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19:01 GMT
ISIS release video that claims to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff
Who do ISIS and the Nusra Front want from Roumieh?
18:51 GMT
As negotiations with radical Syrian rebel groups intensify in the hope of freeing at least 24 security personnel kidnapped from Arsal last month, Roumieh prison’s notorious Islamist inmates have been thrust into the spotlight. But who are the people that ISIS and the Nusra Front want to be released, and what is the likelihood that it will happen?
11 Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai. [AFP]
16:42 GMT
An attack on a convoy of Egyptian security forces kills at least 11 soldiers in the restive Sinai Peninsula, according to local security and medical sources.
Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi chairing a meeting of pro-government political parties in Sanaa on September 2, 2014. [AFP]
16:25 GMT
Yemen's president has dismissed the incumbent Prime Minister Mohammed Salim Basindawa and his cabinet in a bid to end an ongoing standoff with the Shia Houthi protesters.
Saudi Interior ministry's spokesman Mansour al-Turki. [AFP]
16:00 GMT
Saudi Arabia says it has arrested 88 men who are suspected of being part of an Al-Qaeda cell that was plotting attacks inside and outside of the kingdom.
Stanislas Wawrinka
15:35 GMT
Australian Open champion Stanislas Wawrinka fought off two set points in the critical third set to register a 7-5, 4-6, 7-6 (7), 6-2 win over Spain's Tommy Robredo and advance to the quarterfinals of the US Open.
A member of the Syrian security forces walks past a burning truck following a reported mortar attack by rebel fighters in Damascus' al-Abbasyeen neighborhood on August 30, 2014. [AFP]
15:10 GMT
Syrian warplanes pounded the rebel Jubar district of the capital Damascus with unprecedented ferocity Tuesday, launching 25 raids, an activist group said.
Maradona and Baggio during the match
15:07 GMT
Argentine legend Diego Maradona and former Italian footballer Roberto Baggio played alongside a host of ex-football stars in an inter-religious charity match that was backed by Pope Francis on Monday.
Manchester City loan Negredo to Valencia
14:58 GMT
Manchester City loan Negredo to Valencia
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas speaks during a press conference on August 26, 2014 in the West Bank city of Ramallah. [AFP]
14:39 GMT
Details of the Palestinian leader's peace plan was revealed on Tuesday by the former religious endowments minister, Mahmoud al-Habash.
Iraqi soldiers wave to a humanitarian aid convoy en route to Amerli on September 1, 2014 after Iraqi forces broke through to the jihadist-besieged Shiite town the previous day. [AFP]
14:20 GMT
Latest reports say Iraqi forces have regained control of part of a key highway linking the capital city of Baghdad to the country’s north.
Roughly 1,000 people entered the building during an outdoor protest. (AFP/File)
13:54 GMT
Families of Iraqi military personnel involved in a June attack by the Islamic State stormed Baghdad's parliament building in protest Tuesday.
New superheroes (or super Eros?) are born all the time. Erotic artist Milo Manara has created a new Spider Woman, slammed by critics as “more like a colonoscopy than a costume”. A Marvel Comics’ senior VP noted that the character is fully clothed and in a “spider-like pose”, adding, "It's the right of every reader not to like something."
13:49 GMT
It might be one big geek-fest in your eyes, or an exciting chance to wear a costume and buy some superhero comics! Either way, Comic Con 2014 used ultimate powers to woo fans from across the globe.
Saudis risk a new Muslim division with the controversial plan (File)
13:13 GMT
Saudi clerics have proposed destroying the second most holiest site in Islam - the Masjid al-Nawabi in Medina, including the tomb of the Prophet Mohamed by moving his body.
Militants in the Sinai frequently target Egyptian security forces. (AFP/File)
13:10 GMT
Ten Egyptian soldiers were killed in Sinai Tuesday.
A picture taken from the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights shows a pre-Baath Syrian flag, now used by the Syrian opposition, flying over the Quneitra border crossing in Syrian territory. [AFP]
12:54 GMT
Ireland may not replace its 130-person rapid response force in the Golan Heights, where 44 peacekeepers from Fiji are being held by militants, until the United Nations reviews its mandate for its forces there, the defense minister said on Monday.
Palestinian fishermen clean their boats at Gaza's seaport in Gaza City early on August 29, 2014. [AFP]
12:38 GMT
Israeli forces opened fire at fishermen off the coast of the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, in apparent violation of the ceasefire agreement reached with Palestinian factions a week ago, fishermen said.
Flights will start to Oslo and Brussels on September 2 (File/AFP)
12:29 GMT
The biggest Middle Eastern airline, Emirates, added two more destinations to its network this week including Oslo and Brussels.
Lewis Hamilton
12:27 GMT
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has returned to where his rivalry with teammate Nico Rosberg began with revenge on his mind and is determined to bury his Belgian setback with a crucial 25-poing haul in Sunday's Italian Grand Prix.
