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The film "8%" where the love relationship all began. (Image: film poster)
09:13 GMT
The identity of Mai Kassab's mystery man has finally been revealed, and things are clearly getting serious.
Models making their way to the Middle East to ring in the New Year. (Image: CALA/ Broadimage)
08:33 GMT
"New Years will be mental," Cody Simpson tweeted as he headed out for Dubai with his Palestinian model gf Gigi Hadid and Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner.
The Exodus won't even make it into Egypt. (Image:
05:00 GMT
The Israelite's weren't even allowed into Egypt for there to be a big Exodus this time. The Hollywood film has been banned into MENA countries to date because it "totally contradicts proven historical facts".

December 27, 2014

"The Taste" is the Arab world's first cooking competition TV show. (Image: Arab News)
06:00 GMT
Move over Master Chef Australia. The Middle East now has a culinary TV series of its own; "The Taste" is coming to the Middle East's TV screens!

December 25, 2014

Janet with her Qatari husband Wissam al-Mana at Jordan's Zaatari Camp. (Image: Janet Jackson's Twitter account)
08:00 GMT
US pop singer Janet Jackson has recently visited refugee camps in Palestine and Jordan.
A still of Neeson as Mills in "Taken." (Image:
06:00 GMT
Oh my Dubai! Liam Neeson will be attending the "Taken 3" premiere in the UAE this January!
Arwa doesn't seem to like Algerian people much, especially not Arab Idol 3 contestant Jard! (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
Yemeni singer Arwa launched a surprising verbal attack on Algerian women by calling them "sluts"! She really has it in for them!

December 24, 2014

She's got something special for us! (Image: Facebook)
06:31 GMT
It won't be a wrapped present under the tree like we'd hoped, but that is a wrap on Samira Said's album. She'll be presenting it to us soon!
Mohamed Mounir will be traveling with world music group Dissidenten. (Image: Facebook)
06:15 GMT
Danka, Dissidenten! Mohamed Mounir is unbelievably excited to make music around Europe with the German rock band.
Bassem Youssef is gonna have to pay out some big bucks. (Image: Facebook)
05:18 GMT
Arabia's "Jon Stewart" is being charged millions of dollars in fines by a television channel that suspended his show. Apparently, making fun of the military doesn't go down well in Egypt.

December 23, 2014

Dounia Batma and Mohammad Al Turk tied the knot one year ago. (Image: Facebook)
15:26 GMT
The former Arab Idol contestant and her billionaire husband and business manager enjoyed the island life of the Maldives one year after they tied the knot.
Model/ actress Helen Flanagan. (Image: Twitter)
10:23 GMT
The news is still steaming fresh that the former Coronation Street star has a bun in the oven, and now we've got the pics to prove it!
Bassel al-Khatib directs "The Mother"
09:36 GMT
Covering the life and death of a mother in war-torn Syrian, "The Mother" directed by Bassel al-Khatib premiered at Damascus-based Cinema City on Sunday
Tina Arena taking the stage. (Image: Facebook)
09:29 GMT
Australia's beloved singer-songwriter and actress will be the main event at Clé Dubai's Australia Day gala on January 22.
French-Mauritanian film "Timbuktu" was featured at ADFF (Image courtesy of Khaleej Times)
07:53 GMT
They were screened at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, and now these four films are in the running for Best Foreign Language Film Award at the 2015 Oscars.

