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Kinda Hanna is clearly not a fan of the acting coming out of Lebanon (Image: Facebook)
16:31 GMT
Women don't actually wake up with perfect makeup hair? Say what? Kinda Hanna hates on Lebanese dramas, saying they are just unrealistic.
Don't miss out on watching those funny men in April! (Image: Madinat Theatre website)
14:45 GMT
British comedian Phill Jupitus and the funnymen from "Whose Line is it Anyway?" will be performing in Dubai this April.
Lionel has landed in Dubai (Image courtesy of
13:50 GMT
He's got a gig tomorrow night at the Dubai Media City amphitheater, but he's already here, Baby!
Samira is sadly mourning the death to her mum. (Image: Facebook)
13:32 GMT
Samira Said is in Morocco after receiving news about her mother dying in Rabat.
Assi Helani singing his heart out for kids with cancer at the Cairo Opera House earlier this week (Image: Facebook).
13:24 GMT
Lebanese superstar Assi Helani showed he's not just a talented musician, but he's a humanitarian at heart too!
Will Yousra join Hakim on his latest entertainment venture? (Image: Albawaba edit)
12:51 GMT
Egyptian folklore singer Hakim wants Yousra to be on the judging panel of his latest show “Najm Al Sha’ab” (Star of the People).
Ezz's trial against Zeina isn't going as well as he'd hoped. (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:30 GMT
The Ahmed Ezz-Zeina trial is ongoing and they're both having a bad time in court!
Egyptian celebs were open about wanting Sisi to win the Presidential elections. (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:57 GMT
Egyptian celebs are taking on the political stand and announcing Sisi as their fave to win.
Paul Walker with his brothers Caleb and Cody, who will be used as doubles to complete 'Fast & Furious 7' production (Image: Twitter)
07:52 GMT
The cameras are rolling on stars like Tyrese Gibson and Vin Diesel in Abu Dhabi right now, while it's been announced that Paul Walkers' brothers Caleb and Cody will fill in for some of the actor's unfinished scenes.
Reggae band Meshwar is coming alongside several other musicians to make "3al Ganoob" (To the South) great. (Imageg: Facebook)
06:08 GMT
The three-day festival, stretched between Friday 18 April and Monday 21 April, is attracting nearly 1000 visitors and 19 artists who will be performing at various points of the day, right on the beach.

April 15, 2014

Walking arm-in-arm in Venice? That's amore! (Image courtesy of
13:58 GMT
After calling it a wrap on "A Tale of Love and Darkness", director and actress Natalie Portman jetted out of Jerusalem to call "cut" on her career scene for a bit, so she could live out her real life romance in Venice.
Paul Walker's on-screen spouse, Jordana Brewster, paying tribute to her co-star at the MTV Awards (Image: Twitter).
12:24 GMT
Other co-stars have expressed their sorrow at returning to shoot the film in Abu Dhabi without the late Paul Walker as Jordana Brewster expresses her apprehension at carrying on without him.
Arabia's getting its own version of the hit TV show "Your Face Sounds Familiar"!
11:13 GMT
A group of celebrity contestants from the Arab world undergo a performance competition in the new global TV format Your Face Sounds Familiar in its local Arabic version, on MBC4 and MBC MASR.
David Broza on the road (Image: Facebook)
08:00 GMT
"East Jerusalem/ West Jerusalem" album by David Broza brings together both Israeli and Palestinian performers in a feat some might deem impossible.
Yasmine Hamdan was one of this year's D-CAF performers (Image: Facebook).
07:00 GMT
Performances, public space and the future of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in Cairo are explained here.
Could someone as sweet as Hind really be mad at anyone? (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
It's rumored that Hind Sabri is furious with Yasmin Abdulaziz for stealing her "marriage" show idea!

