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October 16, 2014

Fernando Alonso
06:49 GMT
Ferrari's former president Luca Di Montezemolo has confirmed that their racer Fernando Alonso is leaving the team at the end of the season.
We love seeing her on the Arab Idol judging panel, and soon we'll get to see her on another screen. (Image: Facebook)
06:48 GMT
Nancy Ajram has spread her love across the North African country before, and she's doing it again.
Koshary is one of Egypt's most popular national dishes.
05:58 GMT
Egyptians love their koshary so much, they're gonna make a dish of it 10 meters wide, 1.2 meters high, and 8 tons to break the world record: 10 books for your twenties; leave 'Left Behind' behind; and see the protests in Jerusalem over Aqsa Mosque closures.
In January, the Moroccan government amended a law that allowed rapists to marry their victims and avoid prosecution, rights groups say further reforms are still needed to protect victims. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
A two-year-old Moroccan child died of internal injuries after being raped by her uncle. The case follows calls for reform earlier this year for harsher and more exacting punishments for child rapists in the country.
Turkey’s economy has grown by 6 percent on average since 2010.
04:55 GMT
Istanbul’s Crystal Tower is a 35-story symbol of diverging fortunes. Due for completion next year,
"Nevertheless, further oil price drops would likely be needed for supply to take a hit — or for demand growth to get a lift," the agency said in its October report.
04:55 GMT
The IEA again cut its forecasts for growth of global oil demand for the third month in a row.
Members of the US military were reportedly ordered not to report finding several mustard shells, some of which burned unprepared soldiers upon their finding. (AFP/FIle)
04:00 GMT
The US military reportedly concealed the discovery of huge caches of chemical weapons during the operations in the 2003 invasion in Iraq. Now they could be in the hands of Islamic State militants.

October 15, 2014

Bianchi's accident
22:55 GMT
The father of Jules Bianchi says his family are "living a nightmare" and that "every time the telephone goes we know it could be the hospital to tell us Jules is dead".
Theo Walcott
22:48 GMT
The winger has not featured for the Gunners since rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament in January's 2-0 FA Cup win over Tottenham, but has re-joined first-team training
Lukas Podolski
22:39 GMT
The forward is yet to start a Premier League game this season, with just 37 minutes of action under his belt, and has again underlined his disgruntlement
Cristiano Ronaldo
20:33 GMT
Portuguese football team captain Cristiano Ronaldo has hit the 100 million landmark on social media and is still counting.
Chomsky also commented on the U.S.'s part in the rise of ISIS, arguing the extremist group was able to thive amidst the bloody sectarian fires flared by the US's 2003 invasion in Iraq. (AFP/File)
19:37 GMT
Amid a move by the British to symbolically recognize a Palestinian state, American political activist and intellectual Noam Chomsky stressed the important role the U.S. would play in determining the fate of Palestinian statehood.
Kurdish troops battling IS in Kobani say despite airstrikes' new success, barred access to the Turkish border still preventing them from getting weapon replenishments from Kurdish allies in Iraq. (AFP/File)
17:06 GMT
Kurdish troops staving off Islamic State militants in he Syrian border town of Kobani report gains made over the last two days as international airstrike coordination has become better coordinated with PKG troops on the ground.
Menna Shalabi ain't so shabby! She's landed another role in the acting arena.
15:59 GMT
"Ahel Al Ayeb" (People of Shame) has cheeky actress Menna Shalabi as the leading lady.
Clashes between government forces and IS militants broke out close to the Syrian army's last remaining base in the Deir Ezzor province (File/AFP)
15:48 GMT
Government forces clashed with IS militants in the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor Wednesday according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Qassem said Hezbollah has had intelligence on 'takfiri' activities since 2006, but will always prioritize the 'Israeli threat' first. (AFP/File)
15:37 GMT
Hezbollah's Deputy Head Naim Qassem said Tuesday that the party was prioritizing threats from Israel above those from 'takfiri' forces in Syria.
Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.
15:14 GMT
Though it is still unclear if the Party of God is sending fighters to Iraq, if IS arrived at the door of Karbala and Naja, this blogger thinks Hezbollah will fight: ten really weird apps; the Maspero Massacre in Egypt still hurts; and who is the National Ideological Resistance in Syria ?
It may not be all fun in the sun, but Mohamed Hamaki isn't in a rush to get his film ready for Ramadan.
15:04 GMT
So what if this is his big debut into the cinematic stream of entertainment, Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki says it's not worth it to rush to get the drama ready for Ramadan 2015.
Houthi rebels recently took control of Yemen's capital. (AFP/File)
14:52 GMT
Sunni militants associated with al-Qaeda engaged in fierce fighting with Shiite rebels in Yemen.
Richard Gere is reportedly headed to Israel (Image courtesy of
14:30 GMT
Cedar's newest project is set to film in both New York and Jerusalem with Hollywood star Richard Gere as the main character, according to a report in Yediot Aharonot.
The US announced in September plans to send the Apaches to Egypt to support counter-terrorism efforts. (AFP/File)
14:12 GMT
Ending a year long freeze on military aid amid unrest, the US sent 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt this week to aid in the anti-IS campaign.
Marcel may be the most famed of the Khalife artists, but his sons have some talent too. (Image:
13:52 GMT
Marcel, Rami and Bachar Khalife have to come together as a dynamic trio and will be showing what they got in Cairo and Alexandria on October 24-25th.
Hundreds of Palestinian children have been injured by Israeli forces in the West Bank (File/AFP)
13:41 GMT
An unexploded Israeli bomb injured three Palestinian children late Tuesday while they were playing close to their home in Hebron.
Lebanon is home to 1.5 million Syrian refugees living in dire conditions across farmland or empty fields (File/AFP)
13:27 GMT
U.S. President Barack Obama said he would continue to support America's humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.
She's still got it: Maya will be hosting yet another music show! (Image: Facebook)
13:22 GMT
Lebanese diva Maya Diab will be settling into MBC's The X Factor Arabia soon!
At least 10 Palestinians were injured and four arrested during clashes with Israeli police in Jerusalem (File/AFP)
13:15 GMT
At least 10 Palestinians were injured Wednesday in Jerusalem after Israeli police continued with a three-day crackdown on Al Aqsa worshipers.
Ella Eyre rockin' the stage. (Image courtesy of Facebook: Piotr Tarasewicz / Focus Event)
13:06 GMT
She's topped the charts in the UK and now she's coming our way in February for the the RedFestDXB music event at Dubai Media City Ampitheatre.
Reforming the police has been set as one of the objectives of the revolution to ensure Tunisians’ dignity. (AFP/File)
13:00 GMT
Tunisians want to continue progressing but have not yet been able to solve the problem of their overly violent police force.
The Syrian regime has seen several officials' deaths since the revolution began in 2011, most notably in a bomb attack on a high-government meeting in Damascus in 2012 which killed Assad's brother-in-law and three others. (AFP/File)
12:59 GMT
A Syrian parliamentary member was assassinated Tuesday night when his car came under heavy gunfire while traveling along a central roadway in the Hama province. Reports of his involvement in pro-government militia indicate a targeted attack.
Labourers are expected to work long hours with little benefit or days off (File/AFP)
12:40 GMT
Hundreds of migrant workers in the UAE face dire conditions and are being denied days off and overtime benefits, according to an XPRESS investigation.
The joint GCC force will also handle the protection of commercial routes and the Gulf nations' economic interests. (AFP/File)
12:38 GMT
The GCC countries are looking into measures to establish a joint naval force capable of defending the security of the Gulf region.
Kuwait is home to 2.8 million foreigners, with Asian labourers making up more than two-thirds of the population (File/AFP)
12:27 GMT
A lawmaker in Kuwait has insisted that expats in "unskilled and semi-skilled" occupations should only be allowed to reside in Kuwait until the age of 50.
