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Yara stunned at City Centre Deira's Spring/Summer Fashion campaign in Dubai. (Image: The Portsmouth Group)
10:01 GMT
Arab singer Yara left City Centre Deira audience inspired by her fashion insight and soulful voice.
Layalina Magazine and Kassab think they Mai looks like Miley Cyrus. (Image: Instagram)
09:17 GMT
Mai Kassab admires Miley Cyrus and even think that she looks like her!
Majdi Al-Sharif's touching family reunion on stage. (Image: MBC screenshot)
08:59 GMT
The show was much less about Elissa this time as a touching, surprise family reunion takes place on the X Factor Arabia stage.
Rock group 30 Seconds to Mars is delaying their Dubai gig until the fall. (Image: Facebook)
08:04 GMT
So sad. Now we have to wait an extra five months to see rock band 30 Seconds to Mars in concert in the UAE.
Gal wasn't nervous about meeting Ben Affleck for the first time. (Image:
07:48 GMT
Gal Gadot, who will play Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, doesn't get wobbly knees over meeting Hollywood actors.
Najwa Karam rockin' the stage in Kuwait. (Image: Facebook)
07:44 GMT
Epic artists Najwa Karam and Majed Al Mohandes were just two of the stars that made for some magical closing concerts for "Febrayer Al Kuwait".
Beczala, Voronkov and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra performed with the utmost passion and earned very loud applauses and cheers. (Image:
05:26 GMT
Polish opera superstar Piotr Beczala gave a mesmerizing performance in Oman over the weekend.

March 29, 2015

Majed Al Mohandes' flowers from Sherine. (Image: Twitter)
15:06 GMT
Sherine is keen on fellow performer Majed Al Mohandes. The Egyptian songstress sent her talented Iraqi pal a bouquet of flowers before his big gig at “Febrayer Al Kuwait".
If Ahlam is forced to leave Arab Idol, will she move onto the judging panel of another talent competition? (Image: Albawaba file)
12:11 GMT
Rumor has it that Ahlam isn't coming back to Season 4 of Arab Idol.
Hala and her mum, who has allegedly created a new Instagram account for her daughter. (Image: Al Watan Voice)
09:56 GMT
Hala al Turk has a new Instagram account, and we bet her dad isn't happy about it!
Myriam Fares' husband likes to stay behind the camera. (Image: Facebook)
09:43 GMT
It's been over half a year since the "Queen of the Stage" said "I do" to Danny Mitri, and she still thinks it was a great decision.
Najwa Karam performing at the #FebrayerKuwait Festival. (Image: Facebook)
09:10 GMT
Najwa Karam was shocked by a Kuwaiti man molesting her as she landed in Kuwait for the Hala Febrayer Festival.
Thousands of people were offended by Dunham's anti-Semitic New Yorker article. (Image:
08:33 GMT
Lena Dunham accused of anti-semitism over article comparing Jewish men to dogs.
The Water Diviner official poster. (Image:
07:36 GMT
Russell Crowe's movie on bloody World War I battle becomes first to film inside Istanbul's Blue Mosque.
Cast of the new horror film "The Palace". (Image: courtesy of Kuwait Times)
07:00 GMT
When it comes to TV soaps and plays, Kuwait is top notch, but the scary film industry is just horror-able. That's why Kuwaiti director Nader Al-Haddad has prepared the scenario for a Kuwait horror movie titled ‘Al Qaser’ (The Palace)
Here's you looking at you, Richard Gere. (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT
Pretty Woman star Richard Gere is bringing his dreamy self is Israel bound.

March 28, 2015

Amr Diab is 53, but his skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom.
17:29 GMT
Amr Diab is getting up there in years, but with skin as smooth as his, he should be selling anti-wrinkle cream. Check out these product ambassador suggestions for our favorite celebrities.
Kylie enjoys shisha in the Dubai desert. (Image: Instagram)
09:30 GMT
Kylie Minogue enjoys the best of Dubai ahead of her Dubai World Cup performance.

