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May 12, 2016

There has been a 43 per cent drop in the price of oil and gas sold by the company since last year.  (Taqa)
11:00 GMT
Low oil prices have sunk Abu Dhabi's National Energy Company (Taqa) revenues by 24 percent in the first quarter to Dh3.9 billion.
Many governments have become increasingly aware of the tax revenue lost to offshore investing. (File photo)
10:23 GMT
Offshore investing refers to a wide range of investment strategies that capitalise on advantages offered outside of an investor’s home country.
WhatsApp for desktop mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device. (Gadget News)
10:02 GMT
According to WhatsApp, we're introducing a desktop app so you have a new way to stay in touch anytime and anywhere - whether on your phone or computer at home or work.
Topping the charts are occupations that require a knack for strategic thinking, mathematics or accounting. (Shutterstock)
09:53 GMT
The most lucrative jobs in the UAE based on basic wages and allowances, according to a review of more than 300 positions.
Regionally, the MENA Index rose by 2.7 percent over the quarter, pushing the annual increase for Q1 to 11.9 percent, reflecting the demand for space in the best quality buildings.  (Wikimedia Commons)
09:00 GMT
Falling vacancies in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) have helped to drive up rental values in the first quarter of 2016.
New exploration activity, boosted by the Zohr field, yielded 1.4 billion barrels of oil equivalent in what the company described as fresh resources. (File photo)
08:00 GMT
Ten months after the massive discovery in the Nile Delta, production has reached the highest level for Eni in five years.
Located on the outskirts of the city, Hebron, Hirbawi is the last remaining factory in the country to make the keffiyeh. (CSMonitor)
07:40 GMT
A social media campaign has been launched by a US-based Palestinian to save the last West Bank-based producer of the iconic, checkered Palestinian scarf.
The airport is expanding capacity by 10 million passengers a year to 14 million by 2020 at cost of $1.1 billion.  (File photo)
07:00 GMT
Bahrain is going after origin and destination passengers, instead of trying to compete with the rapidly-expanding traffic of its Gulf neighbors.
The size of Islamic finance assets in Turkey has reached 120 billion Turkish liras ($40 billion). (Shutterstock)
06:00 GMT
In a boost for the Islamic finance sector, Saudi's IDB, Turkey and Indonesia have set up a committee to create Islamic 'megabanks' in Istanbul and Jakarta.
94 of the world's largest companies had acquired the tender papers, indicating strong global interest in the project. (Wikimedia Commons)
05:11 GMT
The timetable for the Red-Dead project to save falling water levels at the Dead Sea has been presented to potential donors in Aqaba, Jordan.

May 11, 2016

The new city  is set to house 25,000 residential units. (Shutterstock)
15:00 GMT
The South Saad Al Abdullah New City, 40 km west of the centre of Kuwait, which will be spread over a 59 km area.
Around 170,000 German tourists visited Egypt in the first quarter of 2016, mainly frequenting the popular Red Sea beach resorts of Sharm and Hurghada. (Wikipedia)
14:00 GMT
Hopes for early resumption of flights to Sharm El Sheikh as Germany's transport ministry lifts travel ban which has been in place since November 2015.
The response to the bond issue is being viewed as a vote of confidence for the emirate. (File photo)
13:00 GMT
Abu Dhabi tapped investors with its first bond issue since 2009, receiving 600 orders worth $17 billion.
Job seeking opportunities must be built on positive experiences rather than by badmouthing. (File photo)
12:42 GMT
Being upbeat and positive in trying circumstances is as important in your current job as it is during interviews for potential new positions.
In 2013, Majid Al Futtaim signed a joint venture agreement with Abercrombie for stores in the UAE and Qatar.  (Abercrombie)
12:00 GMT
Majid Al Futtaim has signed on to extend their partnership with American retailer Abercrombie & Fitch to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.
Bouygues Travaux Publics already completed, as part of a Franco-Egyptian consortium, lines 1 and 2 of the Cairo Metro network.  (Bouygues)
11:00 GMT
As the Cairo Metro line three expansion enters its third phase, Orascom Construction has been awarded two new contracts for civil and track work.
The Visa contactless wristbands will be part of Visa Europe’s official ESC sponsorship. (Trade Arabia)
10:51 GMT
The wearable technology will serve up to 65,000 visitors at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden and has massive potential for large-scale international events.
Over 184,000 people have arrived on the shores of Europe. 1,357 have died or are missing. (File photo)
10:44 GMT
After his call to buy an island for refugees fell on deaf ears, the Egyptian magnate said that he will spend $100 million to develop land provided by a government to house refugees.
The tube-launched, optically-tracked, wireless-guided (TOW®) Weapon System is the premier long-range, heavy assault-precision anti-armor, anti-fortification and anti-amphibious landing weapon system used throughout the world today. (Wikimedia Commons)
10:00 GMT
Raytheon will deliver the wireless-guided missiles system this year following a deal between the Jordanian Ministry of Defense and the US Defense Department.
Saudi Arabia is expected to sell up to five percent of Aramco via an initial public offering. (Oilpro)
08:52 GMT
The construction of a maritime complex and global expansion into Asia and the US are part of the oil giant's plan to overhaul Saudi Arabia's economy.
The three main US carriers have alleged that Gulf airlines have received $42 billion in subsidies from their respective governments that has unfairly spurred their growth. (File photo)
07:30 GMT
The row over alleged subsidies for Gulf airlines appears to be fizzling out as the Obama administration wraps up, says the Emirates president.
The move could allow Egypt's fixed-line monopoly Telecom Egypt to enter the mobile phone services market. (File photo)
06:00 GMT
Egypt's telecoms minister announced that 4G licenses would be issued within two weeks to companies already operating in the country.
The transport committee chairman claims the sector is rejected by Saudis because of the difficulty of the work. (Shutterstock)
05:18 GMT
Transport companies have failed to attract enough Saudis to work in the sector and calls the 15-20 percent national quota unrealistic.