 GMT
Saudi Arabia seals $650m deal with Lockheed Martin and Arianespace to build and launch communications satellites for Arabsat.

May 1, 2015

Yas Mall’s opening ensured Abu Dhabi had a leading mention in cities which saw massive addition of retail stock last year. (Pixabay)
00:08 GMT
New retail developments in Asia-Pacific is spread over 32 million square metres distributed over 36 cities.

April 30, 2015

Nearly 55 per cent of millennials say a poor mobile app experience would make them less likely to use a company’s products or services. (File photo)
16:14 GMT
If companies cannot provide customers with a mobile app experience that accurately reflects the values of their brand, they risk seeing their competition pull ahead.
Ministry of Defense procurement on the domestic market averages NIS 8-9 billion a year. (AFP/File)
15:49 GMT
The Ministry of Defense Procurement and Production Directorate today disclosed the figures for procurement in the Israeli economy in 2014.
The company's trade creditor sukuk of Dh4.4 billion ($1.19 billion) is due to be paid in August 2016. (Pixabay)
15:40 GMT
Dubai-based developer Nakheel said its net profit more than doubled to Dh1.35 billion ($357 million) in the first quarter from Dh629 million ($171.2 million).
Consumers in the UAE are paying significantly more out of their pockets for living essentials. (File photo)
15:27 GMT
A closer look at which goods and services in the UAE are getting costlier by the month.
This is the first super major oil and gas deal in a decade. (Wikimedia Commons)
15:09 GMT
Royal dutch shell’s $70 billion takeover bid for BG Group, the former British Gas, has shocked the world financial markets.
The talent shortage is severe that recruitment departments at 55 per cent of the surveyed employers. (File photo)
14:53 GMT
Applicants with the right technical skills are hard to find, according to 68% of companies.
During a meeting last week, the Kuwaiti cabinet ruled that it would maintain its existing expatriate population, and allow foreigners into the country only to replace those leaving. (File photo)
14:41 GMT
Kuwait has decided to stop expatriates entering the country in order to “fix imbalances” in its population.
The second phase comprises an eco-resort, a country club, a green school, a science museum and the sustainability centre of excellence. (Shutterstock)
13:00 GMT
UAE-based Diamond Developers said the work at its five-million sq ft development ‘The Sustainable City' (TSC) in Dubai is progressing well.
Netanyahu is still serving as Minister of Finance until a new government is sworn in. (File photo)
09:23 GMT
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports a major increase in the 2016 defense budget.

April 29, 2015

Information technology can be an extraordinary asset if used wisely but, like over-eating, can make us fat and lazy if used to excess.
22:23 GMT
Don’t let the smartphone end up controlling all aspects of your waking life.
The tourism authority has identified 4 pillars to achieve its vision. (Pixabay)
22:17 GMT
Sharjah aims to attract more than 10 million visitors and boost hotel room numbers to 15,000 by 202.
The UK remains a hot market for investors. (Pixabay)
22:12 GMT
A 30 per cent increase is highly possible in five years starting from 2015 or could be more on amazing developments in that area
The increase in home prices continues, and new mortgage volume remains elevated. (Wikimedia Commons)
22:03 GMT
As most analysts had predicted, the Bank of Israel has kept the interest rate for May unchanged.
Nearly seven out of ten people in the UAE (69 per cent) say that they believe it is better to spend some money and save some to pass on the next generation. (File photo)
21:57 GMT
A large number of people of working age in the UAE are taking inheritance for granted, which prompts them to save less for retirement.
Iran’s balance of trade (BoT) turned positive in April with its exports exceeding the imports by USD 760 million. (File photo).
16:54 GMT
Iran’s customs office says the country registered trade surplus in the first month of the Iranian calendar year.
Uber may be number one in the US and is doing exceptional work there but everywhere else it is number two. (File photo)
16:44 GMT
It's not possible to talk about Israel's taxi hailing app Gett without mentioning its great rival Uber.
While 75,000 accidents took place in 2012, that number more than doubled to 191,000 in 2013. (File photo)
15:49 GMT
Workplace accidents in Turkey skyrocketed between 2012 and 2013, increasing by 291 percent.
The project was constructed on an area of roughly 64,000 square metres, costing EGP 600 million. (File photo)
15:29 GMT
The hotel, which looks over the Nile and Tahrir square, will include over 300 rooms and a shopping mall.
The newly established carrier will follow the low-cost business model introduced to the Mena region 11 years ago by Air Arabia. (File image).
12:17 GMT
Air Arabia Jordan, the kingdom’s new low cost carrier, today announced that it will commence operations from its Amman Queen Alia International Airport base in May.
In the UAE, there is around 200,000 SMEs accounting for nearly 86 per cent of private-sector employment.
09:15 GMT
A majority of small- and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, in the UAE are planning to increase their headcount.
Trade losses also mounted due to instability in the northern neighbour country and prompted Jordan to close its northern border. (File image)
07:30 GMT
The World Bank Group (WBG) is considering new financing tools to help Jordan cope with financial burdens caused by the influx of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

