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April 13, 2014

Oil is a big contribution to Iraq's economy (File/AFP)
15:00 GMT
Iraq's Ministry of Oil is planning to export 300 oil barrels internationally.
Hanan is now the proud Mama of a baby girl! (Image:
14:55 GMT
Hanan Turk had given birth to an adorable a baby girl!
A nuclear tower like this one may be in Iran's future.
14:30 GMT
From the information made available to the foreign press, it appears it's always sunny in the Geneva Two room. The forecast, however, may be calling for storms; April 13th- a solemn day in Lebanon; 2014- the year of the woman in KSA; and confusion between the U.S. and Iran.
Demba Ba determined to quit Chelsea after being driven to breaking point by Mourinho
14:23 GMT
Chelsea striker Demba Ba has reportedly claimed that he has been driven to his breaking point by boss Jose Mourinho and is determined to quit the club in the summer.
Happy Jordan: Solid choreography and slick production make this a winner!  Produced by BeAmman, a grassroots website that promotes the city of Amman, it sets spectacular dance moves against the backdrop of the Citadel, Roman Amphitheater and Amman skyline. Best scene? The two old men in red fez waving their coats as they dance down the street!
14:17 GMT
If it hasn't already reached its sell-by, what’s the appeal of Pharrell William’s pop sensation “Happy”? and how has it fared across the Middle East's far-flung corners?
Dubai welcomed over 10 million tourists in 2013 (File/AFP)
14:00 GMT
Dubai has been nominated in the TripAdvisor Traveller Choice Awards as one of the best places to visit in 2014.
The Cumberland is a four-star hotel near Hyde Park. (AFP/File)
13:59 GMT
One of the victims of the London hotel hammer attack has significant brain damage and has lost an eye.
Food for thought: Saudi Arabia's food consumption grew by 55.3 percent since 2012 (File/AFP)
13:30 GMT
Saudi's yearly food, hotel & hospitality Arabia exhibition takes opens on Sunday with over 400 booths set up from other countries.
Israeli officials say the Palestinians were arrested because they were working without permits. (AFP/File)
13:02 GMT
Israeli forces have arrested 49 Palestinians throughout the week.
Six Flags Entertainment currently operates 18 parks across the U.S., Mexico and Canada (Getty/AFP)
13:00 GMT
U.S. Six Flags brand will open a new theme park in Jebel Ali. The move is set to increase tourism in Dubai and create a bigger business partnership between America and the UAE.
Ghardaia Province has been the scene of sectarian violence since last December (AFP/File)
12:11 GMT
Two people and dozens others - including two policemen - were injured during clashes in Algeria's northern province of Ghardaia.
You're just going to have to wait that little bit longer to listen to Amr and Tamer's new music albums! (Image: Albawaba edit)
11:56 GMT
Some key events in the Arab world are causing superstars Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny to work differently!
A suicide car bomb killed at least seven policemen in Kirkuk Sunday (File Archive/AFP)
11:52 GMT
At least a dozen people were killed in Iraq Sunday from bomb attacks in Kirkuk and Sulaiman Bek.
"I come here feel the energy of the ocean and all I think of is my brother..... Were gonna make you proud P-Dubber!!!" - Tyrese Gibson is in Abu Dhabi filming "Fast & Furious 7"
11:44 GMT
Sama Al Masri knows how to make the brotherhood go mad! (Image: Facebook)
11:40 GMT
Always earnestly in search of a way to get under the skin of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Sama Al Masri made a rumor go around about her wearing a hijab.
Bankers are making a bigger effort to improve customer services within UAE banks (File/AFP)
11:30 GMT
A senior banker has said customer service within the banking sector is "complex and difficult," but efforts are being made to change this.
At least four Yemeni soldiers were killed by suspected Al Qaeda militants (File Archive/AFP)
11:25 GMT
At least four Yemeni soldiers were killed in three separate attacks throughout the country Sunday.
Munther Rihana fell, but he's rising again! (Image: Facebook)
11:01 GMT
Ouch! Munther Rihana sustained injuries after falling from the horse he was riding during filming of the TV drama "Al Malhami".
Old school: The first Sony stereo cassette player on display in a Tokyo museum (File/AFP)
11:00 GMT
Smartphones and MP3 devices face new competition as Sony unveils its latest Walkman with a playback time of 20 hours.
Happy Palm Sunday to all Arab Christians all over the world.
10:56 GMT
In many Arab countries, the resident Christian communities take time out to celebrate the remembrance of Jesus entering into Jerusalem on a donkey, introducing himself as the Prince of Peace. Many would hope for that to be true today.
