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April 14, 2014

Ezz is having to deal with another woman claiming to be engaged to him! (Image: Facebook)
16:46 GMT
Things are going from bad to worse with Ahmed Ezz as now another actress claims to be engaged to him.
Atletico Madrid assistant manager makes use of Google Glass in La Liga match
16:45 GMT
On Sunday evening, Atletico Madrid travelled to Getafe for their crucial La Liga fixture that saw the implementation of Google glasses for the first time ever in a football match.
Sisi is widely expected to win the upcoming presidential elections. (AFP/File)
16:12 GMT
Abdel Fattah al Sisi's lawyer handed in the required documents Monday for Sisi to run for president.
Professor Dajani took 27 of his Palestinian students to Auschwitz concentration camp where thousands of Jews were killed during the Holocaust (Courtesy of Wikipedia)
15:00 GMT
A Palestinian professor who took his students on a trip to Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland is coming under fire from his university and the Palestinian public at large.
Return of Equity (RoE) for Saudi banks is 10 percent whereas U.S. and European counterparts only receive single digit returns (File Archive)
15:00 GMT
Saudi Arabia's banking sector has outperformed its western counterparts in terms of profitability as well as efficiency in terms of resource utilization.
Google's newest gizmo 'Google Glass'.
14:45 GMT
For all the techies waiting to get their hands on the glasses that will turn you into some sort of demigod, the Google Glass hits the shelves tomorrow; West Bank village blocked for Passover; Iran not going to Atlantic; and last week in Lebanon.
Atletico have been cast as one of the most deserving clubs in Europe, but their dubious tax history suggests otherwise
14:37 GMT
They are billed as the Robin Hood club of Spanish football, the challengers to the old hegemony of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Now Atletico Madrid have a chance to strike at the heart of the new money in English football too, when they face Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals, adding to the lustre of Diego Simeone's team as the great outsiders.
Looks like money can be an issue for someone like Amal! (Image: Facebook)
14:33 GMT
Amal Arafa has said no to a new role because she wanted to get paid more than what the showmakers had offered her!
Navy Pillay has been the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights since 2008. (AFP/File)
14:09 GMT
Navi Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, denounced widespread torture in Syria on Monday.
A handout picture released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on April 13, 2014 shows pro-regime forces holding a position during alleged operations to take the control of the surrounding areas of the Rankous plain in the Qalamoun region on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus. (AFP)
14:00 GMT
Syrian forces have entered the town of al-Sarkha in the strategic Qalamoun region, retaking the full control of the town from rebels operating inside Syria.
Lebanese soldiers were deployed to Tripoli in late March to implement a new security plan for the restive city (File Archive/AFP)
13:31 GMT
At least 38 individuals have been charged for involvement in gun battles in Lebanon's Tripoli.
Diana has a very busy work schedule ahead of her after filming her music video for "La Fiesta." (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:20 GMT
Diana Haddad is releasing a music video for her new single "La Fiesta."
Kaak, a popular Lebanese bread, is sold on the streets of Mina and often eaten with cream cheese. (Shutterstock/File)
13:10 GMT
The streets of Mina are teeming with a variety of tasty treats.
SMEs contribute to more than 60 percent of the UAE's gross domestic product (File Archive/Shutterstock)
13:00 GMT
New legislation is set to help boost small and medium enterprise development in the emirates, but to what extent will the new policy translate into prosperous growth on the ground?
Schumacher still 'fighting for life' but future in doubt, says Jean Todt
12:25 GMT
Formula One legend Michael Schumacher's manager Sabine Kehm has reportedly revealed that the racing ace is showing small signs of progress, as he slowly recovers from serious brain injuries suffered in a ski accident.
Hebron is home to approximately 250,000 Palestinians and roughly 600 Jewish settlers. (AFP/File)
12:21 GMT
The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that a Jewish family may move back into a contested house in Hebron.