April 14, 2014

Haifa appeared too sexual in her film "Beauty of the Soul." (Image: Facebook)
19:59 GMT
Qatari cinema lovers aren't happy about Haifa Wehbe's latest film "Halawet Rouh" (Beauty of the Soul) being shown in their theaters!
Yusra will be starring in a new film about the Egyptian revolution and its consequences from the past three years. (Image: Facebook)
17:44 GMT
Egyptian actress Yusra Al Lawzi will be starring in a new film about Egypt!
Ezz is having to deal with another woman claiming to be engaged to him! (Image: Facebook)
16:46 GMT
Things are going from bad to worse with Ahmed Ezz as now another actress claims to be engaged to him.
Looks like money can be an issue for someone like Amal! (Image: Facebook)
14:33 GMT
Amal Arafa has said no to a new role because she wanted to get paid more than what the showmakers had offered her!
Diana has a very busy work schedule ahead of her after filming her music video for "La Fiesta." (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:20 GMT
Diana Haddad is releasing a music video for her new single "La Fiesta."
An oldie, but a goodie, Mohammad Abdo is coming to Mawazine!
11:53 GMT
The "Artist of the Arabs" isn't a fat lady, but the show will be over after he sings!
Event image collage courtesy of Al Ahram Online.
11:33 GMT
So much to do, so much to see this week in Egypt.
Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson have heavy hearts without their late co-star, but they are still managing to have a good time filming in Abu Dhabi. (Image: Facebook)
09:56 GMT
Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and other cast members have made their way to Abu Dhabi to begin filming the franchise's seventh film. All that's missing is their late co-star Paul Walker.
Jewish celebs and their Passover celebrations
08:44 GMT
Four questions, six celebrities with answers on what Passover means to them.
Things are getting artsy again in Syria.
07:52 GMT
After about a decade of decay, Damascus' culture scene is getting its groove back.

April 13, 2014

Karim beautifully curated the Springs & Pianos Festival in Amman this week. (Image: Facebook)
17:17 GMT
Karim Said, alongside a number of talented fellow musicians, brought the Strings & Pianos stage to life with live recitals of Chopin, Dvorak and Rachmaninov.
Hanan is now the proud Mama of a baby girl! (Image:
14:55 GMT
Hanan Turk had given birth to an adorable a baby girl!
You're just going to have to wait that little bit longer to listen to Amr and Tamer's new music albums! (Image: Albawaba edit)
11:56 GMT
Some key events in the Arab world are causing superstars Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny to work differently!
Sama Al Masri knows how to make the brotherhood go mad! (Image: Facebook)
11:40 GMT
Always earnestly in search of a way to get under the skin of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Sama Al Masri made a rumor go around about her wearing a hijab.
Munther Rihana fell, but he's rising again! (Image: Facebook)
11:01 GMT
Ouch! Munther Rihana sustained injuries after falling from the horse he was riding during filming of the TV drama "Al Malhami".
Nancy Ajram's melons bring all the boys to the market. (Image: Facebook)
10:03 GMT
Nancy Ajram defended her saucy new music clip, saying it's a short film about a lady only concerned with selling melons to make a living.
UK Jewish FIlm Festival is going down this week.
08:58 GMT
If you've ever wanted to sneak a peak at what it's like to live the life of a Jewish, you can get a small chance at it through the films on display throughout the UK Jewish Film Festival,
Ragheb reassured everyone again that he didn't quit because of fellow judge Ahlam. (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT
Wondering why Ragheb Alama has REALLY quit Arab Idol? Find out here!
Abu Dhabi won the fight for filming location of Star Wars' latest greatest. (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT
It's time Abu Dhabi to shine the Star Wars light sabers because the UAE capital has been chosen as the filming location for Episode VII!
Carla Bruni says she's "I'm crazy about Israel" ahead of May's performance in the Holy Land! (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
French superstar Carla Bruni talks about her love for Israel ahead of her scheduled performance in the Holy Land in May!

April 12, 2014

Looks like Ahlam got what she wanted in the end; Alama is out! (Image: Facebook)
12:48 GMT
A series of tweets and interviews imply that Ahlam really was the reason behind poor Ragheb Alama's withdrawal from Arab Idol!
Dima Aljundi is all about being green. (Image: Facebook)
11:44 GMT
Things are getting green around Abu Dhabi! As the first-of-its-kind event in the region, the UAE Green Festival hosted an Eco-friendly fashion show that drew in A-listers like Dima Al Jundi.
Highly-anticipated: Macadi will be performing in Cairo this month. (Image: Soundcloud)
11:39 GMT
Macadi Nahhas returns to Cairo's Al-Genaina Theatre on Friday 18 April as part of the venue's early spring programme.
Is Angelina hating on the SaveKessab hashtag posted by Kim?
11:00 GMT
Armenian public figure Kim Kardashian is allegedly getting some celebrity backlash for her Twitter campaign to #SaveKessab.