Nancy Ajram's melons bring all the boys to the market. (Image: Facebook)
10:03 GMT
Nancy Ajram defended her saucy new music clip, saying it's a short film about a lady only concerned with selling melons to make a living.
Levison Wood walks approximately 20 miles a day (Courtesy of BBC)
10:01 GMT
This Brit is taking one heck of a Sunday morning stroll...along the entire length of the longest river in the world!!!
Prominent Israeli right-wing organizations have urged Jews to flock to Al-Aqsa Mosque during Passover in what many worshipers consider a provocation, according to Ma'an. (AFP/File)
09:59 GMT
Israeli forces stormed the Al Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday morning, attacking worshipers with stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets, as Muslim worshipers braced for raids by right-wing Jewish groups as Passover approaches.
According to the U.N., over 2 million Syrians have registered as refugees. (AFP/File)
09:30 GMT
The UN reports that only one fifth of pledged aid to Syrian has been delivered.
Moroccans now hold a special place in their heart for Egyptian hottie Tamer Hosny after he married their homegirl Basma. The songster appeared before adoring fans on Friday, April 11. (Image: Facebook)
09:05 GMT
Moroccans now hold a special place in their heart for Egyptian hottie Tamer Hosny after he married their homegirl Basma. The songster appeared before adoring fans on Friday, April 11.
UK Jewish FIlm Festival is going down this week.
08:58 GMT
If you've ever wanted to sneak a peak at what it's like to live the life of a Jewish, you can get a small chance at it through the films on display throughout the UK Jewish Film Festival,
Ragheb reassured everyone again that he didn't quit because of fellow judge Ahlam. (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT
Wondering why Ragheb Alama has REALLY quit Arab Idol? Find out here!
Abu Dhabi won the fight for filming location of Star Wars' latest greatest. (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT
It's time Abu Dhabi to shine the Star Wars light sabers because the UAE capital has been chosen as the filming location for Episode VII!
Over 90,000 Algerians in France cast their vote on the opening day of the polls (Bertrand Langlois/AFP)
08:18 GMT
France's Algerians population headed to the polls this weekend to vote in their home country's presidential election which is set to take place nationally April 17.
Kuwait's opposition held a conference last week about their new initiative, the "national political reform programme" (Yasser Al Zayyat/AFP)
07:55 GMT
Kuwait has imposed a news blackout on reports related to a recording that suggests there is a plot to overthrow the ruling government.
A collage of portraits of those missing since Lebanon's civil war. (Image courtesy of The Independent)
07:46 GMT
Relatives of those who disappeared during the civil war want answers and hope that a new commission will help.
The U.S. recently listed Ansar Beit Maqdis as a terrorist group (File Archive/AFP)
07:33 GMT
Egyptian troops have allegedly killed a prominent Sinai Peninsula militant this weekend.
Aleppo, Syria's largest city, has seen fierce fighting since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011. (AFP/File)
07:32 GMT
Government forces battled rebel fighters in Aleppo in the fiercest fighting since 2012.
Amnesty International have slammed Egypt's controversial counter-terrorism law. (AFP/File)
07:25 GMT
Amnesty International issued a statement this weekend denouncing a counter-terrorism law drafted by the Egyptian government, saying that it must be scrapped or fundamentally revised.
Man U meets van Gaal to discuss prospects of succeeding Moyes following club's poor season
07:02 GMT
Manchester United representatives have reportedly met with former Bayern Munich boss Louis van Gaal about the prospect of succeeding under-fire Scot David Moyes following the club's poor performance this season.
An Israeli border guard aims his weapon at Palestinians stone throwers during clashes in the center of the West Bank town of Hebron on April 11, 2014. (AFP PHOTO/ HAZEM BADER)
06:41 GMT
Israeli forces surrounded the central West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and declared it a "closed military zone" on Saturday, subsequently injuring two Palestinian civilians, a local group said.
The Syrian opposition and regime both blame each other for Saturday's attack. (AFP/File)
06:28 GMT
The Syrian regime and opposition forces accused each other on Saturday of carrying out a chemical attack on the village of Kafr Zeita, located in the embattled country’s western-central province of Hama.
The prominent Saudi designers hope the fashion institute will pass on valuable fashion skills to the younger generation. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Ten prominent Saudi fashion designers are attempting to establish a new fashion academy in Jeddah.
The World Bank recently reported that Ben Ali embezzled billions of dollars. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Switzerland will hand over $40 million to Tunisia. The money comes from a Swiss bank account belonging to former dictator Ben Ali.
Carla Bruni says she's "I'm crazy about Israel" ahead of May's performance in the Holy Land! (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
French superstar Carla Bruni talks about her love for Israel ahead of her scheduled performance in the Holy Land in May!