Another Saudi border guard was killed last week by unidentified Yemeni militants (Courtesy of Your Middle East)
12:09 GMT
Unidentified militants from Yemen killed a Saudi border guard and injured another.
An oldie, but a goodie, Mohammad Abdo is coming to Mawazine!
11:53 GMT
The "Artist of the Arabs" isn't a fat lady, but the show will be over after he sings!
The ICC has charged Saif al-Islam with murder and persecution of civilians. (AFP/File)
11:44 GMT
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is accused of orchestrating a campaign of murder, torture and bombardment of civilians during Libya's eight-month civil war in 2011.
Event image collage courtesy of Al Ahram Online.
11:33 GMT
So much to do, so much to see this week in Egypt.
Syrian regime fighters claimed victory in the rebel stronghold of Yabroud in March (File Archive)
11:01 GMT
Syrian regime soldiers have reclaimed Maaloula in the Damascus province four months after Islamist rebels took over the Christian stronghold.
Diwanee is an online journal for "modern Arab women" (Courtesy of Wamda)
11:00 GMT
Lebanese startup digital media company Diwanee is paving the way for more domestic startups and entrepreneurs to move onto the global platform.
Iran will build six oil refineries in Indonesia's Benten and West Java regions (File Archive)
11:00 GMT
Iran has agreed with Indonesia's leadership to construct six oil refineries in the Asia Pacific country.
Just over 65 percent of Syria's internationally declared chemical weapons stockpile has been removed from the war-torn country, the Associated Press reported. (AFP/File)
10:44 GMT
The chief of the international chemical weapons watchdog has said that the Syrian government must speed up its movement of raw materios for poison gas and nerve agents if it is to successfully destroy its stockpile on time.
Mussolini's motorcade drives through Libya. (YouTube)
10:20 GMT
An archived video from 1937 shows just how entrenched Libya was by the colonization of Italy- even the minarets were crying out "Viva Italia!"; sometimes the commercials just flat-out lie; sexy in a face veil; and the Ethiopian Dam is making controversy again.
Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson have heavy hearts without their late co-star, but they are still managing to have a good time filming in Abu Dhabi. (Image: Facebook)
09:56 GMT
Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and other cast members have made their way to Abu Dhabi to begin filming the franchise's seventh film. All that's missing is their late co-star Paul Walker.
The Israeli military is preparing for any possible scenario in the besieged Gaza Strip, Syria and Lebanon, Gantz said. (AFP/File)
09:23 GMT
The Israeli military's Chief of Staff Benny Gantz says Tel Aviv is getting ready for what he called future wars against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.
Seale was a real expert on Syria, having spent the first 15 years of his life in the now-wartorn country. (Image courtesy of The Guardian)
09:13 GMT
Patrick Seale, a veteran Middle East correspondent and one of the Western world’s leading experts on Syria, has died in London at the age of 84 of brain cancer.
Jewish celebs and their Passover celebrations
08:44 GMT
Four questions, six celebrities with answers on what Passover means to them.
Dubai International Airport has the most passenger traffic of any airport in the entire world (File Archive)
08:44 GMT
Renovations at Dubai's International Airport will force at least eight airlines to move their operations to the emirate's second airport until the overhaul is complete.
Chelsea to acquire Costa for 50m pounds
08:41 GMT
Chelsea has reportedly agreed to acquire Atletico Madrid's Diego Costa for a transfer fee of 50 million pounds.
Arab Idol is back, baby! Nancy Ajram struck a pose on set the show's third season. (Image: Instagram)
08:22 GMT
A three-hour meeting between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators held without the presence of US envoy Martin Indyk on Sunday ended without clear signs of progress. (AFP/File)
08:22 GMT
A three-hour meeting between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators held without the presence of US envoy Martin Indyk on Sunday ended without clear signs of progress.