March 26, 2015

Najwa Karam walking in the Kuwait International Airport. (Image: Instagram)
15:20 GMT
Lebanese singer Najwa Karam will be greeting fans tonight at the Kuwait Ice Skating Rink for Febrayer Kuwait.
Robbie is still coming to AD in April but just a day earlier. (Image:
14:10 GMT
Robbie Williams has changed the date he is coming to Abu Dhabi for his April concert.
Donia with X Factor judges Ragheb Alama and Elissa. (Image:
11:46 GMT
Rumor has it that Donia Samir Ghanem isn't friends with Elissa, but that's not really the case!
Palestine's golden boy Mohammad Assaf.
10:35 GMT
Some haters are upset that Palestinian golden boy Mohammad Assaf is already getting his own biography film. That sacred place should be left for the legends with long careers.
Ragheb's flight from Paris to Cairo had a seven-hour delay. (Image:
09:52 GMT
Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama could have been involved in a plane crash of his own.
Roll the cameras! (Image: for illustrative purposes only
09:42 GMT
During the inaugural edition of the Beirut Cinema Platform (BCP), organised by Beirut DC, DIFF’s Enjaaz committee selected Syrian filmmaker Afraa Batous to receive post-production financial support for her documentary film Skin.
Jenny wouldn't accept her husband marrying a second woman. (Image:
08:30 GMT
What would you do if your husband married another woman?
Tyga rappin' out. (Image: Facebook)
06:22 GMT
Rapper Tyga is returning to the UAE for a gig at People By Crystal. Will girlfriend Kylie Jenner be with him?

March 25, 2015

Kylie Minogue rockin' the stage. (Image: Facebook)
19:24 GMT
Kylie Minogue is coming this week to perform at Dubai World Cup, and here's the lowdown on her career up to date.
Dhafer Youssef performing at Baalbek 2014. (Image: Instagram)
19:05 GMT
Security issues halted the Baalbeck International Festival's lineup last year, but the show is set to go on this year!
Jason Statham in Thailand. (Image: Facebook/ Daniel Smith Photography)
14:25 GMT
"Furious 7" was shot on location in the desert of Abu Dhabi, but the film's antagonist Jason Statham wasn't there for that portion of filming.
Ruby at her sister Maryhanne's wedding in 2014. (Image:
14:08 GMT
Egyptian actresses and sisters Ruby and Maryhanne have just found out that they're expecting.
Arwa impersonating Haifa on her talk show "Khalleeha Alaina" (Leave It to Us). (Image: YouTube still)
13:55 GMT
Dedicated Haifa Wehbe fans are ticked that Yemeni singer Arwa dared make fun of their heroine on her new TV show "Khalleeha Alaina" (Leave It to Us), and now they're warning their social media followers not to cross that red line that is Haifa.
The controversial Instagram picture labelled "Sheikh Pussy" that Khloe posted last Halloween. (Image: Instagram)
12:21 GMT
Scott Disick lashes out at Kourtney Kardashian over argument about Sheik costume in deleted Keeping up with the Kardashians scene.
How will the Ahmed Ezz-Zeina drama end? (Image:
10:38 GMT
She wants $131,000 USD to talk about it, but has Zeina been lying about having Ahmed Ezz's twins all along?
Youssef predicts greater filmmaker than Youssef Chahine will come out of Egypt. (Image: Facebook)
08:46 GMT
Egyptian film director Khaled Youssef predicts greater filmmaker than Youssef Chahine will come out of Egypt.
Vin Diesel is confident about "Furious 7".
07:59 GMT
"Furious 7" star Vin Diesel is confident that the film will win Best Picture at the Oscars, and since it was filmed on location in the Abu Dhabi desert, we of course agree!
A scene from the Prince of Poets competition. (Image:
07:56 GMT
Prince of Poets contest launched in 2007 to revive the art of poetry in the UAE and the Arab region, the Dh1-million competition is similar to the ‘Million Poet’.