The joint venture will see a range of branded hotels opening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah and Istanbul (File)
12:15 GMT
Leading Dubai developer Damac Properties has joined forces with Paramount Hotels and Resorts to open luxury hotels across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah and Istanbul.
The startup will be looking to invest primarily in the UAE and Saudi Arabia (File/AFP)
12:04 GMT
UAE-based startup Amanat Holdings will invest in up to six businesses over the next two years. The firm is looking at the GCC's healthcare and education sectors.
The Jordanian star concluded the annual event with a blend of classical and traditional songs. (Image:
12:04 GMT
Jordanian artist Macadi Nahhas dazzles Bahrain Music Festival days after giving birth.
Benghazi has witnessed intense fighting since May. (AFP/File)
11:46 GMT
Libya’s retired General Khalifa Haftar has announced that his forces are ready to liberate the northeastern city of Benghazi from other armed groups.
The artist was offered one million euros for her hand-painted Porsche. (Photo courtesy of
11:37 GMT
A Saudi artist and graphic designer has received several tempting offers for her hand-painted car, which was the first Arab automobile to be exhibited at a prestigious vehicle exhibition in France.
Commercial and residential properties will be available after the multi-million dollar city is completed (Image: Seidco)
11:34 GMT
The UAE's government will commence work on the $381 million Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed residential city in Fujairah, according to a report.
A Saudi woman films an Islamic ceremony on her phone (File/AFP)
11:24 GMT
Saudis love using their phones! The kingdom's market is the largest in the Middle East with 53 million subscriptions in 2013 alone.
The Abu Dhabi International Film Festival will kick off on Oct 16! (Image:
11:00 GMT
Arab Film Studio amateur film competition to receive special awards ceremony at the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival
There's more to Kuwait than just night clubs.
10:59 GMT
From expat groups to toastmasters clubs or gathering for just having fun, in Kuwait is anyone's ticket to a social life in the busy city; OnePlus One has a new friend; Middle Eastern Evangelicals talk ISIS; and Sisi starts to bully students.
Around 85 percent of UAE households own a computer (File/AFP)
10:57 GMT
The UAE's IT market, which was worth an estimated $4.1 billion in 2013, is expected to grow by 8.47 percent until 2018.
Dutch prosecutors have defended the biker's right to fight IS. (Photo courtesy of Twitter)
10:57 GMT
Members of a notorious Dutch motorcycle gang have traveled to Syria to help Kurdish fighters in their battle against IS militants.
Violent clashes continue in Damascus' rural regions. (AFP/File)
10:03 GMT
Warplanes continue to bomb IS targets in Kobani as fighting continues across Syria.
"We will make our utmost effort to make the best use of the negotiations in these days in Vienna to settle problems,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. (AFP/File)
09:44 GMT
Iran and the P5+1 have agreed to extend nuclear talks in Vienna.
Zeina is mad at Ezz and she's letting it all out on her Instagram account! (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:29 GMT
It's no more Mrs Nice Guy for Zeina, who "indirectly" referred to Ahmed Ezz as "not a real man" this week!
Phase 3 will include an additional 24 new gates attached to the terminal (Image: Aasarchitecture)
09:15 GMT
Qatar is due to enter phase 3 of the newly opened $15.5-billion Hamad international airport with plans to accommodate over 50 million passengers by 2020.
The man reports that he was not informed of his wife's "condition" before the marriage. (Shutterstock)
08:49 GMT
A man in Dubai was granted a divorce because his wife is supposedly possessed by an evil genie.
Luis Suarez
08:42 GMT
Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has taken a swipe at his old club Liverpool by claiming they would never have mounted their unexpected title challenge last season without him.
Jules Bianchi
08:32 GMT
Marussia driver Jules Bianchi's team and family has said in a statement that the Frenchman has faced a number of medical challenges after sustaining severe head injuries in a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix, but he is not the one to give up so easily.