April 11, 2014

Nancy is seeking the help of her fans with her latest charitable project. (Image: Facebook)
14:38 GMT
Write Nancy Ajram's song lyrics for the "Street Children" contest and make a difference in the world.
Hot stuff: Assi announced that his daughter Marina will be singing with Ricky Martin. (Image: Facebook)
13:57 GMT
Assi Helani is making a starlet of his eldest daughter, who will be singing with international superstar Ricky Martin.
Mohammad Assaf singing his heart out in Palestine on Valentine's Day. (Image: Facebook)
07:00 GMT
He's a Dubai-based dude now, but he's made his way back to Palestine for his upcoming music video.
Do you want to dance like Dina? You've got your chance now, Egypt! (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
It's been criticized by conservatives and claimed to not be coming at all, but now it appears that the new talent show will bring a set of belly dancing hopefuls on screen after Ramadan.

April 10, 2014

The Trial Saga continues....
13:40 GMT
It makes a funny story, but an untrue one, according to Zeina's lawyer at least.
Cyrine Abdelnour has to step it up a notch to stand next to Khaled Salim (Image: Facebook)
13:23 GMT
Cyrine Abdelnour gets silly with her co-star behind the scenes of "Love Story".
Nabila said that her role as head of the judging committee at the festival was “very exhausting." (Image:
11:06 GMT
Veteran actress Nabila Obeid talks about heading the judging committee at the Muscat International Film Festival.
Wael is officially a judge on Arab Idol Season 3 now. (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:12 GMT
Wael Kfoury will be joining the Arab Idol judging panel in place of Ragheb Alama starting Friday.
If it's The Rolling Stones you want, it's Rhe Rolling Stones you'll break the bank for. (Image: Facebook)
08:47 GMT
With the Jewish holiday of Shavout taking place while the British rock group rolls into town, fans will have to pay a pretty penny to stay in Tel Aviv.
"Magic Men" makers did the unthinkable. (Image: poster from Facebook)
08:36 GMT
In theaters now, Guy Nattiv and Erez Tadmor's Magic Men brings magic to life in Israeli cinema.
Alaa said that it takes him a month to film and have one YouTube vid ready for release. (Image: Facebook)
08:13 GMT
Inspirational singing talent Alaa Wardi talks about his passion for music and how he makes his hit YouTube videos!
Karim Said at the piano keys. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
"Karim Said is not to be missed. Seriously." wrote one Facebook fan on her deep desire to see this piano playing dude in concert this week.

April 9, 2014

Oh the drama that divides Ahmad Ezz and Zeina!
12:50 GMT
After getting battered with accusations, Zeina tugged on Ahmad's memory with this unbelievable stunt.
Elissa loving on Lebanon's British Ambassador, Tom Fletcher. (Image: Facebook)
12:30 GMT
Put a political figure next to a top celebrity, and boom you've got what it takes to make a picture go viral.
Does this face look familiar? You'll be seeing more of it on a new talent show (Image: Facebook).
11:51 GMT
Never one to be left out, dicey diva Haifa Wehbe has kept up with her colleagues by agreeing to host MBC's new talent show "Your Face Sounds Familiar" alongside Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Sakka.
Get ready for more action, Morocco! (Image: Facebook)
11:35 GMT
Just as buzz is going around that Tunisia is trying to raise funds to reclaim the set where numerous Star Wars scenes were filmed, Moroccans will be getting their movie madness on with episode VII coming their way in May!
"Children of the Black Duck" combines acting, singing and storytelling. (Image: Albawaba Edite)
07:54 GMT
El-Mesaharaty Lab, in cooperation with Doum Cultural Foundation, will be performing 'Welad El-Batta El-Soda' (Children of the Black Duck) at Cairo's Hanager Theatre starting 14 April.
Nancy wants Ragheb back on Arab Idol, but rumor has it Wael will be taking his place instead!
07:06 GMT
Word has it that Ragheb Alama and Wael Kfoury are taking each other's places as judges on their former TV talent competition shows!
Nancy said that she loves Arab Idol and would like Ragheb to come back to its judging committee. (Image: Facebook)
06:47 GMT
Nancy Ajram is the only Arab Idol judge who has commented on Ragheb Alama leaving the show!
Razan is now officially a new Mama! (Image: Facebook)
06:29 GMT
Razan Moghrabi welcomes her new baby into the world!
A still of Haifa and Hakim taken from the video from their new film "Beauty of the Soul." (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
A video of Haifa Wehbe dancing sexually to a song by Hakim has taken YouTube by storm.

