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January 29, 2015

Parwas and her cars. (Image: Facebook)
23:41 GMT
She lost season two of "Arab Idol", but she's definitely winning at life.
Umm Kulthum performing on stage. (Image: cropped from Wikipedia)
23:25 GMT
Ever wondered what's all the hype about Umm Kulthum. Here's all the dish.
Carmen is confident in the work she presents and isn't bothered by Dounia's comments. (Image: Albawaba file)
14:34 GMT
Carmen Suleiman finally responds to Dounia Batma's criticisms of her!
Elissa arriving at the Elie Saab show in Paris. (Image: Facebook)
13:24 GMT
Fashionista Elissa attended Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab's latest show at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday.
Elie celebrated Lebanon’s capital for all the creativity and elegance it has instilled in him. (Image: THE UNDERGRAD MIND)
10:16 GMT
Elie Saab explains how Beirut is the inspiration behind his elegant, glamorous and creative couture collections.
"Karama Has No Walls" director Sarah Ishaq at the 2014 Oscars with Steve McQueen. (Image: Twitter)
09:42 GMT
Known best for her Academy Award nominated film "Karama Has No Walls", Scottish-Yemeni director Sarah Ishaq shares how that and another documentary have changed her life.
It's unclear what will happen to Rico's career following his drug arrest. (Image:
08:19 GMT
Egyptian folk singer Rico decided to take heroin... but that didn't work out for him when police caught him red-handed!
Screenshot of Angelina Jolie's New York Times headline.
05:00 GMT
After visiting Iraqi refugee camps, Angelina Jolie shared her shocking experiences in an op-ed published in the New York Times.

January 28, 2015

The two documentaries will be shown at 1st of February at Zawya Cinema. (Image: Zawya Facebook page)
21:51 GMT
To break that taboo, Egypt's Zawya Cinema’s screens will feature new Yemeni films to be shown to the public and open to discussion the behind-the-scenes actions with their makers.
Majida El Roumi giving Sharjah some musical lovin' on Monday. (Image: Facebook)
15:51 GMT
Monday was a magical night in Sharjah as Majida El Roumi held the audience captive in a performance that benefited the "Big Heart Foundation".
Film Festival poster (Image:
15:37 GMT
They are loving them some Arab and French cinema at the third edition of the Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival right now.
DJ Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen was shot in the head by Egyptian police. (Image: Egypt Independent)
15:35 GMT
On the fourth anniversary of the 2011 Eguptian uprising, DJ Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen was killed by Egyptian police.
Amal Clooney has the whole world in awe of her brains and beauty.
15:07 GMT
We know her well as Hollywood actor George Clooney's gorgeous and gifted Lebanese wife, but here's what the beautiful barrister is up to now.
"Saraya Abdeen 2" is coming in May! (Image:
14:48 GMT
The cameras have almost completed rolling for the sequel for the hit TV series "Saraya Abdeen".
Mia hinted that Drake hit on her with a half naked pic on Instagram! (Image:
14:09 GMT
Mia Khalifa is the latest "sex interest" of Canadian rapper Drake... or so she claims!
Amal announced a new single release on her official Facebook page. (Image: Facebook)
12:38 GMT
Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi has a bone to pick with the Arab world's largest music label "Rotana."
Faten and Omar remained close friends despite their divorce. (Image:
11:55 GMT
Egyptian actor Omar Sharif sadly missed his ex-wife Faten Hamama's funeral this month, and here he explains why!
DJ Timo Jahns is coming to Siddharta Lounge. (Image: Facebook)
05:30 GMT
Friday night is gonna be hoppin' as the beat of Bon Iver and Sade and more will fill the air of the Siddartha Lounge by Buddha-Bar on Friday.