At least three students were injured in the brawl. (AFP/File)
08:21 GMT
Students at Istanbul University have described the terrifying moments when supporters of the Islamic State jihadist group went on the rampage on their campus.
sraeli soldiers look at an Evangelical Christian pilgrim from Brazil during the annual Jerusalem Parade on October 14, 2014, attended by thousands, mainly evangelical Christians from all over the world, to mark the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (Tabernacles) and to express solidarity with Israel. (AFP / GALI TIBBON)
08:07 GMT
sraeli soldiers look at an Evangelical Christian pilgrim from Brazil
Is this the same person? Gigi looks her age (and way less glamorous) as she walks the streets of NY in sportswear! (Image: Daily Mail)
07:47 GMT
Palestinian-Dutch teen model Gigi Hadid, 19, leaves glamor behind to blend in on the streets of New York City!
Egypt has witnessed a series of bombings and assassinations since the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi. (AFP/File)
07:41 GMT
A strong blast ripped through a busy district in central Cairo on Tuesday night, leaving 12 injured.
In this photograph taken on October 13, 2014, an Afghan resident uses a wheelbarrow to transport a gas canister in Herat province. Afghanistan's economy has improved significantly since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001 largely because of the infusion of international assistance. Despite significant improvement in the last decade the country is still extremely poor and remains highly dependent on foreign aid. (AFP / AREF KARIMI)
07:21 GMT
In this photograph taken on October 13, 2014
Iraqi Shia cities have been witnessing deadly bombings over the past few days. (AFP/File)
07:07 GMT
At least 21 people have been killed in a bomb attack in a Shia neighborhood in Baghdad.
The seven men were found guilty of killing 25 Egyptian soldiers in an ambush last year (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT
An Egyptian court sentenced seven men to death after finding them guilty of killing 25 soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula last year.
Pricey monkey business: Each monkey was worth $14,429 according to the owner (File/Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT
An 18-year-old has been tried in a UAE court for allegedly stealing six monkeys from a farm in Al Khawaneej, although the culprit denied all accusations. Have a banana.

October 14, 2014

A Jewish settler attempted to head-butt the Palestinian woman while other Israelis spat at Arabs from their home windows in Jerusalem (File/AFP)
20:22 GMT
A Palestinian woman is recovering after an Israeli settler attempted to head-butt her outside the Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem.
Secretary of State John Kerry said the aid money would be distributed for a variety of projects (File/AFP)
19:39 GMT
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pledged $414 million in aid for Palestinians, to be distributed through USAID and UNRWA for various projects.
Student clashes with police have been commonplace since former president Mohamed Morsi was ousted in 2013 (File/AFP)
19:01 GMT
Up to 30 students were arrested in Alexandria University following clashes with security forces Tuesday, according to an interior ministry statement.
The attacker is believed to be a Saudi national who was born in the U.S. (File/AFP)
18:46 GMT
An American citizen was shot dead while another injured by an gunman in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh Tuesday. The attacker is now being held by security forces.
Wounded Yemeni men await treatment in a hospital following a suicide bombing, October 9th, 2014 (File/AFP)
18:34 GMT
The UN Security Council condemned the latest terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda affiliated militants in Yemen and called on all sides of the government to implement the national partnership agreement.
A statement written in Urdu was released with the names of the six Taliban commanders who swore allegiance to the Islamic State (File/AFP)
18:07 GMT
Six Taliban commanders pledged allegiance to the leader and self-declared Caliph of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, in a statement Tuesday.
A total number of four Lebanese soldiers have now defected to join extremist groups (File/AFP)
17:45 GMT
The Islamic State released footage of a Lebanese soldier allegedly defecting to join the militant group. Security forces carried out raids in the soldier's town of Dweir Adawiyeh after the video was released.
Prime Minister David Cameron pictured with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah (File/AFP)
17:23 GMT
Leaders from the Palestinian Liberation Organization urged the UK to officially recognize Palestine following a landmark vote from lower level British politicians to support the state.