Israel collects taxes on behalf of the Palestinians, and transfers about $100m per month, accounting for two-thirds of the authority’s budget
03:55 GMT
Israel’s audacity to torpedo international legal instruments, mount blatant attacks on hapless Palestinians and encroach on their territories is nothing but fascism at work.
Last week, Samsung had offered a brief preview of its plans, including an effort to downplay Apple's copycat claims by focusing on features it offered that Apple hadn't.
03:55 GMT
Apple has reportedly accused Samsung as 'copycat' once again claiming billions of dollars in damag
Although there has yet to be an in-depth assessment of the region’s shale resources, some GCC nations have begun exploring their own unconventional deposits, with the aim of meeting domestic needs.
03:55 GMT
The US shale gas boom has transformed the global energy equation into one that is difficult for GCC nations to calculate.
Bouteflika’s campaign spending alone runs to at least 75 million euros, Algerian press reports say
03:20 GMT
Because the spending is technically illegal, no public record is kept of where the campaign funds come from.

April 12, 2014

A Coptic script that dates back close to the time of Jesus has been ruled authentic. (Informed Comment)
23:45 GMT
An ancient Coptic manuscript has been proven to be indeed ancient and on it, Jesus mentions his wife as a disciple. True or not, should this change contemporary treatment of women? Big women are sexier in Lebanon; and Hillary gets high-heeled!
Juventus in talks to sign Ivory Coast's Drogba: Reports
22:10 GMT
Italian giants Juventus are reportedly in talks to sign Ivory Coast and Galatasaray forward Didier Drogba in the summer transfer window.
Yemeni security forces have been the target of multiple attacks since 2012. (AFP/File)
19:24 GMT
At least one soldier is dead after gunmen fired on an army vehicle in Hadramawt Province.
Massive protests for government reform began in 2011. (AFP/File)
18:30 GMT
The Opposition Coalition in Kuwait is suggesting major government reforms, such as instituting political parties.
Many Libyans want a larger share of oil profits. (AFP/File)
16:46 GMT
Anti-government protestors forced the Zawiya oil terminal to close and blocked the entrance to the port, preventing oil workers from entering.
According to the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions, over 100 structures have been demolished in 2014 alone. (AFP/File)
14:40 GMT
The Israeli government has demolished several humanitarian residential buildings that were partially funded by the EU.
One person was killed after demonstrators clashed with Egyptian police in Alexandria. (AFP/File)
13:55 GMT
Clashes between anti-government protestors and security forces have left one dead in Alexandria.
Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs, Seyyed Abbas Araqchi, said Sunday that Iran would pursue legal action against the United States' decision to deny Aboutalebi a visa. (AFP/File)
13:31 GMT
Iranian officials said there is no alternative to Hamid Aboutalebi, their pick for U.N. Ambassador.
Looks like Ahlam got what she wanted in the end; Alama is out! (Image: Facebook)
12:48 GMT
A series of tweets and interviews imply that Ahlam really was the reason behind poor Ragheb Alama's withdrawal from Arab Idol!
Swansea v Chelsea: Projected lineups as Blues continue title chase
12:38 GMT
Swansea City have played some beautiful football for Gary Monk since he took over for Michael Laudrup. However, beautiful football still is not always enough to win you matches.
Liverpool v Manchester City: Projected lineups for title race showdown
12:33 GMT
Liverpool are in-form at the moment and they will be looking for their 10th straight victory on the bounce having found a way to win in almost any situation this calendar year.
Dima Aljundi is all about being green. (Image: Facebook)
11:44 GMT
Things are getting green around Abu Dhabi! As the first-of-its-kind event in the region, the UAE Green Festival hosted an Eco-friendly fashion show that drew in A-listers like Dima Al Jundi.
Highly-anticipated: Macadi will be performing in Cairo this month. (Image: Soundcloud)
11:39 GMT
Macadi Nahhas returns to Cairo's Al-Genaina Theatre on Friday 18 April as part of the venue's early spring programme.
Fighting between Egyptian security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters is the biggest obstacle for peace in the country (File/AFP)
11:07 GMT
At least two Muslim Brotherhood members have been killed by security forces in an exchange of gunfire on Friday.
Is Angelina hating on the SaveKessab hashtag posted by Kim?
11:00 GMT
Armenian public figure Kim Kardashian is allegedly getting some celebrity backlash for her Twitter campaign to #SaveKessab.
Suarez reveals secrets of why he allows Gerrard to take Liverpool penalties
10:20 GMT
Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has revealed that he lets his team captain Steven Gerrard to take any penalty shots for the club as he values team success over personal milestones.