March 24, 2015

Mohammed Abdou's crazed fan on stage snapping a selfie.
14:23 GMT
Mohammed Abdou was bustin' out his rockin' tunes at the Hala February Festival in Kuwait when a fan couldn't contain himself and jumped onto stage for a selfie with the Saudi star.
Jenny looked adorable in a blue Zuhair Murad dress at the "Home" film premiere. (Image:
13:24 GMT
Zuhair Murad makes magic for Jennifer Lopez.
A still from Abla Fahita's promo for her upcoming TV show. (Image: YouTube still)
12:42 GMT
Puppet Abla Fahita has been a naughty girl!
Fashion Forward Dubai will take place from April 10-13. (Image:
12:19 GMT
Five Things You Should Know About Fashion Forward Dubai Season Five.
Dounia Batma's new Barbie look. (Image: Instagram)
11:45 GMT
Will Dounia Batma's new style inspire a Moroccan Barbie?
Bahrain Formula 1 is bringing talented artists like these to entertain the masses. (Image: courtesy of
11:14 GMT
There'll be somethin' to please everyone at the 2015 Formula One in Bahrain. With Pitbull headlining the concerts, it's sure to be "The Time of Our Lives".
Nicki Minaj is bringing her big booty to the city. (Image: Facebook)
10:23 GMT
The only question now is when the "Anaconda" hit maker is coming to the Emirates, but she's announces she's coming back to Dubai!
Egyptian Shaabi band 8% have their sights set on Cairo. (Image: Facebook)
10:11 GMT
Joined by British DJ Goldierocks in the GrEEK Campus, band members Okka and Ortega will bring their electro-shaabi tunes to the city of Cairo.
Nourhanne sporting the same outfit as Kim Kardashian. (Image: Al Jaras Magazine)
09:17 GMT
Nourhanne is still trying to dress like some of the world's most famous Hollywood stars!
What Adel wants, Adel gets? (Image:
08:09 GMT
What Adel wants, Adel gets? Imam requests $1 million USD to be interviewed by George Kordahi!

March 23, 2015

Chahine directing one of his many productions. (Image:
21:57 GMT
Government error makes Youssef Chahine a well-known filmmaker.
Famed Israeli singer Achinoam Nini says she was verbally assaulted at Ben-Gurion airport upon her arrival in Israel from Italy. (Image: Times of Israel)
14:27 GMT
Famed Israeli singer Achinoam Nini says she was verbally assaulted at Ben-Gurion airport upon her arrival in Israel from Italy.
Khloe has been a Mane Addicts' muse several times before the upcoming Dubai seminar. (Image:
13:04 GMT
We're addicted to Khloe Kardashian as much as Mane Addicts are! See her in Dubai this Friday!
Sandy loves Barcelona as much as she loves her pajamas! (Image: Facebook)
11:56 GMT
We now know that Egyptian singer Sandy is a serious Barcelona fan!
George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin arrive in Venice ahead of wedding along with old friends Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber. (Image:
11:31 GMT
Rande Gerber reveals the moment when his wife Cindy Crawford once mistook him for pal George Clooney!
Nancy Ajram's Laha Magazine cover photo. (Image: Facebook/ cropped for formatting purposes)
09:21 GMT
We love seeing her face, and Laha Magazine knows it! Nancy Ajram makes it to the magazine cover.
Myriam Klink showin' off her guns in a music video. This woman is ready for the military, clearly.
08:48 GMT
Thanking Hezbollah leader for Hassan Nasrallah for having her back, Myriam Klink admits made she'd like to be one of them!
Hollywood star Richard Dreyfuss back in May 2013. (Image:
08:11 GMT
Hollywood actor Richard Dreyfuss will join American conductor Steven Mercurio and international soprano Sharon Azrieli Perez on stage with a performance to honor the memory of Azrieli Perez’s father David Azrieli.
Universal Studios is about to get a new fast ride. (Image: courtesy of Universal Studios)
07:38 GMT
"Fast & Furious" has been making it's mark ever since the 7th sequel was filmed in Abu Dhabi. First Etihad Airways revealed a special plane with the film decal on it, and now the franchise is getting a theme park ride!
Gerard Butler in Dubai. (Image: Facebook)
07:22 GMT
He's brought his charming good looks to the Emirates, and now Gerard Butler is the new face of BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE.