Ander Herrera
17:15 GMT
The Spanish midfielder, who is currently injured, has lavished praise on Radamel Falcao, Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney, insisting they are among the elite of world football
Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Latif Derian said there is a difference between Muslims and Islamist militants (File/AFP)
16:59 GMT
Grand Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Abdul-Latif Derian condemned Muslim extremists and said "our Islam is not terrorist," during a conference Tuesday.
Around 180,000 people are believed to have fled the city of Hit due to IS violence (File/AFP)
16:21 GMT
Islamic State has advanced in Iraq's Anbar province despite setbacks elsewhere after militants seized a military camp in the city of Hit Monday.
British journalist John Cantlie was kidnapped by militants while freelancing in Syria (Image: Screenshot)
16:03 GMT
The sister of kidnapped British hostage John Cantlie has made a heartfelt plea to Islamic State militants to "restart dialogue" with her family in order to secure his release.
British lower level politicians voted to recognize Palestine as a state in a symbolic move Monday (File/AFP)
15:27 GMT
While the Balfour Declaration in 1917 paved way for a Jewish homeland, decades later British lower level politicians voted in a non-binding motion to recognize a Palestinian state. While the has vote passed, will British guilt over history make up for Palestine's conundrum?
Contracts will be worth $38 billon by the year's end (File/AFP)
15:07 GMT
Kuwait's government awarded over $20.7 billion worth of contracts by the end of August, almost doubling the amount compared to 2013.
To finance the 2015 budget, the government will need a total of 8 billion dinars ($4.5 billion) of which 5 billion dinars will come from foreign sources.
14:46 GMT
His comments underlined the obstacles still faced by many economies in the region three years after the Arab Spring.
The continuous and impressive climb by the dollar expresses a substantial change in the trend in the dollar in 2014."
14:24 GMT
"The shekel-dollar rate has risen for the tenth successive week, reaching a peak of NIS 3.738/$ last week."
Lewis Hamilton
14:07 GMT
Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is reportedly set to offer a new contract to Lewis Hamilton at the end of the year in a bid to keep the Brit at the team beyond 2015.
Saudi and Dubai stocks plunged by 6.5 percent but are now recovering (File/AFP)
14:04 GMT
After a rocky Monday, most stock markets in the Middle East recovered with Saudi Arabia and Dubai leading the figures.
The budget allocated Dh1.8 billion (3.7 per cent) to the infrastructure and economic sector, Dh1.6 billion (3.2 per cent) to financial assets and Dh 1 billion (2.1 per cent) to federal spending.
14:03 GMT
Sheikh Mohammed also said that the federal budget for 2015 will go towards health, education and social services.
A Saudi woman talks on her phone in a shopping mall (File/AFP)
13:52 GMT
Around 53 per cent of the Mena region's population subscribed to a mobile phone in 2013. This year, that number got even higher.
Egypt’s real GDP in FY 2013/2014 reached 2.2 percent, almost the same as in the preceding fiscal year.
13:47 GMT
The Egyptian Finance Ministry expects gross domestic product (GDP) to climb steadily and to reach 6 percent in FY 2017/18 as private sector investment rises to 15 percent of GDP.
Editor of Syria Comment and expert on Syria Josh Landis.
13:46 GMT
Renowned Syrian socio-political analyst Professor Joshua Landis lays out in clarity how the Levante is being divided by ethnic cleansing; one blogger won't celebrate Malala; Life in Kuwait back in the 1950s; and 24 indicators that you're becoming an old fart.
Key issues are due to be discussed at the delegation in Kuwait, namely how to boost tourism in the region (File/AFP)
13:15 GMT
GCC ministers will meet Tuesday to discuss how to boost tourism in the region. The delegation is due to be lead by Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities President Prince Sultan bin Salman.
Ban met with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, as well as Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in Ramallah. (AFP/File)
13:12 GMT
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Jerusalem, Israel and Ramallah, West Bank, and was critical of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.