April 28, 2015

The Bulgari Resort and Residences Dubai aims to seamlessly integrate the physical elements present on the Jumeira Bay Island. (File image)
22:55 GMT
Dubai developer Meraas has teamed up with Rome-based jeweller and perfume maker Bulgari to launch Bulgari Residences.
Lease rates for villas decreased 2.4 per cent and sale prices decreased 3 per cent. (File photo)
22:05 GMT
Single family home transactions in Dubai were down 57 percent in the first quarter.
 The Apple Watch is now “widely” available in a number of online websites in the UAE.
22:00 GMT
Yes, the Apple Watch has made its way into the UAE. Are you ready to pay the price?
Real estate value nevertheless increased significantly year-on-year, even in the city's cheapest districts (File photo)
21:48 GMT
real estate value nevertheless increased significantly year-on-year.
The survey showed that around a third of respondents are still unaware of the laws and regulations related to cyber security in their country. (File photo)
21:41 GMT
The annual GBM Security Study, now in its fourth year, has shown that security breaches in the GCC are on the rise.
A wave of ground breaking mergers is again sweeping through the developed world and which would have significant repercussions on global economic developments. (File photo)
17:51 GMT
This will yield positive results and be to the advantage of Gulf economies at more than one level.
There are plans for further systems especially in Marrakesh, and further expansion of the existing systems is an open option. (File photo)
17:44 GMT
The transportation sector in any country is vital for its economy for the mobility of goods and services as well as people.
Over a thousand years later, today’s flying machines would probably have been beyond ibn Firnas’ wildest imagination. (File photo)
17:19 GMT
As this innovation evolves, one can only imagine what the future holds.
Extent of joblessness in the Arab world requires immediate intervention.(File photo)
16:41 GMT
Youth unemployment has assumed alarming proportions in Arab countries and with untold consequences.
Cav Mario Boselli, Honorary President of the Arab Fashion Council, is a prominent figure in the fashion industry worldwide.
12:51 GMT
Its main objective is to position the Arab world on the international fashion map.
the report projected healthy growth in the GCC economy with the non-oil sector continuing its momentum. (File photo)
12:44 GMT
Bahrain’s real GDP growth reached 4.5% in 2014.
Competence means that individuals have the knowledge, skills and values required for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs.
09:20 GMT
We know ‘it’ matters. Some go to war for it. Professional sports teams draft for it. Actors audition to show they have it.
The impact of the Syrian war on Lebanese trade in services, which dominate Lebanese exports, was difficult to assess, the World Bank said. (File photo)
08:56 GMT
The study noted that the Syria conflict had no impact on Lebanese merchandise and services exports at the aggregate level.
They were followed by Iran and Russia with totals of 633 million Dhirams ($172 billion) and 509 million Dhirams ($150 million).
08:21 GMT
Indian nationals have emerged the largest non-Arab investors in Dubai’s real estate market.

April 27, 2015

 Egyptian customs authorities have begun to lower the tariffs on European luxury cars by 10 percent.  (File photo)
20:57 GMT
The company ceased to assemble cars in preparation for leaving the Egyptian market by May
 Seeking professional advice, whether for an illness or a financial difficulty can help you find a solution. (File photo)
20:49 GMT
Apparently, secrecy and shame about money-related problems is still rife.
IT leaders in the region are allocating budgets to only meet current compliance requirements. (File photo)
20:43 GMT
Middle East businesses are spending less than 1 per cent of their overall IT budgets on security, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks.
Recent gains have prompted some forecasters to raise their projections for oil prices. (File photo).
20:34 GMT
Is this a turnaround? Has the bottom arrived? Is this sustainable? The debate is on!
Work supporting the development of transport infrastructure drove much of the need for consultants. (File photo)
20:21 GMT
The GCC consulting market grew by more than 15 per cent to $2.5 billion in 2014.
Egypt received deposits worth a total of $6 billion from three Gulf nations, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. (File photo)
20:09 GMT
Egypt's foreign reserves are expected to rise to over $20 billion after the recent Gulf deposits.
The EU, UN, and individual States increasingly rely on targeted sanctions to achieve foreign policy aims. (Shutterstock)
17:13 GMT
Sanctions can have devastating effects, which, of course, is the intention of those imposing them.
Despite subdued demand during World Cup and the national election, Brazil experienced an increase of 1.86 per cent in traveller numbers last year. (File photo)
13:34 GMT
Middle East airlines are playing a major role in providing connectivity to non-traditional destinations from Brazil as an increasing number of Brazilians now seeking newer travel options.
Hundreds of importers and exporters lost millions of dollars worth of goods when rebels pillaged the vast free trade zone. (File photo)
13:13 GMT
The closure severed its most important trade route to the outside
KSA has been a key market for growth in the Islamic banking industry.
12:58 GMT
The Islamic banking industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is set to achieve $683 billion of Shariah-compliant assets by 2019.
Out of a total of 27 companies traded on the exchange, shares of 18 companies rose, while shares of five companies fell (File photo).
04:55 GMT
The Dubai index may consolidate in a range with a tough resistance at the keenly-watched 4,200 level.