January 27, 2015

Waked is now cast for the upcoming blockbuster Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler. (Image: Facebook)
15:23 GMT
Egypt's "Hollywood" actor Amr Waked will be starring in a new Hollywood blockbuster with US actor Gerard Butler.
Emma Thompson and Sting joined the open letter in support of Syrian refugees.
13:59 GMT
Award winning actress Emma Thompson and legendary musician Sting join other British celebs that are speaking up for the government to help the plight of Syrian refugees.
Kazem Al Saher will bring his crooning voice to Morocco this Valentine's Day. (Image: Facebook)
13:47 GMT
He's got that dreamy voice that melts our hearts, and he'll croon you right through single's awareness day, erm, Valentine's Day in Morocco.
Billie flaunts her flawless figure on a beach in Dubai. (Image:
12:51 GMT
British reality star Billie Faiers jetted off to Dubai for a sunny family holiday, and she looked super toned for a new mum!
It's still unknown how long Dina will have to wait before she can act again. (Image: Albawaba file)
10:28 GMT
Bye bye acting career? Dina Sherbini is still banned from acting following her release from jail on drugs charges.
Kinda is thinking of quitting acting because it's to "overwhelming." (Image: Albawaba file)
09:35 GMT
Syrian actress Kinda Alloush is tired of being in the spotlight; does that mean she's leaving acting behind?
Amal claims George has gained some weight since their wedding. (Image: Facebook)
09:20 GMT
He's gained a good amount since their September nuptials, and now Mrs. George Clooney is putting her man on a diet. Alcohol, fatty meat and less dairy products are on the list of no nos. Hmm, sounds almost halal to us!
Yousra has a lot going on right now. (Image: Facebook)
09:12 GMT
Egyptian actress Yousra has officially announced which drama she will be shining in this coming holy month marathon.
Demis Roussos' music career goes way back. The man was a legend! (Image: AFP)
08:56 GMT
The cabaret music turned star was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1945, and he died in Athens, Greece on Sunday.
A collection of pictures of Farawla and his new wifey. (Image:
08:32 GMT
Former "The Voice Arabia" contestant Farid Ghannam said "I do" to his number one fan this month!

January 26, 2015

A still from the video, which shows Abdo crying over the king's passing. (Image: Albawaba Arabic)
14:04 GMT
Saudi Arabian singer Mohammad Abdo broke down in tears over Saudi King Abdallah's death this week.
Nicole will be adding a touch of glam to Dubai later this month! (Image:
11:48 GMT
Fashion icon Nicole Richie will be adding a touch of glam to Dubai when she launches her latest collection for House of Harlow later this month!
Ahmad Al Sakka
11:20 GMT
Things have been in motion for awhile to get Egyptian star Ahmad Al Sakka's new show ready for Ramadan, but the cameras are officially rolling now, Baby!
Here's how Kuwait Rising is going down (Image: Facebook)
11:01 GMT
Music producer Zahed Sultan has cooked a pretty sweet music festival for the country of Kuwait.
These movies eerily predict January 25th revolution.
10:50 GMT
These films both predicted and paved the way for the January 25th revolution.
The Clooneys looked lively and elegant the day before their luxurious wedding. (Image:
10:49 GMT
George Clooney racked up an extravagant $4,500 restaurant bill the night before his wedding to Amal Alamuddin!
Angelina Jolie speaks of the refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria on behalf of the UNHCR. (Image: AFP)
10:02 GMT
She's been in Iraq five times over the past eight years, and UN refugee agency envoy Angelina Jolie says this is the worst she's ever seen in the refugee camps.
Lucy while filming an episode of TOWIE in Marbella. (Image:
09:23 GMT
Lucy Mecklenburgh showed off extreme cleavage in a floral thong swimsuit during her recent Dubai getaway.
Alaa Wardi gave Lorde's "Royals" an Arab beat. (Image: screenshot from YouTube video)
09:14 GMT
Arabs doing covers of Western artists can either be a total bust or a big win. Here's a list of covers that we think are a slam dunk.
Abbas is fully supportive of his son's acting career and has invited him to act alongside him in two projects. (Image: Facebook)
09:04 GMT
When your father is a famous actor like Abbas al Nouri, why not become one too!