Based on national accounts, Jordan's middle class contributes a 45 percent share to the national income (File Archive)
08:12 GMT
Politicians and economists alike have described Jordan's middle class as "vanishing" over the past 20 years, but how accurate is such commentary in today's context and what exactly is meant by "middle class"?
Things are getting artsy again in Syria.
07:52 GMT
After about a decade of decay, Damascus' culture scene is getting its groove back.
While dancing has been considered deviant behavior in Iran in the past, under Rouhani's leadership, authorities have been more laxed on such regulations (Shutterstock)
07:34 GMT
Youth in Tehran are spicing up their social scenes with undercover salsa dancing.
Militant attacks occur almost daily throughout Yemen under the current government leadership (Mohammed Huwais/AFP)
07:07 GMT
Yemenis held massive protests in Sana'a Sunday calling for the downfall of the government.
Doha is a popular spot for foreign investors. (AFP/File)
07:00 GMT
The current rift between Qatar and the other Gulf states may bode well for Qatar in the long run.
A man is helped away as dust settles following an alleged air strike by Syrian regime forces on the city of Douma, northeast of the capital Damascus, an opposition bastion since early in the revolt against President Bashar Assad. (AFP)
06:57 GMT
As fighting raged across Aleppo and Damascus, Syria's President Bashar Assad said Sunday that he was planning to run for a third term in July's elections and that the conflict was coming to a "turning point".
Pro-Israeli U.S. representatives are leading the initiative in Washington to impose sanctions against the PA (File Archive)
06:51 GMT
Palestine's envoy in Washington told media outlets Sunday that U.S. congress members are calling for sanctions against the Palestinian Authority in response to the latter body's applications to join 15 international treaties.
A file picture taken on March 12, 2014 shows Libya's interim premier Abdullah al-Thani speaking during a press conference in Tripoli. (AFP/File)
06:30 GMT
Libya’s interim Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni abruptly quits his post a week after the parliament tasked him with forming a new cabinet.
“Anyone who buys these American Army products is so satisfied because they’re of such high quality and at such a good price,” one trader said.
03:55 GMT
The items bear American brand labels that together read like a list of U.S. Department of Defense basic equipment and apparel contractors.
“We will focus on the country’s historic strategy, which is to supply international markets with oil, especially the challenges facing the market as well as the future role of the member states of Opec.”
03:55 GMT
The UAE is set to raise its production capacity to 3.5 million barrels per day aimed at keeping a market balance.
 Kuwait last week contributed $2.5 million towards UNDP’s emergency support in Syria and neighbouring countries.
03:55 GMT
This year Kuwait contributed $500 million, and last year it contributed $300 million.
The German government will not approve a reported deal to sell up to 800 battle tanks to Saudi Arabia,
03:55 GMT
The sale of the Leopard-2 tanks had been billed as one of the biggest deals for the German armaments industry, Bild reported.

April 13, 2014

Rio Ferdinand keen to stay at Manchester United
23:49 GMT
The 35-year-old's current contract is set to expire at the end of the season, prompting talk of retirement, but the defender would like to extend his deal at Old Trafford
For Iran, the tide is now turning very quickly indeed, and instead of problems, governments, entrepreneurs, traders and marketers now see a wealth of opportunities in this huge and untapped frontier market.
22:42 GMT
Only 18 months ago many multinationals did not even dare to bring up the name of Iran, even using terms such as ‘TOMC’ in internal memorandums: The Other Middle Eastern Country.
The committee has exempted pharmacies, gas stations, coffee shops and restaurants with special permits from the decision.
21:13 GMT
Sources close to the committee expected the closure of shops to be effective before the advent of Ramadan in early July
The Lebanese army will soon take control of Beirut's western neighborhood, southern suburbs, and Tariq al-Jadideh district. (AFP/File)
19:00 GMT
The army and Internal Security Forces' security plan that has been implemented in the northern city of Tripoli and in the eastern Bekaa Valley will soon be brought to Beirut.