“To Our Countries”, the video bringing ears and joy to Arabs across the globe. [Youtube]
13:00 GMT
If you have not seen this gut-wrenching video yet, YOU SHOULD. Drop everything, hit the play button and enjoy a rare combination of beauty, talent and power.
Hotels in close proximity to theme parks are not as common as they should be, according to the report (File/AFP)
12:54 GMT
With around 45 theme park attractions and waterparks across the GCC, there's no shortage of these entertainment centres. However, hotels and adequate lodging are lacking according to a recent report.
Yousif Shabaan's health speculations leave fans on tenterhooks (Image: Facebook)
12:50 GMT
Is Yousif Shabaan suffering poor health or has a lot of commotion been made over a business as usual health check-up?
Her family has tried to dissuade their daughter but to no avail. (Shutterstock)
12:39 GMT
A girl in Saudi Arabia believes she can give birth to a son through a miracle.
Etihad profits rose by 29 per cent in Q3 (File/AFP)
12:36 GMT
The UAE's national airline, Etihad, reported profits of $1.8 billion in the third quarter of 2014, an increase of 29 per cent year-on-year.
A recent survey revealed that 99.3% of Egyptian women have experienced some form of sexual harassment. (AFP/File)
11:10 GMT
A new documentary aims to foster a discussion on the problem of sexual harassment.
A woman measures herself for a bra.
11:01 GMT
A clever ad has a woman strut around with an open blouse and a camera attached to her bra. Needless to say, it highlights the need for a breast examination; Arab expats mourn for their countries; Tunisia the rare bird, and Malala deserves our respect.
Turkish soldiers sit in their tank overlooking Kobani on Oct. 11. AFP/Aris Messinis
10:50 GMT
Turkey's attacks on the PKK are the first since a peace process began last year.
Houthi rebels took over the capital of Yemen less than a month ago. (AFP/File)
10:32 GMT
Yemeni Houthis took control of the town of Hudeida Tuesday.
Luis Suarez
10:21 GMT
Barcelona star striker Luis Suarez scored his first Uruguay goals in a 3-0 friendly win over Oman, since his suspension for biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup.
Myriam Fares shakes what her mama gave her (Image: Facebook)
10:10 GMT
When Myriam Fares's derriere became the talk of her fans, she decided it was time to pull the photo from Instagram that caused such a hoopla!
The battle for Kobani has raged for a month. (AFP/File)
09:50 GMT
IS militants are now reportedly in the center of Syria's Kobani, a strategically important border town.
Locals inspect damage to a Nablus-area mosque after an overnight arson blamed on Israeli settlers. (Image: Rabbis for Human Rights).
09:19 GMT
Israeli settlers set fire to a mosque in the Nablus-area village of Aqraba overnight.
The initiative will send daily reports to decision makers that will enable them to monitor the types of government services that people are most happy about. (Shutterstock)
08:57 GMT
Dubai launched on Saturday a unique initiative called the ‘Happiness Meter’ to measure the happiness and satisfaction of the public.
Wounded Yemeni men are treated at a hospital after a powerful suicide bomb rocked the capital Sanaa on Oct. 9, 2014, killing at least 47. (AFP/Mohammed Huwais)
08:29 GMT
Houthi leaders called on the Saudi government to prosecute TV presenter Khalid al-Gamdi.
A U.S. -led coalition has been carrying out air strikes on Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. (AFP/File)
08:21 GMT
Turkish officials have denied offering to let the U.S. use their air bases for air strikes against IS in Syria and Iraq.
British troupe Gandini Juggling. (Image: Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy)
07:55 GMT
Spearheaded by Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy, Cairo International Circus Festival (CirCairo) will kick off at Al-Azhar Park on 17 October. Performances will continue until 26 October.
The beautiful £5 million mansion that George gifted to his new wife Amal. (Image: Vagner Vidal/INS News Agency Ltd)
07:45 GMT
George and Amal were caught seemingly unaware of the danger lurking and flood experts have had to be called into their new Berkshire mansion!