March 22, 2015

Elissa dreamy-eyed over the handsome contestant. (Image: screenshot)
15:07 GMT
After getting a proposal on last week's episode of X Factor Arabia, flirtatious judge Elissa gets loose-lipped with a handsome participant on Saturday.
The Abdel Aziz sisters ain't all that bad! (Image: Albawaba file)
14:56 GMT
The Abdel Aziz sisters: you either love em or hate em. But where do we stand?
"The Blue Elephant" film poster. (Image: courtesy of
14:50 GMT
The 4th annual Luxor African Film Festival came to a close on Saturday, and Marwan Hamed’s “The Blue Elephant” went home the winner.
Sherine's pretty flowers from her baby girls. (Images: Facebook)
12:11 GMT
Sherine showed off the girls that made her a momma and the flowers they gave her for Mother's Day yesterday.
Penn expressed his belief that audiences today are becoming anesthetized by political correctness and censorship on television screens. (Image:
11:20 GMT
Sean Penn watches ISIS beheading videos to avoid being "anesthetized" to real violence.
Abyusif is one of this year's DCAF artists. (Image: Facebook)
11:12 GMT
A Danish DJ and an Egyptian rapper are ready to jam out this week for DCAF.
Zayn Malik quit the One Direction World Tour due to extreme stress. (Image:
10:40 GMT
Zayn Malik quits tour, will he be a no-show at One Direction's Dubai concert in April?
Juan Diego Flórez has arrived in Abu Dhabi (Image: Facebook)
10:11 GMT
Opera lovers in the UAE should be pumped because tomorrow night Peruvian singer Juan Diego Flórez and the Budapest Festival Orchestra will be performing as part of the ongoing Abu Dhabi Festival.
Hala's fans are worried that she will grow up to be like Haifa Wehbe. (Image: Twitter)
09:13 GMT
Twelve-year-old child star Hala al Turk's father is not happy with the pictures she's been posting online!
Should Nadine be afraid of Fadel Shaker and his militant connections? (Image: Nadine el Rassi's official website)
08:29 GMT
Lebanese actress Nadine el Rassi has been threatened by men allegedly connected to Fadel Shaker.

March 21, 2015

Justin Bieber is back to his old hair style. (Image: Facebook)
10:20 GMT
Justin Bieber's bodyguard allegedly called his neighbor a "little Jew boy", and now the Canadian star is under fire for it.

March 19, 2015

Yousra and Queen Rania at Zaha Center in Jordan. (Image: Facebook)
14:41 GMT
What an epic duo these two strong and sassy yet classy ladies make. Egyptian actress Yousra and Queen Rania of Jordan celebrate mothers.
Nancy with her doting hubby Fadi el Hachem. (Image: Twitter)
14:29 GMT
Nancy Ajram made it no secret what her husband seriously dislikes her to wear!
Vin Diesel showing off the Fast & Furious decal-ed Etihad plane. (Image: Universal)
14:12 GMT
When you fly from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways, you might just be on the elite Fast and Furious decal-ed plane.
Zeid Hamdan ready to perform in Kuwait last January. (Image: Facebbook)
10:15 GMT
The former Soap Kills singer and underground music scene aficionado is ready to step out of the public music scene.
Laila Elwi giving a speech. (Image: courtesy of
09:55 GMT
Piracy is a real problem in Egyptian cinema, and Laila Elwi thinks President Sisi should do something about it!
Fouad has never been the skinny type... until now? (Image: Facebook)
09:51 GMT
Did Mohammad Fouad resort to liposuction after his Ramadan TV series was cancelled?
Noor, right, with one of her classic wedding designs, left. (Image:
09:09 GMT
Emirati fashion designer Noor al Jandal is heading to Cannes with her very own fashion show!
Work it! Farrah keeps herself fit at the gym. (Image: Facebook)
08:31 GMT
Syrian singer Farrah Yousef still has time for the gym in the city that never sleeps!