There is a significant split within the MENA regions when it comes to respondents’ evaluation of the economy in their country of residence.
18:58 GMT
In Egypt, 16% reported that their financial position has improved in the last six months, while 34% claimed there has been no change, and 42% reported a decline.
The Syrian war has seen over 150,000 civilians killed (File/AFP)
18:29 GMT
Syrian President Assad says his regime's battle with opposition fighters worked in his favour.
Karim beautifully curated the Springs & Pianos Festival in Amman this week. (Image: Facebook)
17:17 GMT
Karim Said, alongside a number of talented fellow musicians, brought the Strings & Pianos stage to life with live recitals of Chopin, Dvorak and Rachmaninov.
Clint Dempsey
17:08 GMT
Two US football stars, who play for Major League Soccer (MLS), reportedly make more than the total payroll of 15 out of the 19 American league clubs.
Last week, Israel would stop the tax money transfers in retaliation for the Palestinians pushing to sign up for more recognition from international agencies and treaties. (AFP/File)
17:00 GMT
Saeb Erekat, Palestine's chief negotiator with the Israelis, said "the Israeli decision to withhold these funds [from Palestine] is piracy. ... It cannot be maintained".
Liverpool 3-2 Manchester City: Coutinho settles dramatic title showdown
16:48 GMT
The Reds took a huge step towards a first Premier League title with a confident performance at Anfield, though the visitors made them work after equalising from two goals down
Social progress is determined by how society meets the basic human need of its citizens (File/AFP)
16:41 GMT
The UAE came 37th in the 2014 Social Progress Index, ranking the top among Middle East countries. What is the Emirate's secret for good development?
Will the real Mohamed Morsi please stand up? (Image courtesy of The Saudi Gazette)
16:00 GMT
The daughter of Egypt's former president Mohamed Morsi has a new theory about her father's trial - that it's not actually him in court.
Active role: Young Egyptians need support in urban areas (File/AFP)
15:30 GMT
Much of Egypt remains derelict, but development is rising as the population increases. Agriculture and urbanization of the country will be a key factor in the upcoming elections.
Over 300 people were killed in clashes during Tunisia's revolution in 2011 (File Archive/AFP)
15:00 GMT
A Tunisian military court has ordered the release of the country's former leadership who were jailed after the country's 2011 revolution.
Oil is a big contribution to Iraq's economy (File/AFP)
15:00 GMT
Iraq's Ministry of Oil is planning to export 300 oil barrels internationally.
Hanan is now the proud Mama of a baby girl! (Image:
14:55 GMT
Hanan Turk had given birth to an adorable a baby girl!
A nuclear tower like this one may be in Iran's future.
14:30 GMT
From the information made available to the foreign press, it appears it's always sunny in the Geneva Two room. The forecast, however, may be calling for storms; April 13th- a solemn day in Lebanon; 2014- the year of the woman in KSA; and confusion between the U.S. and Iran.
Demba Ba determined to quit Chelsea after being driven to breaking point by Mourinho
14:23 GMT
Chelsea striker Demba Ba has reportedly claimed that he has been driven to his breaking point by boss Jose Mourinho and is determined to quit the club in the summer.
Happy Jordan: Solid choreography and slick production make this a winner!  Produced by BeAmman, a grassroots website that promotes the city of Amman, it sets spectacular dance moves against the backdrop of the Citadel, Roman Amphitheater and Amman skyline. Best scene? The two old men in red fez waving their coats as they dance down the street!
14:17 GMT
If it hasn't already reached its sell-by, what’s the appeal of Pharrell William’s pop sensation “Happy”? and how has it fared across the Middle East's far-flung corners?
Dubai welcomed over 10 million tourists in 2013 (File/AFP)
14:00 GMT
Dubai has been nominated in the TripAdvisor Traveller Choice Awards as one of the best places to visit in 2014.