January 25, 2015

Well loved by Palestine, Omar Al Abdallat has a new somethin' somethin' for all his fans. (Image: Facebook)
13:09 GMT
The Jordanian singer has a new album out produced by Rotana.
Wael Kfoury wishes his former talent show well. (Image: Facebook/Zeina KFOURY)
12:47 GMT
He left the judging panel for the talent show "X Factor Arabia", and now he's wishing those left behind good luck. Will they need it?
This face didn't get shown off over the weekend after Saudi's king passed away.
12:24 GMT
After Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Bin Abdel Aziz passed away Thursday evening at the age of 91, Kuwait's Hala February Music Festival declared all concerts cancelled in mourning.
DJ Eskalob performing at 3alganoobfestival last year. (Image: Instagram)
11:58 GMT
The music scene on the Sinai is hoppin', and the new music festival Oshtoora is one example.
The Irish beauty enjoyed a few days of soaking up the sun in Dubai. (Image: Facebook)
11:20 GMT
Life's a beach and then you... sing! Looking forward to my gig tonight but until then relaxing in La Perla and taking in the sights of Dubai...
A still from GloZell's interview with US President Obama. (Image:
10:31 GMT
The West Wing actor Rob Lowe mocks Obama for meeting with cereal-eating YouTube star and refusing to meet with Israel's Netanyahu!
Youssef Chahine is one of the most-acclaimed Egyptian directors in Egyptian cinema history. (Image: Google screenshot)
09:06 GMT
Google Doodle celebrates Youssef Chahine’s 89th Birthday!
Umm Kulthum was and still is one of the Arab world's timeless musical icons. (Image:
08:16 GMT
Timeless musical icon Umm Kulthum was honored with a performance by Rehab Omar during the Muscat Chamber Music Series.
American Sniper has done Muslims more harm than good in the US. (Image:
07:56 GMT
Since the release of Hollywood's Iraq war movie "American Sniper," more Muslims have been reportedly attacked in the US.
Trevor Noah is ready to leave the snow and come to Dubai! (Image: Facebook)
06:57 GMT
He's hilarious, we're all in need of a good laugh. Comic Trevor Noah's Dubai gig will be a very good thing.

January 24, 2015

Lindsay paid a tribute to the late King Abdullah on her Instagram account. (Image:
16:53 GMT
Seriously, why did Lindsay Lohan post an Instagram about Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah's death?
Majida el Roumi was set to perform in Sharjah on Monday, January 26. (Image: Facebook)
11:42 GMT
The Sharjah Media Centre postpones Majida el Roumi's charity concert with news of Saudi Arabia's King Abdallah's death.
Almost 13 million people watched Yasmina's audition in just three weeks. (Image: YouTube still)
07:00 GMT
The new season of Arabs Got Talent has some serious contenders, but Yasmina is the one act everyone needs to watch out for!

January 23, 2015

Mohammad Ramadan at the 2010 Dubai International Film Festival (Image:
05:00 GMT
Despite the fact that his very name is Ramadan, Mohammad won't be included in this year's drama marathon. name includes the Ramadan 915-626-5303 Mohammad Ramadan

January 22, 2015

Mai Ezz El Din is back on Instagram! (Image: Instagram)e
16:46 GMT
For sad fans unable to stalk Egyptian actress Mai Ezz El Din's every social media move, they'll be excited to know she's back in the sharing action.
Shadia's fame goes way back. (Image: Al Bawaba archive)
16:23 GMT
We haven't seen her on the screen for decades, but Shadia has popped up in the spotlight again after being admitted to the hospital for a fall.
Ahlam signs her brand new three-year contract with Platinum Records. (Image:
12:21 GMT
UAE superstar Ahlam says goodbye Rotana and hello Platinum Records!
Miss Egypt strikes a pose for a photo with Miss Israel. (Image:
11:46 GMT
Miss Egypt took a series of photos with fellow Miss Universe contestant Miss Israel, who was just involved in a selfie "war" with Miss Lebanon!
This DJ Eats Everything! (Image:
11:42 GMT
With DJ Eats Everything, Kaz James, and Damien Lazarus in the lineup over the next few weeks, you know Provocateur is gonna be off the chain.
Saudi Film Festival is coming up next month. (Image:
10:46 GMT
Dozens of films are coming to the screen next month for the Second Saudi Film Festival.
The May Instagram shot that caused her haters to compare her to Kim Kardashian! (Image: Instagram)
09:32 GMT
May Hariri's fans are comparing - and criticizing - her to Kim Kardashian after posting a seductive Instagram shot of her behind!
A screenshot of Madonna's message thanking the FBI and Israeli Police for arresting her hacker. (Image: Facebook)
08:29 GMT
Music icon Madonna was grateful for the Israeli Police for arresting her unreleased-music hacker!

