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September 26, 2016

Houthi Movement members with guns gather to protest before they take the road to front lines, where they conflict against President of Yemen Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi's unities, in Asir province of Sanaa, Yemen on August 25, 2016. (Twitter/Anadolu Agency)
13:00 GMT
The Houthi gains have prompted Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies to launch a massive air campaign in an effort to reinstate Hadi's government.
Yemenis stand on a rooftop after an airstrike carried out by the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on September 25, 2016. (AFP/Mohammed Huwais)
06:00 GMT
The UK refused to back the Netherlands proposal that the UNHCR launch a formal inquiry into Saudi Arabia's intervention in Yemen.

September 25, 2016

None of the available positions were in the main cities of Riyadh, Jeddah or Mecca. (AFP/File)
13:30 GMT
The total number of women applicants for the Ministry of Education had reached 72,542 when the system froze, prompting the education ministry to extend the deadline for applications.
The purchase agreement was signed last year in Paris in the presence of Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Muhammad Bin Salman. (File photo)
05:17 GMT
The announcement of new Saudi Arabian Airlines planes was made on the occasion of the Kingdom’s National Day.

September 24, 2016

Ittihad team
19:38 GMT
Jeddah-based football club Ittihad continued at the top of the Saudi Pro League of, as it drew with across the city rival Ahli 1-1, in a match played tonight, in Jeddah, at the end of the fourth match day of the competition.

September 23, 2016

Yemenis carry belongings they recovered from the rubble of buildings destroyed during Saudi-led air strikes the previous day, on September 22, 2016 in the rebel-held Yemeni port city of Hodeida. (AFP/Stringer)
06:00 GMT
The civilians were killed when the strike hit a residential area of Hodeidah.

September 22, 2016

Real Madrid team
17:25 GMT
Emirates Airline and Real Madrid CF partnered to send a special video message Wednesday to congratulate Saudi Arabia on its 86th National Day.
The accused were tried in the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh. (AFP/File)
15:00 GMT
The women were arrested as they were trying to depart for Yemen together with children and Yemeni smugglers.
A group of women in Saudi Arabia (AFP/Fayez Nureldine)
12:39 GMT
The Arabic-language hashtag has been trending this week, Raseef22 reports.
Al Olayan also appears on Forbes’ list of the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women”. (World Economic Forum)
12:30 GMT
Forbes considered position, size of company or organization, and sphere of impact to compile a list that is dominated by Egyptian women.
Falah Al Amri, Iraqi governor to OPEC and Director General of Iraq’s Oil Marketing Co, known as SOMO. (YouTube)
09:30 GMT
Iraq’s governor to OPEC fuels hope from next week's meeting in Algeria, saying it is the “right time” for an agreement on limiting crude output and raising oil prices.
MBC celebrated 25 years since its launch in 1991. (Facebook)
08:42 GMT
MBC celebrated 25 years since its launch in 1991.
Yemeni civilians look through the rubble of their homes after an airstrike west of the capital in 2015. (AFP/File)
08:00 GMT
An airstrike on a busy market killed 35 people in western Yemen.

September 21, 2016

The hospital is owned by Saudi businessman Maan al-Sanea, the founder and chairman of the conglomerate Saad Group. (Saad Medical)
11:00 GMT
The strike by 200 medical and non-medical staff of one of Saudi's largest private medical facilities began three weeks ago but is growing momentum.
Al Raha Group for Technical Services specializes in logistics and supply chain management, services and repair of aerospace equipment and vehicles, systems design and integration and training. (Wikimedia Commons)
09:00 GMT
Al Raha Group for Technical Services has landed a fixed-price US Air Force contract for support of the Saudi Arabian F-15 fleet.

September 20, 2016

A row of Saudi police vehicles. (AFP/File)
15:00 GMT
Saudi authorities cracked down on four separate Daesh plots, arresting 17 people and seizing explosive devices.
Emirati filmmaker, Nayla Al Khaja. (Nayla Al Khaja)
11:00 GMT
'HAKAWI: Ambitious Saudi' is a series of six short films that will feature personalities such as Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to climb Mt Everest.
In August, Riyadh witnessed the opening of the first women’s telecom complex. (AFP/File)
07:00 GMT
The move follows the recent Saudization of the telecom sector and is part of ongoing efforts to create more job opportunities for Saudi women.

September 19, 2016

Nesma currently flies between Saudi and Egypt and plans to connect the city of Hail with 12 points around the kingdom. (Wikimedia Commons)
06:23 GMT
Egyptian-Saudi joint venture Nesma Airlines will take on Saudia's Flynas and SaudiGulf Airlines in the low-cost carrier market in Saudi Arabia.

September 18, 2016

Ladies! Get out of the mall (File)
16:20 GMT
Outraged tweeters have compared the committee’s behaviour to Daesh.
Saudi forces stand to attention during a visit by Yemeni Prime Minister Khaled Bahah at the Saudi-led coalition military base in Yemen's southern embattled city of Aden. (AFP/File)
12:25 GMT
Allowed rare access to the Saudi military's targeting cells, IRIN Middle East editor Annie Slemrod is presented with an anodyne operation that couldn’t be further from the horror on the ground in Yemen.
Muslim pilgrims from around the world circle around the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in the Saudi city of Mecca on September 9, 2016. (AFP/File)
12:00 GMT
On Dhul Hijjah 1, 17 suspects were arrested, who included nine Bahrainis, three Pakistanis, two Saudis, one Yemeni, and one Sudanese.

September 16, 2016

This year's Hajj season will officially end on Thursday (the 13th day of the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijjah) after pilgrims end the ritual by performing a final farewell Tawaf (circumambulation) around the Kaaba in Mecca. (AFP/File)
09:21 GMT
Pilgrims traditionally visit Prophet Muhammad's Mosque in Medina either before or after completing Hajj ritual.

September 15, 2016

Fatal crowd stampedes are also common due to the high number of people along the pilgrimage route. (AFP/File)
13:47 GMT
Over 80,000 Egyptian pilgrims are performing the hajj this year.
Mara Xpress will invest $500,000 into an Abu Dhabi facility followed by plans for expansion in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. (Mara Xpress)
12:30 GMT
The Dubai-based company aims to capture 50 percent of the e-commerce logistics market in the GCC by 2018.
President Barack Obama at a press conference (AFP/File)
11:56 GMT
The White House, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan are among those concerned about a controversial bill that would allow US citizens to sue foreign governments for sponsoring terror attacks. The controversial piece of legislation will soon be on Barack Obama’s desk, and he is likely to veto it.
The steady surge in Saudi output is the result of an adamant Riyadh oil policy against low oil prices. (File photo)
11:00 GMT
In keeping with its strategy to raise its market share, Saudi Arabia produced an average of 12.58 million bpd last month, according to the International Energy Agency.
Russia and Saudi Arabia, the leading global oil producers, earlier this month agreed to work towards a possible freeze in oil output volumes to support oil prices. (Shutterstock)
09:00 GMT
The prospect of a larger surplus than expected adds to the challenge as oil prices remain at half its level since mid-2014.

September 14, 2016

Iranian minister of foreign affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif (AFP/Maxim Malinovsky)
17:11 GMT
Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote the op-ed in The New York Times on Tuesday.