The Cumberland is a four-star hotel near Hyde Park. (AFP/File)
13:59 GMT
One of the victims of the London hotel hammer attack has significant brain damage and has lost an eye.
Food for thought: Saudi Arabia's food consumption grew by 55.3 percent since 2012 (File/AFP)
13:30 GMT
Saudi's yearly food, hotel & hospitality Arabia exhibition takes opens on Sunday with over 400 booths set up from other countries.
Israeli officials say the Palestinians were arrested because they were working without permits. (AFP/File)
13:02 GMT
Israeli forces have arrested 49 Palestinians throughout the week.
Six Flags Entertainment currently operates 18 parks across the U.S., Mexico and Canada (Getty/AFP)
13:00 GMT
U.S. Six Flags brand will open a new theme park in Jebel Ali. The move is set to increase tourism in Dubai and create a bigger business partnership between America and the UAE.
Ghardaia Province has been the scene of sectarian violence since last December (AFP/File)
12:11 GMT
Two people and dozens others - including two policemen - were injured during clashes in Algeria's northern province of Ghardaia.
You're just going to have to wait that little bit longer to listen to Amr and Tamer's new music albums! (Image: Albawaba edit)
11:56 GMT
Some key events in the Arab world are causing superstars Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny to work differently!
A suicide car bomb killed at least seven policemen in Kirkuk Sunday (File Archive/AFP)
11:52 GMT
At least a dozen people were killed in Iraq Sunday from bomb attacks in Kirkuk and Sulaiman Bek.
"I come here feel the energy of the ocean and all I think of is my brother..... Were gonna make you proud P-Dubber!!!" - Tyrese Gibson is in Abu Dhabi filming "Fast & Furious 7"
11:44 GMT
Sama Al Masri knows how to make the brotherhood go mad! (Image: Facebook)
11:40 GMT
Always earnestly in search of a way to get under the skin of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Sama Al Masri made a rumor go around about her wearing a hijab.
Bankers are making a bigger effort to improve customer services within UAE banks (File/AFP)
11:30 GMT
A senior banker has said customer service within the banking sector is "complex and difficult," but efforts are being made to change this.
At least four Yemeni soldiers were killed by suspected Al Qaeda militants (File Archive/AFP)
11:25 GMT
At least four Yemeni soldiers were killed in three separate attacks throughout the country Sunday.
Munther Rihana fell, but he's rising again! (Image: Facebook)
11:01 GMT
Ouch! Munther Rihana sustained injuries after falling from the horse he was riding during filming of the TV drama "Al Malhami".
Old school: The first Sony stereo cassette player on display in a Tokyo museum (File/AFP)
11:00 GMT
Smartphones and MP3 devices face new competition as Sony unveils its latest Walkman with a playback time of 20 hours.
Happy Palm Sunday to all Arab Christians all over the world.
10:56 GMT
In many Arab countries, the resident Christian communities take time out to celebrate the remembrance of Jesus entering into Jerusalem on a donkey, introducing himself as the Prince of Peace. Many would hope for that to be true today.
Nancy Ajram's melons bring all the boys to the market. (Image: Facebook)
10:03 GMT
Nancy Ajram defended her saucy new music clip, saying it's a short film about a lady only concerned with selling melons to make a living.
Levison Wood walks approximately 20 miles a day (Courtesy of BBC)
10:01 GMT
This Brit is taking one heck of a Sunday morning stroll...along the entire length of the longest river in the world!!!
Prominent Israeli right-wing organizations have urged Jews to flock to Al-Aqsa Mosque during Passover in what many worshipers consider a provocation, according to Ma'an. (AFP/File)
09:59 GMT
Israeli forces stormed the Al Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday morning, attacking worshipers with stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets, as Muslim worshipers braced for raids by right-wing Jewish groups as Passover approaches.
According to the U.N., over 2 million Syrians have registered as refugees. (AFP/File)
09:30 GMT
The UN reports that only one fifth of pledged aid to Syrian has been delivered.