December 22, 2014

Gigi and Cody looked rock glam as they partied at Sunset Strip's iconic Roxy! (Image: Daily Mail)
10:46 GMT
Models and rock go together like peanut butter and jelly, that's code for Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson
Can you feel the love generation? Bob Sinclair can. (Image: Facebook)
10:18 GMT
Bob Sinclair will bring the party to Parcha Ibiza and bust out the beats for "Love Generation" and "World, Hold On" on December 26.
Cavalli Club knows how to bring the party in Dubai! (Image: Facebook)
10:05 GMT
Robert Cavalli himself will be hosting at Cavalli Club this NYE. It's gonna be epic.
Omar Khairat performing in Dubai this December. (Image: Facebook)
09:45 GMT
Egyptians love them some Omar Khairat at the piano keys. He's back for another gig next week.
Mohammad Assaf is a humanitarian at heart.
09:37 GMT
The Hala February Festival will kick off in Kuwait again in a matter of weeks, and this year's theme is humanitarian work. How fitting for Mohammad Assaf to have made the lineup!
Boney M has been making music for decades. Will Muscat dig? (Image:
09:20 GMT
We loved them about 40 years ago, and soon Muscat music lovers will get groovy with Boney M once again.
PRICE OF IMMORALITY: The popular show “Ben Bilmem Eşim Bilir” (I Don’t Know, My Partner Knows) has been fined 410,000 Turkish lira by RTÜK. (Image: Arab News)
09:03 GMT
Turkey’s television regulator has handed a record fine to a popular game show for a segment where husbands were filmed dancing with other women as their wives looked on.
Hamlet by The Globe theatre. (Image:: from Bibliotheca Alexandrina's promotional material)
04:00 GMT
London's famous Globe Theatre brings Hamlet to Alexandria, Egypt, as part of the London theatre troupe's two-year world tour.

December 21, 2014

The official AMAN poster by Myriam Fares. (Image: Facebook)
14:18 GMT
Myriam Fares has released her new album AMAN and she looks super sexy on the cover! More details inside!
Fahmy with his wife Rana. (Image: Al Jaras)
11:58 GMT
Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy celebrated Bahrain's special National Day celebration in Cairo.
Sherine Abdel Wahab is ready for the camera action. (Image: Facebook)
11:22 GMT
She hasn't announced the name yet, but Sherine Abdel Wahab has snatched a role in a Ramadan 2015 show.
Dina's name has been cleared from any wrongdoing in her TV show The Dancer. (Image: Facebook)
11:04 GMT
Bellydancer Dina can now dance all she wants after having her name cleared in "The Dancer" court case.
Joe Raad looks ahead to 2015. (Image:
10:55 GMT
Lebanese fans that love them some Joe Raad should be stoked to hear that the artist is bringing a live performance to Le Royal Hotel in Beirut on New Year's Eve.
May Kassab doesn't want any photogs following her into a funeral. (Image:
09:35 GMT
Be afraid, be very afraid. May Kassab warns the paparazzi they'll see a side of her never seen before if they follow her into a funeral.
Got a problem? TV judge Khaled al Sawi might have the solution for you! (Image: Twitter)
09:02 GMT
Egyptian actor Khaled al Sawi is set to play a real-life TV judge in his upcoming show "Al Qadi" (The Judge).
George Wassouf is up and at it and ready to rock the stage on NYE (Image: Facebook)
08:57 GMT
Nothing Arabia loves more than an awkward celebrity death rumor.
Natalia Bajak is ready bring her Polish self over to the UAE. (Image: Facebook/ Marta Ankiersztejn)
07:42 GMT
She's got "The Voice" that Poland loves - will peeps in Dubai agree?

December 20, 2014

Syrian actor Fahd Najjar died mysteriously in Damascus. (Image: The Daily Star)
19:16 GMT
Syrian actor Fahd Najjar has died under mysterious circumstances in Syria.

December 19, 2014

Yasmine performing on stage at one of her concerts. (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT
Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan has entered the Oscars race with her single for Best Original Song at the 87th Academy Awards.

