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July 14, 2014

The American University of Beirut and the Lebanese American University are among the schools that offer intensive Arabic language programs throughout the summer.
16:47 GMT
Despite Lebanon’s increasingly unstable political situation, students from around the globe seek its universities, eager to immerse themselves in Arab culture and the Arabic language.
For the World Cup, the 29-year old Ronaldo is reportedly earning $490,870 a week, after tax, amounting to a staggering $2,243,997 (USD) to take part in the 32-day event.
16:39 GMT
For the amount that Ronaldo will earn for playing in the tournament, you could purchase a whole settlement of houses in Africa.
The majority of irregular migrants in Morocco are from sub-Saharan Africa.
16:04 GMT
The state’s overhaul of the migration and asylum system is an excellent case study of how reform is centrally controlled in the kingdom.
Dues owed to foreign partners for the petroleum sector have grown to $6.3bn through July 2014, as compared to $6bn at the end of April 2014
15:02 GMT
The government’s delay in reimbursing foreign partners threatens Egypt’s gas production as it will lead to a decline in production until 2018
The European Union has annulled sanctions against 14 Iranian entities since President Hassan Rouhani took office in August 2013.
14:43 GMT
“The bowl of sanctions has broken… and [nobody] can return this broken bowl to its previous state,” Rouhani stated.
There should be strict market monitoring to curb unreasonable price increases and measures to protect SMEs owned and run by middle class Saudis.
14:09 GMT
The segment also played an important role in maintaining a social balance between the upper and lower classes.