January 21, 2015

Drake is bringing his bad self to Dubai this March
13:22 GMT
Canadian rapper Drake has confirmed a gig at the Dubai International Stadium on March 14.
Spot the difference: The resemblance between Anne and Amal is uncanny! (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:21 GMT
American Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway was told that she looks so much like Amal Clooney, and this is how she reacted to the news!
Fahad al-Kubaisi loves what he does. (Image: cropped from Facebook for formatting purposes)
13:15 GMT
Fahad Al-Kubaisi has clearly made it to the big leagues of music as he takes the stage the night before Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani are set to perform.
Karam Mourad (Image: cropped from Facebook)
12:45 GMT
Thursday night at the B. Art Gallery will be happenin' place as Nubian singer Karam Mourad takes the stage with his oud.
Jon Stewart hilariously addressed the Miss Universe pageant selfie fight between Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel on “The Daily Show” Monday. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
12:11 GMT
Jon Stewart mocks the media frenzy behind the Miss Lebanon-Miss Israel selfie... and of course, he's super hilarious!
Elham attending the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. (Image: Facebook)
10:37 GMT
What is Elham Shahin doing on the Egyptian 25 January Revolution? Premiering her new film of course!
Helmy briefly went missing off Facebook for no apparent reason! (Image: Facebook screenshot/Albawaba edit)
09:55 GMT
Ahmed Helmy's fans have been looking for him on Facebook... where did he go?
Assi with his gorgeous daughter and wife Colette. (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT
This is what Assi Helani's daughter spends her daddy's money on!

January 20, 2015

Actor Ahmed El Sakka stood up when President El-Sisi addressed actors. (Image: TV still)
14:45 GMT
Egyptian President Sisi wants actors to make films that inspire people!
Arwa impersonating Wehbe on her new talk show "Khalleeha Alaina" (Leave It to Us). (Image: YouTube still)
13:44 GMT
Yemeni TV host Arwa thought it would be funny to impersonate Haifa Wehbe from her Star Academy performance, which left the world gasping at her see-through little black number!
She's so coy, she won't spill whether the leaked song will be on her album. (Image: Facebook)
13:03 GMT
Will it be in her new album or no? Samira Said's new song "Last Chance" has already been leaked online.
These two have been at it for ages. (Images: Facebook)
12:41 GMT
Writer Ayman Salama willingly or unwillingly was a part of the continued issues between actresses Haifa Wehbe and Ghada Abdel Razik
A still from the video Mia posted in an effort to convince Braxton Miller to move teams. (Image: YouTube still)
11:33 GMT
Florida State are so keen to convince quarterback Braxton Miller to move teams they decided to break out the big guns - unofficial mascot and controversial porn star Mia Khalifa!
Majida El Roumi is ready for Sharjah (Image: Facebook)
11:19 GMT
The highly anticipated concert by Lebanese songstress Majida El Roumi in Sharjah just got all the more enticing. All the money earned from the gig will go directly towards charity.
Hassan El Raddad (Image: Facebook)
11:17 GMT
It's meant to be good luck to wish an actor to "break a leg" before a performance, but actor Hassan El Raddad got a little too close for comfort to the real deal on set his new film "Al Sitah Tabtah".
Mervat Amin stars in "Cairo Time" (Image: still from film courtesy of Dubai International Film Festival website)
09:47 GMT
It's a beautiful film really. It's just odd that it comes to an end abruptly.
Britney is said to be mourning the death of Sundahl following news of his death in Afghanistan. (Image: Independent UK)
09:42 GMT
US pop icon Britney Spears is said to be mourning the death of ex-boyfriend John Sundahl, who was shot down while flying a helicopter in Kabul, Afghanistan.
A figure of the golden age of Egyptian cinema, Hamama’s career reached its pinnacle in the 1940s and 1950s. (Image: Google)
08:34 GMT
We go back down memory lane in remembrance of Faten Hamama's journey to stardom.