Moroccans now hold a special place in their heart for Egyptian hottie Tamer Hosny after he married their homegirl Basma. The songster appeared before adoring fans on Friday, April 11. (Image: Facebook)
09:05 GMT
Moroccans now hold a special place in their heart for Egyptian hottie Tamer Hosny after he married their homegirl Basma. The songster appeared before adoring fans on Friday, April 11.
UK Jewish FIlm Festival is going down this week.
08:58 GMT
If you've ever wanted to sneak a peak at what it's like to live the life of a Jewish, you can get a small chance at it through the films on display throughout the UK Jewish Film Festival,
Ragheb reassured everyone again that he didn't quit because of fellow judge Ahlam. (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT
Wondering why Ragheb Alama has REALLY quit Arab Idol? Find out here!
Abu Dhabi won the fight for filming location of Star Wars' latest greatest. (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT
It's time Abu Dhabi to shine the Star Wars light sabers because the UAE capital has been chosen as the filming location for Episode VII!
Over 90,000 Algerians in France cast their vote on the opening day of the polls (Bertrand Langlois/AFP)
08:18 GMT
France's Algerians population headed to the polls this weekend to vote in their home country's presidential election which is set to take place nationally April 17.
Kuwait's opposition held a conference last week about their new initiative, the "national political reform programme" (Yasser Al Zayyat/AFP)
07:55 GMT
Kuwait has imposed a news blackout on reports related to a recording that suggests there is a plot to overthrow the ruling government.
A collage of portraits of those missing since Lebanon's civil war. (Image courtesy of The Independent)
07:46 GMT
Relatives of those who disappeared during the civil war want answers and hope that a new commission will help.
The U.S. recently listed Ansar Beit Maqdis as a terrorist group (File Archive/AFP)
07:33 GMT
Egyptian troops have allegedly killed a prominent Sinai Peninsula militant this weekend.
Aleppo, Syria's largest city, has seen fierce fighting since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011. (AFP/File)
07:32 GMT
Government forces battled rebel fighters in Aleppo in the fiercest fighting since 2012.
Amnesty International have slammed Egypt's controversial counter-terrorism law. (AFP/File)
07:25 GMT
Amnesty International issued a statement this weekend denouncing a counter-terrorism law drafted by the Egyptian government, saying that it must be scrapped or fundamentally revised.
Man U meets van Gaal to discuss prospects of succeeding Moyes following club's poor season
07:02 GMT
Manchester United representatives have reportedly met with former Bayern Munich boss Louis van Gaal about the prospect of succeeding under-fire Scot David Moyes following the club's poor performance this season.
An Israeli border guard aims his weapon at Palestinians stone throwers during clashes in the center of the West Bank town of Hebron on April 11, 2014. (AFP PHOTO/ HAZEM BADER)
06:41 GMT
Israeli forces surrounded the central West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and declared it a "closed military zone" on Saturday, subsequently injuring two Palestinian civilians, a local group said.
The Syrian opposition and regime both blame each other for Saturday's attack. (AFP/File)
06:28 GMT
The Syrian regime and opposition forces accused each other on Saturday of carrying out a chemical attack on the village of Kafr Zeita, located in the embattled country’s western-central province of Hama.
The prominent Saudi designers hope the fashion institute will pass on valuable fashion skills to the younger generation. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Ten prominent Saudi fashion designers are attempting to establish a new fashion academy in Jeddah.
The World Bank recently reported that Ben Ali embezzled billions of dollars. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Switzerland will hand over $40 million to Tunisia. The money comes from a Swiss bank account belonging to former dictator Ben Ali.
Carla Bruni says she's "I'm crazy about Israel" ahead of May's performance in the Holy Land! (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
French superstar Carla Bruni talks about her love for Israel ahead of her scheduled performance in the Holy Land in May!