April 8, 2014

"Halawat Roo" is out! (Image: film poster from Haifa's Facebook page).
14:16 GMT
It's taken many a moon and many a scene delete to get this bad boy past the Egyptian censorship committee and onto the cinema screen, but "Halawet Roo" is finally in theaters now.
Get your Arab flava flave, Italy, with Middle East Now.
13:55 GMT
Tomorrow, Italy will be saying "bonjourno" to the Middle East and North Africa as they begin to sample our cinema, documentaries, short films, photography, art projects, food and events.
Tamer has become even more popular in Morocco after marrying a Moroccan woman. (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:36 GMT
Tamer Hosny is coming to Morocco this April.
One of the intimate shots posted by Gigi and Cody while on shot over the weekend. (Image: Facebook)
12:20 GMT
They may be teenagers, but Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson sure aren't acting like it!
Safinaz finally has a reason to smile! (Image: Facebook)
11:18 GMT
After serving some jail time and being sued by Al Nabila Hotel for breach of contract, Safinaz can finally breathe easy because she's no longer under an exclusive contract with the hotel.
Vin Diesel striking a pose in Tunisia. (Image: Facebook)
10:50 GMT
Stopping over in Tunisia for a stint, Vin Diesel is on his way to the UAE at last.
A still from Haifa's upcoming series "Words on Paper." (Image: YouTube)
10:27 GMT
A promo of Haifa Wehbe's upcoming TV series "Kalam Ala Waraq" (Words on Paper) has been released.
Will Adel really become the next Lebanese President? (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:51 GMT
Lebanese comedian Adel Karam has announced that he's running for presidency in Lebanon.
Fans speculate that Ahlam is trying to get Abdo on board Arab Idol. (Image: Facebook)
08:10 GMT
After Ragheb Alama shocked everyone with his decision to quit Arab Idol, Ahlam has been on-the-go to find a suitable replacement!
Adel Imam's the man! He's what has Liqa Swaidan most excited this year.
05:00 GMT
With three shows on the docket this year, Liqa Swaidan has a seriously full slate. One drama in particular has her head over heels.

April 7, 2014

Sattar poses with his The Voice Arabia winning trophy! (Image: Facebook)
14:15 GMT
The Voice Arabia judge Kazem El Saher denied rumors that his sons and him paid money to get people to vote for Sattar Saad.
Ragheb won't be returning to Season 3 of Arab Idol. (Image: Facebook)
12:55 GMT
In a shocking revelation, Lebanese superstar and Arab Idol judge Ragheb Alama has pulled out of the TV talent competition!
It's either Elissa or nobody in the region for a duet with Mohammad Hamaki.
12:06 GMT
Mohammad Hamaki bares all on his documentary "Hamaki Wal Hayat".
Majed at the Mouawad press conference in Dubai. (Image: Facebook)
10:42 GMT
Majed Al Mohandes became the new face of luxury jewelry and watches brand Mouawad.
Ahmed Helmy's making dreams come true, one talented little girl at a time.
10:10 GMT
During season three of Arabs Got Talent, Ahmed Helmy promised a little girl that she could star in his upcoming film "Made in China". Now the talent show judge and comedian is holding true to his word.
Nadia and Mukhtar are good at working creatively together. (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:50 GMT
Nadia Al Jundi is returning back to the small screen with her ex-hubby after an absence of three years.
Nelly Karim explains what's behind the filming delays for "A Day for Women".
09:35 GMT
Nelly Karim combats rumors that her upcoming film "A Day for Women" has been halted due to financial issues.
"Lucy" will be in theaters this August.
09:19 GMT
The trailer we've all been waiting for has finally been released online. Our region's own Amr Waked is seen next to Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson in "Lucy".
Craig's Bahrain F1 performance was one to remember. (Image: Facebook)
08:50 GMT
Craig David brought the Klub 360 crowd to life during his sell-out performance o Friday night!
Tomorrow/Bokra debuted at number 1 and remained at the top of the Virgin International & Arab Music Charts for 5 consecutive weeks. (Image courtesy of the G3 website).
05:00 GMT
What do a jazz artist and a CEO have in common? They work to bridge cultures through music and CEO, according to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts!