December 18, 2014

Yara's got something special for us.
14:24 GMT
Old friends, new music video partners, Yara and Adel Karam share the screen for the songstress's newest clip "Ma Barif" (I Don't Know) from her album "Ayesh Bi Uyoni" (Living in My Eyes).
Kelsey Grammer gave his two cents while in the UAE for the Dubai International Film Festival. (Image: Facebook)
14:04 GMT
Kelsey Grammer's "Breaking the Bank" brought him Dubai, and we took full advantage.
Watch out, Ahlam ain't happy. (Image: Twitter)
12:31 GMT
We wouldn't want to be in the room if Ahlam were able to confront whomever posted the caricature of her head on a cow's body with the sign “I’m the cow Ahlam”.
Gigi posted this photo, raising speculations that she's a new Victoria's Secret model! (Image: Instagram)
11:36 GMT
Model Gigi Hadid looks like an Angel, but is she now a Victoria's Secret "Angel"?
Nicole Saba sings a medley of Christmas carols for her fans. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
11:12 GMT
Hit up her YouTube channel and you'll find Nicole Saba's Christmas gift of carols to her fans.
Safinaz has attracted the attention of the masses in Egypt. (Image:
08:57 GMT
The Armenian belly dancer was Egypt's most popular person searched in Google this year.
Hassan doesn't think his critics are worthy of his time. (Image: Facebook)
08:01 GMT
Why was Hassan el Shafei the only person not dancing to Hussain al Jasmi's catchy "Good News" performance on the Arab Idol finale?

December 17, 2014

Tamer's next career move includes returning to the cinema. (Image: Facebook)
14:17 GMT
Actor and Singer Tamer Hosny has announced that his next acting project will be taking him back to the cinema!
Amr has been super busy preparing 10 news singles for his upcoming TV drama "Fame." (Image: Facebook)
13:58 GMT
Amr Diab will be returning to the small screen this Ramadan with a TV show AND ten new songs!
Ghada is enjoying her Euro trip as rumors fly that she's banned from acting in Egypt. (Image: Facebook)
12:38 GMT
While one producer is accusing Ghada Abdel Razek of stealing his money, he's further claiming that she's been banned from acting in Egypt!
Bugsy is currently collaborating with lots of artists, both locally and internationally, and in different genres. (Image: Arab News)
11:27 GMT
Ahmad Bugshan talks beats, music production and hip hop in Saudi Arabia!
Ezz is still refusing to get that DNA test done; what's he got to hide? (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:28 GMT
Ahmed Ezz has once again refused a court order to get THAT DNA test done... Zeina must be fuming!
Qusai Khouly is boldly making a religious statement. (Image: Facebook)
09:27 GMT
He shared his beliefs loud and proud through a Bible quote and some body ink, and now those against his faith are giving him flack.
Harry Potter's Hogwarts had a Jewish student. (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT
In response to a social media question, J.K. Rowling announced that one of the Hogwarts students in her series was Jewish.
David Guetta is ready to bring the party to Dubai! (Image: Facebook)
08:31 GMT
Absolut Base Camp at Live at Atlantis will feature DJ David Guetta as the painting team transforms attendees with UV facial art.
Nader Galal left behind a legacy. (Image:
08:00 GMT
Tuesday, December 16th marked the passing of one of Egypt's most legendary directors. Nader Galal left a legacy of more than 50 films.

December 16, 2014

Feature on Al Bawaba by tweeting photos of YOUR Christmas celebrations. (Image:
14:31 GMT
Spread the Holiday cheer by sharing YOUR Christmas celebration pictures with Al Bawaba, and you could be in for a chance to feature on our website.
The moment Hani presented a shocked Wafaa with boxer shorts live on air. (Image: Gololy)
13:40 GMT
Hani Ramzi gets Wafaa al Kilani's knickers in a twist as he presents her with boxer shorts live on air!
Eva Longoria being introduced at Dubai International Film Festival by Mohamed Al Ansari. (Image: Facebook)
12:44 GMT
Visiting the UAE this week for the Dubai International Film Festival, Eva Longoria has revealed that she can relate to the struggle faced by the Arabs, and here's why...
Qusai Khouli is quite the religious guy it appears. (Image: Facebook)
12:26 GMT
Unafraid to be the religious minority, Syrian actor Qusai Khouli had this tattooed onto his body...
A snapshot of the video Mariam posted on her Instagram account. (Image: Instagram)
12:15 GMT
"Emirati" actress Mariam Hussein has posted an Instagram video which reveals her REAL ethnicity! Where in the world is she from?
Hussain sang his smash hit single "Good News" on the Arab Idol finale on Saturday night. (Image: Facebook)
11:00 GMT
Is Hussain al Jasmi really denying the huge favor Amro Mustafa did him by composing the "song of his career"?
Scarlett Johansson never ceases to surprise. (Image: Facebook)
10:11 GMT
Jewish bombshell and SodaStream advocate Scarlett Johansson, as well as Jewish funny man Jonah Hill surprised everyone with a live performance at Vice Media's 20th year celebration.
Noureddine Sail speaks about challenges of cinema in Morocco. (Image:
09:52 GMT
Moroccan film critic Noureddine Sail reveals the triumphs and challenges regional film production and festivals face.
Dubai ON Demand is ready to tackle online entertainment. (Image: Facebook)
09:37 GMT
Moving their entertainment to YouTube in 2015 might be the smartest things Dubai ON Demand has ever done.
Amal is as fascinating to us as she is to Barbara Walters! (Image: Telegraph)
08:05 GMT
ABC host Barbara Walters has named Amal Alamuddin "Most Fascinating Person of 2014" and you won't believe the reason behind it?