March 18, 2015

The fourth edition of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (DCAF) will kick off on 19 March and will run until 9 April with a line-up including performing and visual arts, as well as urban interventions. (Image:
15:07 GMT
The fourth edition of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (DCAF) will kick off on 19 March and will run until 9 April with a line-up including performing and visual arts, as well as urban interventions.
Youssef declined playing the role of Mohamed Morsi in “The President’s Bodyguard.” (Image:
14:59 GMT
Egyptian actor Hassan Youssef explains why he declined playing Morsi in the film “The President’s Bodyguard.”
Cyrine with her close fan Jumana, who passed away on Tuesday. (Image: Facebook)
14:39 GMT
A very close fan to Cyrine Abdel Nour has passed away on Tuesday.
Robin Schulz is bringing his Prayer
13:06 GMT
"Prayer in C" hit maker Robin Schulz is bringing his sweet jams to the Emirates.
Sandy and her shocking pajamas. (Image: Facebook)
12:12 GMT
Can you say epic fashion fail for a celebrity?! Egyptian star Sandy wears something controversial again, and it doesn't even show much skin!
Diana Haddad's surprising makeup-free image. (Image: Facebook)
11:38 GMT
Of course secretly we were all hoping she'd be hideous without the cover of cosmetics, but, alas, Diana Haddad still looks gorgeous without gobs of makeup caked on.
Vin Diesel snuggled up to baby #3. (Image: Facebook
11:23 GMT
Vin Diesel welcomed his third child with partner Paloma Jimenez into the world this week.
Can Dubai take these two at the same time?
11:00 GMT
The two Lebanese stars are popping over to the Emirates for separate singing gigs.
Menna looked thinner than usual in a black dress at the Luxor Film Festival. (Image: Almadenah News)
09:00 GMT
Menna Shalabi has reently lost so much weight, and her concerned fans aren't happy!
Helmy said that he has many acting jobs lined up for him. (Image: Albawaba file)
08:10 GMT
Will Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy take part in the Mohammed Assaf biopic?

March 17, 2015

Suki in her Reem Acra dress at the Insurgent film premiere. (Image: AFP)
13:45 GMT
Suki Waterhouse pulls a series of funny faces in fairytale cut-out Reem Acra gown at NYC Insurgent premiere.
Matt Damon in Wadi Rum filming "The Martian". (Image: Twitter)
13:24 GMT
Hollywood stars and Palestinian actors alike are leaving Jordan as both films call it a wrap on location in Jordan.
Sandy performing on stage a couple years ago.
13:17 GMT
Sandy was seriously displeased at Egyptian artist Saad el Soghayar for "teasingly" hitting on an episode of his show "Saad wa Saad" on Al Hayat TV, and even more upset with the network for airing those inappropriate scenes.
Damon said that he is totally impressed with THEEB. (Image: Wikipedia)
13:08 GMT
Matt Damon is seriously impressed with the Jordanian Bedouin film THEEB.
The tape will be rolling in Mauritania. (Image: for illustrative purposes only)
12:46 GMT
Mauritania will soon get a taste of Egyptian cinema through the six-day event “Mauritanian-Egyptian Cinema Days”.
Lebanese singer, Cynthia Baroud participated in the Canadian version of The Voice. (Image: Mondanite)
11:38 GMT
Lebanese singer Cynthia Baroud is taking part in The Voice Canada.
Mahmoud Darwish award being handed out. (Image: courtesy of Al Ahram Gate)
11:05 GMT
It's an esteemed prize in honor of the late Mahmoud Darwish, and it's Syrian writer Zakaria Tamer and Palestinian director Hani Abu Asaad's for the taking.
"Bakar" is back! (Image: screenshot from YouTube)
08:42 GMT
Cartoon series "Bakar" is returning after an eight year hiatus to our holy month screens this year.
Is it appropriate for a child to post such pictures? (Image: Instagram)
08:32 GMT
Fans are concerned about the welfare and reputation of child star Hala al Turk.

March 16, 2015

Boris Brechja blasting beats at Sky Room, Ribeirao Preto  (Image: Facebook)
17:13 GMT
It's electric! Join Boris Brechja and DJ Filo at D-CAF’s music programme this month.
Mohamed Mounir sings lyrics by Abdel Rahman al-Abnoudy (Image: Facebook)
16:57 GMT
Thanks to the writing magic of Egyptian poet Abdel Rahman al-Abnoudy, Mohamed Mounir will be chief performer in the show at the Suez Canal inauguration.
Kylie is heading to Dubai for their horses World Cup next week. (Image:
15:14 GMT
Kylie Minogue is closing the Dubai World Cup on March 28, will she also meet the man of her dreams there?
Tamer performing on stage. (Image: Electronic Intifada)
14:35 GMT
Arab-Israeli rapper Tamer Nafar calls on Palestinian Israelis to vote in the upcoming Israeli elections.
Naglaa with her doting husband Hamdi Qandil. (Image:
14:01 GMT
Naglaa Fathi to undergo skin disease treatment in Switzerland.
Assaf is a huge international pop star and a UN Goodwill Ambassador. (Image: Facebook)
12:18 GMT
A biopic is being produced about the epic life of Mohammed Assaf.