April 26, 2015

Riyadh’s hotel market also saw year-to-February occupancy rates remain stable at 64 per cent (File photo).
21:10 GMT
Saudi Arabia’s hospitality market can expect to witness high levels of new supply over the next three years.
Passive candidates are talented individuals who have a job and are not actively engaged in any job-search activities. (File photo)
17:02 GMT
In order to have a great talent pool for a certain job it is important to include both passive and active candidates.
Your ability to recognise how you will turn your ordinary income into a wealth — if at all possible — through legitimate ways can help you stay on track (File photo).
16:51 GMT
In many societies being rich is admirable, but saying that you want to be rich is somehow frowned upon.
Lebanon continues to be beset by structural bottlenecks such as electricity, water, transportation and telecommunications (File photo).
16:44 GMT
Policymakers need to urgently address Lebanon’s longstanding and worsening structural bottlenecks
 This event could have been the perfect stage for Turkey to express its altered view on world powers and its willingness to cooperate with the developing nations of the post-Cold War world. (AFP/File)
16:37 GMT
Turkey, having invested in ambitious Asian and African initiatives to expand market penetration and build political capital, has missed a golden opportunity to make its case.
Concerns related to low oil prices, coupled with the more recent concerns over QFII access being delayed, have led to a significant outflow of funds from foreign investors (File photo).
16:30 GMT
The move holds significant potential for the market’s growth and importance over the coming years, Deloitte said in a study.
low-income buyers have turned to purchasing singles, to save money for other necessities.
13:29 GMT
The Cairo and Giza Tobacco Traders Association expects a decrease in tax proceeds of EGP 2bn ($262 million) in the current fiscal year’s national budget.
Dubai trails a long way behind at a mere $43 per square foot, just above the last two cities in the table, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul (image: on file).
13:15 GMT
Dubai skyscrapers have emerged as among the cheapest per square foot in the world for prime office rents.
The BDS movement acts against this system by imposing economic, cultural, and academic sanctions on Israel.
10:43 GMT
The anti-BDS law cannot stifle international boycotts, which continue to gather momentum
This included goods and services for Qatar such as aerospace orders, a football club acquisition, sponsorship deals and land and general exposure (image: on file).
10:21 GMT
The total included legitimate trade deals in the course of lobbying in the run up to the 2010 vote for the tournament.
When the factory began, two employees managed two looms to produce the famous black-and-white patterned headscarf.
06:55 GMT
In the face of strong competition from China, the traditional, locally produced Palestinian headscarf has put up a show of resistance
They are referred to as 'free visa' workers and often take up jobs as labourers, cleaners and housemaids for very low pay (image: on file).
06:55 GMT
A study is being carried out to assess the feasibility of legalising the status of tens of thousands of foreign nationals working illegally in Bahrain.
 Saudi Arabia has a response to the global surplus of oil: Raise output to near-record levels and then pump even more.
05:55 GMT
The world's biggest oil exporter, having abandoned last year its role of keeping global markets in balance.
The Iranian president noted that his administration also managed to increase the budget for the country’s development over the past two years (image: on file).
05:55 GMT
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the country’s dependence on oil revenues will drop to its lowest level ever in the current Iranian year (which began on March 21).
Called ‘Highlights’, the feature rolled out very recently by the microblogging site is aimed at helping users sift through the large number of tweets on their feed each day.
05:55 GMT
Inundated with hashtags, re-tweets and favourites? Now you can sift through them and find the important ones easily, thanks to a new Twitter feature.

April 24, 2015

The employer needs to hear you respect their time and consideration and that they are top of mind even after the interview (image: on file).
21:33 GMT
You thought you did pretty well at impressing but find that coveted offer letter still evades you.

April 23, 2015

Officials have played down the impact of the phosphate spill in the Nile (image: on file).
22:24 GMT
Companies in Egypt are racing to meet the rising demand for mineral water in Upper Egypt in the wake of a barge, carrying 500 tonnes of phosphate.
Saudi Arabia’s economy has been growing at an average rate of 6 per cent per annum (image: on file).
21:50 GMT
The hundreds of billions of dollars that would flow into investments in Saudi Arabia once its $530 billion capital market opens up is likely to give a major boost.
ISIS is reportedly also selling oil to customers at very low prices to finance its war machine and collects taxes (Image: AFP/File).
14:56 GMT
U.S. authorities are deeply concerned about the financial capabilities of ISIS.
A new economy team that will take office after a general election to be held on June 7 (image: on file).
14:22 GMT
Özince's remarks came on the heels of existing uncertainty in financial markets that have sparked the exit of foreign lenders from the country.
The agreement, which is to involve 60% of local production, is to kick off in Sharm El-Sheikh (image: on file).
14:14 GMT
A Continental Free Trade agreement between 26 African countries is to be launched from Egypt in June.
The Apple Watch Edition, priced from $10,000, will be available in select retail stores only.
14:02 GMT
Apple’s first smartwatch will be available in the UAE on Saturday, but from the grey market, for a hefty premium.
Dubai property market needs to have more than 25,000 additional flats/villas to bring rents down (image: on file).
13:56 GMT
What is more likely to happen instead is that rents will generally remain stable.