December 15, 2014

Poseidon was a Greek god. Check out the article to see the Egyptian entertainment comparison! (Image: alphacoders)
16:28 GMT
In the spirit of New Year's let's take a look at the giants of Egypt's entertainment business.
Mohammad Foad has given us something to look forward to it in 2015. (Image: Google)
16:06 GMT
We've been waiting for ages through many postponements, but Mohammad Foad says his new album will be released during New Year's Eve celebrations! This is one old acquaintance that won't be forgot!
The Painting Pool has been enjoying several screenings and awards at various international film festivals. (Image: Mehr News)
14:12 GMT
A UNESCO award-winning Iranian film titled "The Painting Pool" has entered the competition lineup of the 2015 Victoria Film Festival in Canada.
Ahmed Helmy has had a full year: new baby, recovering from cancer, and a spiritual journey to Umrah. (Image: Facebook)
10:40 GMT
Has his gratitude for good health pushed him to up the religion aspect of his life? Ahmed Helmy hit up Saudi Arabia for the religious pilgrimage Umrah
George and Amal looked all smiley after enjoying a dinner date. (Image: Daily Mail)
09:50 GMT
Amal and George Clooney went out for dinner in LA... don't they have access to a kitchen away from their London home?
Eva looked fabulous in pink in Dubai this week. (Image: Daily Mail)
08:29 GMT
Hollywood beauty Eva Longoria looked red carpet-ready as she attended the Dubai International Film Festival press conference on Sunday.
"Exodus: Gods and Kings" takes over box office (Image:
08:12 GMT
Beating out "Hunger Games: Mockingjay" by a long stretch, the controversially Caucasian "Exodus: Gods and Kings" is North America's no. 1 movie right now.
Eva and Dubai Cares CEO Tariq Al Gurg during a Dubai International Film Festival Press conference at Madinat Jumeirah on Sunday. (Image: Dhes Handumon)
07:56 GMT
Desperate Housewives starlet Eva Longoria was in Dubai for the The Global Gift Gala fundraiser; she's just too good to be true!
Air Supply performing in Tel Aviv on Friday night. (Image: Facebook)
07:42 GMT
Friday and Sunday night left fans' love tanks filled with good "Air Supply" as the Aussie soft rock group jammed the nights away at Tel Aviv's Heichal Hatarbut.

December 14, 2014

A still of the four leading characters in Villa Touma. (Image: Haaretz)
17:02 GMT
Suha Arraf's debut at the big screen with Villa Touma has brought much heated discussion. More details about the highly-controversial movie inside...
Karis Bashar couldn't keep the smile off her face. (Image:
15:14 GMT
Rallying Syrian spirit for her co-patriot competitor, actress Karis Bashar was in the audience for the semi final episode of "Arab Idol".
Ahlam will bring her fabulous self to the Dubai Shopping Festival along with a slew of A-list artists. (Image: Facebook)
14:20 GMT
The region's hottest stars will warm up the January cold of the Dubai Shopping Festival Celebration Nights.
Majida performs on the Al-Ahliyya Amman University stage on December 12, 2014. (Image: Facebook)
13:26 GMT
Majida el Roumi graced the stage in Amman on Friday, with a beautiful concert filled with "Love and Peace."