April 6, 2014

Jenny Asper got us good with that April Fools joke.
14:37 GMT
She got us, and she got us good. We were super pumped to share the announcement that Jenny Asper had snagged a sweet deal starring alongside Hollywood hottie Brad Pitt, but it turns out the joke's on us. That was one cruel April Fools prank, Jenny!
Halima is going to be the latest face of "Al Mihwar" TV. (Image: Twitter)
14:31 GMT
Halima Poland is set to become the latest face of Egyptian TV channel "Al Mihwar."
Samo is excited about the launch of his latest album and says him and Tamer Hosny are A-OK!
14:07 GMT
Samo Zain prepares to launch his latest music album after a long absence from the music scene, but why is there no Haifa Wehbe to be seen in his new music video?
According to Nabih, Haifa is fully Egyptian without any Lebanese roots! (Image: Facebook)
13:03 GMT
Lawyer Nabih Al Wahsh has revealed a few hidden secrets about Haifa Wehbe and her family.
Katayoun Riahi interacting with the Dalai Lama (Image courtesy of Press TV).
11:06 GMT
On a humanitarian visit to India, Iranian actress Katayoun Riahi received a rare visit with the Dalai Lama.
The Scorpions and Afrojack both hit the Bahrain stage over the weekend.
10:58 GMT
The 10th Edition of the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix was about more than just fast cars, famed performers The Scorpions and Afrojack stole the BIC thunder
One of the visitors at Dubai Comic Con this year. (Image: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News)
10:51 GMT
Thousands visit third Dubai Comic Con to pick up comic and sci-fi books, join immersive games, see pop art and meet their favorite characters.
Wafa Amer is alive and well. (Image: Facebook)
10:42 GMT
Wrong again! Egyptian satellite channel falsely announced the death of actress Wafa Amer, causing her mother to experience a nervous breakdown.
‘The Magic of Indian Weaves,’ the exhibition is a tribute to the craftsmanship and skills of countless Indian spinners and weavers, showcased through saris woven in seven of India’s states. (Image: Indian Embassy in Cairo)
08:06 GMT
This week is marked by closing of the D-CAF festival while the India by the Nile festival takes over Cairo and Alexandria stages. This topped with film screenings, concerts, theatre performances and more.
Russell as "Noah" in the Hollywood blockbuster Malaysia and other Muslim countries banned this year. (Image: Naharnet)
07:54 GMT
Malaysia is the latest country to bad the Hollywood blockbuster "Noah."

April 5, 2014

OSN TV: Because you love the best (Image: Facebook)
09:00 GMT
Check out this sweet list of exclusive OSN content soon to take over your TV screen.

April 4, 2014

Once Raghda has returned  to Cairo, she will begin filming another documentary titled “Al Ghurfa 2229” (Room 2229). (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
Syrian actress and Bashar Al Assad supporter, Raghda, has been in Syria making a documentary about the current crisis sweeping through her country.
Natalie Portman working on "A Tale of Love and Darkness" in Jerusalem. (Image courtesy of ABIR SULTAN/EPA).
04:48 GMT
Hollywood actress and director Natalie Portman has said au revoir to the Levant, and bonjour to Paris after finishing filming "The Tale" in Jerusalem.

April 3, 2014

Afrojack performing live in Miami at the Ultra Music Festival. (Image: Facebook)
12:56 GMT
Ironically, both superstar DJs Afrojack and Avicii were hospitalized in Miami last weekend, but Afrojack's recovered and ready for Bahrain. Too bad we can't say the same for Avicii!
The official poster for the first Rock Camp in the UAE and ME region. (Image: Facebook)
12:45 GMT
This summer, let your daughters learn how to rock... professionally!
A still from the movie Villa 69. (Image: YouTube)
11:20 GMT
Egyptian film Villa 69, by director Ayten Amin, will be screened at the 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival.
The Elaph reporter who unzipped Myms's dress at her press conference in Beirut. (Image: YouTube snapshot)
10:47 GMT
During a press conference in Beirut this week, Myriam Fares asked one reporter to unzip her dress. Why?
These two faces will soon be sharing the same screen!
08:51 GMT
Way to go Jenny Asper on snagging a role in Hollywood next to such a hottie!
This is the sight Bahrain fans are still hoping to get a chance to see someday. (Image: Facebook)
08:34 GMT
He had to pull the plug at the eleventh hour after having his appendix and gall bladder removed, but Avicii concert organizers are trying to get his gig rescheduled.