City in lockdown: Heavy security presence in Tripoli (File/AFP)
10:11 GMT
The military in Lebanon continued to maintain a heavy presence in Tripoli, setting up checkpoints and barriers across the city on Friday.
Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third most holiest site for Muslims (File/AFP)
08:43 GMT
Palestinian activists have condemned plans by Israeli officials to build a temple close to al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews have turned out in huge numbers to protest the new law. (AFP/File)
07:00 GMT
A controversial new bill seeks to force yeshiva students to serve in the Israeli military, but the Ultra-Orthodox community is pushing back.
Child marriage has been an issue in several countries in the Middle East. [gateway]
06:40 GMT
The law also prohibits Muslim men from marrying non-Muslim women and prohibits women from leaving their home without their husband's consent.
Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians broke down over the last week after Israel refused to release Palestinian prisoners. It is unclear whether talks will resume. (photo courtesy:
06:26 GMT
Labour party leader Ed Miliband avoided tough questions on current Israel-Palestine negotiations while at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Narrow miss: Hillary Clinton jumps to avoid being hit (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT
Former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton managed to avoid a shoe attack in the face during a speech in a Las Vegas casino.
Saleh al-Mutlaq was left unhurt after the attack in Baghdad (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT
Deputy PM Saleh al-Mutlaq escaped from an assassination attempt, alleges an Iraqi lawmaker accompanying him on a trip to Abu Graib.
Jailed Iranian blogger Mohammad Reza Pourshajari is known by his pen name Siamak Mehr.
00:04 GMT
A jailed blogger is being denied medical treatment and is instead being systematically tortured in a tiny cell by the Iranian government; iTunes going HD; what race attracts the most lovers? and Jazz star John McLaughlin plays in Ramallah.

April 11, 2014

Official: Thibaut Courtois free to play against Chelsea
21:37 GMT
Chelsea have announced that their goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who is on loan at Atletico Madrid, will be able to play against them when the two sides meet each other in the Champions League semi-finals.
Christie was head of Apple's Human interface team whose aim was to make elegant and user-friendly softwares.
17:24 GMT
His team created the iPhone's famous 'slide to unlock; function and the ability to place calls from a contact list, CNET reported.
Sony is advising consumers to quit using some of its VAIO laptop computers and unplug them, saying that it’s possible that its non-removable battery pack could overheat.
17:06 GMT
The company says it’s in the process of creating a program to repair or replace the computers, or will refund their purchase price.
Sixty six people have died from MERS in Saudi Arabia so far (File/AFP)
17:03 GMT
Five hospital workers have been placed in quarantine due to a Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus outbreak in Al Ain, UAE.
Israel collects about $100 million a month in taxes for the Palestinians. It isn’t clear how much would be withheld or for long it would go on.
16:55 GMT
Erekat spoke a day after an Israeli official said Israel would stop the tax money transfers in retaliation for the Palestinians pushing to sign up for more recognition from international agencies and treaties.
This year's marathon was a good turnout, organizers say (File/AFP)
14:52 GMT
Palestinians and foreigners alike took on Bethlehem's hilly roads and ran the marathon as part of the "Right to Movement" campaign on Friday.
Nancy is seeking the help of her fans with her latest charitable project. (Image: Facebook)
14:38 GMT
Write Nancy Ajram's song lyrics for the "Street Children" contest and make a difference in the world.
'Beleaguered' Wenger says 'sacrifices each day in career' in trying to win trophies
14:31 GMT
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has insisted that he still dreams of winning a trophy and slammed his critics by saying that he 'sacrifices each day of his life' when the club fails to win silverware.
Hot stuff: Assi announced that his daughter Marina will be singing with Ricky Martin. (Image: Facebook)
13:57 GMT
Assi Helani is making a starlet of his eldest daughter, who will be singing with international superstar Ricky Martin.
Europa League draw: Juventus face Benfica, Sevilla to lock horns with Valencia
13:30 GMT
The Serie A champions will meet last season's beaten finalists, while the other last four tie features and all-Spanish affair
Terror suspect Mohammed Qassem was arrested in the Lebanese village of Arsal by the army (File/AFP)
13:25 GMT
The Lebanese military have captured a terrorist allegedly involved in carrying out deadly attacks across the country.
Champions League draw: Bayern Munich meet Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid face Chelsea
13:21 GMT
The reigning European champions have been paired with Carlo Ancelotti's side, as Jose Mourinho's men meet the conquerors of Barcelona from the last round
Egypt has come under scrutiny for detaining journalists (File/AFP)
12:14 GMT
Journalists under fire: A reporter for a pro-Muslim Brotherhood website has been jailed for allegedly posting leaked videos of military officials.
