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December 8, 2014

Soaring energy use and inadequate gas supplies have spurred the UAE to look to nuclear power to diversify its energy sources beyond
13:13 GMT
The UAE is the first Gulf Arab state to start building a nuclear power plant to generate energy.
Rouhani admitted the budget for the fiscal year starting in March 2015 "would be under pressure" given the big fall in oil prices in recent months
12:40 GMT
"Such a drop is unprecedented," he said in a speech to parliament carried live on state television, noting that the government had been cautious in its forecasts.
 "Israel is of course exceptional, because it had no severe economic crisis, because you listened to Stanley Fischer's advice," he said
05:55 GMT
Dr. Jason Furman, chairman of US President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, estimates that Israel will overtake the US in inequality.
Located in the incubator building at Masdar City, the centre is a reconfigurable, multi-purpose facility and will not be restricted to providing only security solutions.
05:55 GMT
Earlier this year, reports indicated that Lockheed Martin also held talks with the UAE government for a military deal worth $270 million.
A growing number of expatriates of all nationalities based in the UAE are moving their British pensions out of the UK.
04:55 GMT
So why are many more expats who have British pensions still in the UK looking to take their retirement funds offshore?
The paper suggests that these trends reflect the response of the Egyptian labour market to the financial crisis and the January 2011 uprising.
04:55 GMT
Resignation rates in Egypt reached their highest levels in 2011/

December 7, 2014

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, has decided to keep their output ceiling unchanged in the face of falling oil prices.
13:20 GMT
To begin with, the Arab Spring has changed the geopolitics of oil.

Saudi Arabia pumps around 9.7 million barrels per day
12:05 GMT
Standard and Poor's has lowered the outlook for Saudi Arabia to stable from positive and Oman to negative on sliding oil prices.
The countries in the Mena region are likely to become important global centres for producing iron and steel in the next five to 10 years, he added.
05:55 GMT
The UAE is amongst the highest consumers of iron and steel products (1,309 kg per person), well above the global average of 240 kg per person,
The Sheraton Hotel is one of the prominent landmarks in Qatar, which has hosted numerous Arab conferences and GCC summits.
05:55 GMT
The Qatar’s landmark hotel has been restored to its original 1982 glory as a new gigantic architectural building glorifying the past.
According to this Iranian researcher, HIFU can have many therapeutic uses, the main use of which is for treating cancer, although some HIFU devices are already being used today for cosmetic surgery.
04:55 GMT
“What we do is to place the ultrasound in environmental conditions; that will enable us to either remove or alter parts of a tissue for therapeutic purposes,” he explained.
The cash bid, pitched at 350 pence per share, compared with the previous 295-pence-per-share or £2.2-billion offer that was rejected last month.
04:55 GMT
Qatar's improved "final offer" to buy London's landmark Canary Wharf office quarter has been rejected, its owner said Friday, seemingly putting an end to a deal.
For a wealthy nation like the UAE, which sees Sisi’s Egypt as a bulwark against Islamists, the political value of the project outweighs the economic risks.
04:55 GMT
Experts say that growing wheat in the desert makes no economic sense given the logistical and environmental challenges.
Iran’s Internet policies should not be determined by the Islamic Republic’s intelligence and security agencies.
04:55 GMT
"Authorities in the Islamic Republic have long had an embattled relationship with the online space."
Oversupply could rise next year when Iraq starts to export more oil because of an agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdish regional government.
04:55 GMT
Global oil prices slid further on Friday, with Brent on track for the first weekly close below $70 a barrel since 2010.