January 19, 2015

Hend Sabry has become an advocate for WFP. (Image: Twitter)
16:36 GMT
Ever the advocate for ending hunger, Hend Sabry donates gown from her movie “Al-Gezira: Part one” to the cause.
Charbel Rouhana get down on the oud. (Image: Facebook)
16:15 GMT
Paris is about to get some Arab entertainment. Lebanese oud players Charbel Rouhana and Elie Khoury are tag teaming with Iranian tar player Azad Mirzapur to perform at the Theatre Des Abbesses in Paris on January 31.
Abs-olutely beautiful: Lucy Mecklenburgh showed off her incredible bikini body during a recent trip to Dubai. (Image: The Daily Mail)
14:58 GMT
British health and fitness expert Lucy Mecklenburgh recently treated herself to a luxurious trip to Dubai.
Luckily for Miss Jordan 2015 (right), she bears no resemblance to Jordan's former beauty queen (left), Zeina al Alami. (Image: Albawaba edit)
14:37 GMT
Remember the controversial Miss Jordan 2014? This year, JO proved its beauty worth in the Miss Arab 2015 competition with a new-and-improved beauty queen, AKA Sireen Barakat!
Tommy Tiernan is ready to travel to Dubai. (Image: Facebook)
12:15 GMT
The audience is about to go cray cray as Irish stand-up Tommy Tiernan brings his jokes to the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium on Thursday, March 26.
Sharif Muneer is so sad over the loss of his friend.
10:41 GMT
Egyptian producer Mohammad Hassan Ramzi passed away last Tuesday, and his actor friend Sharif Muneer is taking it hard.
G.R.L is about to get it on at Redfest DXB (Image: Facebook)
08:53 GMT
Two new names have been released for the Redfest DXB lineup
Judges in Iran have ordered the closure of a daily newspaper for its reporting of Clooney's support for Charlie Hebdo. (Image: The Independent)
08:30 GMT
An Iranian newspaper has been banned by its government for reporting George Clooney's support of Charlie Hebdo!
Miss Lebanon has been severely criticized for having her selfie taken with "the enemy." (Image:
08:01 GMT
Miss-understood Lebanon claims Miss Israel photobombed her selfie!
Hamama began her career at the age of 7 after being discovered via a school talent contest. (Image: The Daily Star)
07:37 GMT
It was a sad Sunday for Egypt as thousands gathered to say goodbye to Arab cinema's timeless actress Faten Hamama.

January 18, 2015

The aim of the Muscat Chamber Music Series is to provide workshops and free concerts so that people in Oman can learn more about the value of music. (Image:
13:20 GMT
Oman aims to teach people the value of music through its upcoming Muscat Chamber Music Series.
Ahlam, yet again, poses in one of her latest pricey gowns! (Image: Facebook)
11:34 GMT
Over-the-top diva Ahlam loves perfume SO much that you can always smell her before she's even entered the building!
Dalia Al Buhairi looks good in blonde. (Image: Facebook)
11:07 GMT
It's a new year and a new look for Dalia Al Buhairi. She's got some golden locks for 2015.
Myriam Fares rose from her sick bed to perform as scheduled at a wedding in Dubai. (Image: Instagram)
10:49 GMT
The Lebanese diva has kept her worried fans up to speed with her recovery process after suffering from a sever case of food poisoning.
The "offensive" Facebook picture that landed Ahmed in hot water with Haifa's fans. (Image: Facebook)
10:30 GMT
Young Eyptian actor Ahmed el Fishawi is in hot water for grabbing Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe's "ass"!
Screenshot from Sharmoofers' music video "Ot w Far". (Image: YouTube)
10:07 GMT
Sharmoofers new music video "Ot w Far" (Cat and Mouse) has more than 150k hits on YouTube.
Elissa hitting up the Mall of the Emirates. (Image: cropped from Twitter)
09:41 GMT
Lebanon's beloved Elissa strolled through the DXB Fashion Photograph exhibition over the weekend at the Mall of the Emirates.
Yusri passed away on Friday evening after a long struggle with kidney failure. (Image:
08:54 GMT
Egyptian actor Yusri Mustafa died on Friday evening after a losing battle with kidney disease.
Carole has officially stepped down from The X Factor in season 2. (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT
Will this Egyptian young talent be able to fill Carole Samaha's shoes in season 2 of The X Factor?
Boney M is Oman bound. (Image:
06:25 GMT
Bringing the beats from the 70s and 80s, old school music group Boney M are bringing discovers lovers a cool treat at the Seeb-based Oman Automobile Club on Feb. 5, 2015.

January 17, 2015

Hamama was one of Egypt’s most prominent actresses in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s. (Image: Al Ahram)
22:56 GMT
Legendary Egyptian actress sadly passed away on Saturday, much to the dismay of her Arab fans.