Rebel groups, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria and Nusra Front continue to fight each other (File/AFP)
11:33 GMT
Rival groups fighting each other in Syria have brought the death toll up in recent days, complicating the country's civil war further.
Saudi Arabia's latest mountaineers scaled the Swiss Alps as part of a World Scout Foundation workshop (File/AFP)
10:51 GMT
Saudi boy scouts braced the cold Swiss climate and climbed the Alps to ask for world peace.
Easter is an important time for Palestine's 200,000 Christians (File/AFP)
09:33 GMT
Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Palestinian Christian groups have accused Israel of discriminating against their right to worship freely in the holy city.
Eric Harroun was jailed for six months when he returned to the U.S. for fighting alongside terrorist groups (File/Facebook)
09:08 GMT
Famous for fighting alongside Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria, "The American Jihadist" Eric Harroun died of an accidental overdose in Arizona.
Mohammad Assaf singing his heart out in Palestine on Valentine's Day. (Image: Facebook)
07:00 GMT
He's a Dubai-based dude now, but he's made his way back to Palestine for his upcoming music video.
Turkey's Twitter ban was lifted last week while YouTube remains blocked (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT
Ankara continues to draw criticism after the Turkish government ignored a court ruling to lift a ban on YouTube.
Egypt has seen various "waves"  of revolution over the past years, but will real reforms be implemented if Mubarak-era Sisi wins the upcoming election? (File Archive/AFP)
05:00 GMT
Arab regimes will never be a source of true reform in the MENA region. So-called "dialogues" and "agendas for change" are mere distractions to perpetuate the status quo.
Do you want to dance like Dina? You've got your chance now, Egypt! (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
It's been criticized by conservatives and claimed to not be coming at all, but now it appears that the new talent show will bring a set of belly dancing hopefuls on screen after Ramadan.
Impoverished students study in the Syrian town of Azaz (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT
Four young and inspirational Syrians talk about why earning a degree in the UAE is important to them.
In 2013, the company said, the smartphones market imported nearly 1 billion units achieving this great number with Samsung Electronics being number one in the Saudi market.
03:55 GMT
Global sales of the Galaxy S series totaled 200,000,000 units since its introduction.
Ezdan said the Qatar’s fiscal budget for the year 2014 – 2015 gave a “strong impetus” to the real estate sector in particular
03:26 GMT
The report indicates a “recovery” in the Qatar’s real estate market in view of the current construction boom in the country.
Manchester City: Stevan Jovetic believes that he can do 'very good things' at City
01:16 GMT
Stevan Jovetic will remain at Manchester City next season, despite a somewhat disappointing debut campaign at the Etihad Stadium, according to the player's agent.

April 10, 2014

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians broke down over the last week after Israel refused to release Palestinian prisoners. (AFP/File)
19:47 GMT
Israeli Finance Minister Naftali Bennett believes Israel should annex 60 percent of the West Bank in light of failed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.
As peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians falter, some fear a return to violence. (photo courtesy:
18:22 GMT
140 Palestinians made their way into a closed military zone on the border with Israel, sparking violence.
Family members of Palestinian prisoners protest for their release (File/AFP)
15:56 GMT
Ten Palestinian prisoners are at the forefront of Israeli discussions to deport them to Gaza, according to a senior official.
Mourinho's Chelsea ready for any CL semi-final opponent
14:34 GMT
After seeing his team perform an incredible comeback against Paris St Germain in the quarter-finals, Chelsea manager...
A new hope: Star Wars set is a Tunisian tourist hotspot (file/AFP)
14:26 GMT
The Tunisian tourism ministry is seeking funds to repair the damaged Star Wars set in Ong Jmel, southern Tunisia.
Moyes slams Man U players for 'schoolboy defence' following CL exit
14:15 GMT
Manchester United manager David Moyes has slammed the team's footballers for defending like 'schoolboys' following their dumping from the Champions League after a 3-1 loss to holders Bayern Munich.
Marathon of the Sands: Coined the “toughest race on earth,” this 251km trek across the Sahara is a challenge for even the ultra of ultramarathoners. Starting in southern Morocco in early April, runners have 6 days to complete the rigorous trek, not to mention carry everything they may need with them (except for water- alhamdulilah!).
14:06 GMT
Are you an extreme athlete who loves running ultramarathons? In that case, book yourself a flight to the Middle East - there are some amazing, crazy marathons out here that will see you jogging across the Sahara and plains of Egypt's White Desert. Take a look at our pick of the region's best ultramarathons.