Usain Bolt
12:17 GMT
Usain Bolt would relish the opportunity to pit himself against a cheetah, as he admitted here on Tuesday.
Emirates NBD will expand operations in Saudi, according to the company's CEO, Shayne Nelson (File/AFP)
12:03 GMT
Dubai's largest bank, Emirates NBD, is looking to increase its presence in Saudi Arabia, CEO of the company announced.
One of campaigners’ key demands is that the ministry should not be responsible for preparing, implementing and monitoring executive regulations.
11:58 GMT
Egypt’s manpower ministry and many labour activists agree that the country’s labour legislation is inadequate and needs reform. But bigger questions remain.
Angelina Jolie-Pitt featured her wedding dress on Hello Magazine's cover.
11:55 GMT
As an apparent ode to her children, Angelina Jolie-Pitt wore a wedding dress adorned with various sketches all done by her own brood; don't mix God and business, please; and Jordan's Oasis500 is still going strong and pumping out businesses.
The latest appropriation of Palestinian land is one of the largest in history. (AFP/File)
11:55 GMT
The latest illegal land grab by the Israelis shrinks Palestine even further and causes many to doubt that there will ever be a free Palestine.
Siemens will construct static var compensators across several substations in Saudi Arabia (File)
11:39 GMT
German technology giant Siemens won two contracts with Saudi Electricity Company to construct static var compensators (SVCs), across the kingdom.
Speaker Nabih Berri postponed the session due to lack of quorum. (AFP/File)
11:28 GMT
Lebanese lawmakers Tuesday failed to elect a new president for an 11th time. Speaker Nabih Berri postponed the next voting session to September 23.
Oman, one of the Gulf’s least developed states, makes arguably the most interesting case study in how ports can help influence economic policy and even political directi
11:12 GMT
While economic growth and job creation will be the underlying drivers of GCC port development strategy, much will also hinge on how these strategic assets integrate into new, efficient transport networks being built.
Total earnings across the GCC rocketed by 11 percent to $33 billion in comparison to the same period in 2013 (File/AFP)
11:03 GMT
UAE corporate earnings increased by 16 percent in the first half of the year, surpassing the average growth rate for the GCC region.
Anyone can submit art from the streets. (Photo courtesy of YourMiddleEast)
10:38 GMT
An entrepreneur is creating an app to help people navigate Istanbul's street art scene.
Watch out for "The Human League" in Dubai. (Image: Facebook)
10:38 GMT
They've caused quite a stir in the U.K. and now they're carrying their new wave tunes to the UAE.
Sherine is ready to get down to business with Muneer Sharif. (Image: Facebook)
10:23 GMT
It's been escalating for some time now, and Sherine is finally ready to speak on the issues between the two celebs.
That honeymoon pictures that told the world that Myriam Fares is a Mrs.! (Image: Facebook)
10:04 GMT
She's married!
Elissa loves her some shoe shopping (Image: Twitter)
09:56 GMT
Elissa shoe shopping.
In Kuwait, scammers are targeting the ATM machines.
09:45 GMT
In Kuwait, a thief attached a small scanning device to the money machine, stole the users' info, and then sent it to the Dominican Republic; Tikrit is coveted by the Iraqi army; answering childish questions; and a Lebanese soldier is beheaded.
Saudi Arabia's economy should gather pace for the second half of 2014 (File/AFP)
09:32 GMT
How well is Saudi Arabia's economy doing? It's time to have optimism towards the non-oil economy as it transitions into the labour market to turn favourable for 2015.
The army is responding to graffiti threatening Lebanon's Christians. (AFP/File)
09:31 GMT
The Lebanese army deployed heavily in the northern city of Tripoli Tuesday morning in response to graffiti that threatened Lebanon's Christians.
Myriam Fares revealed her marriage to her fans through an online picture of her hand holding up a wedding band next to her new man's.
09:26 GMT
Fans were unsure if their fave Lebanese diva had walked down the aisle, but production company "Rotana" has confirmed the news to those curious that Myriam Fares is a married woman.
Egyptian Sufi Al-Tariqa Al-Gazoulia was one of the Egyptian groups that performed at the Salzburg Festival last week.
09:20 GMT
Much of the programming for last week's Salzburg Festival focused on promoting tolerance and peace between religions with Egyptian musicians as featured artists.
Protesters are calling on the Al Khalifa family to relinquish power. (AFP/File)
09:09 GMT
Regime forces in Bahrain have once again attacked anti-regime protesters in Bahrain.
The mall is one of five projects opened in Dubai (Image: Nakheel)
09:09 GMT
Major Dubai developer Nakheel officially opened the Jumeirah Park Pavillion as the first of five malls to be launched in the emirate.
Israel still has a Lady Gaga gig. (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT
Despite a slew of other artists nixing their Israel gigs this summer due to the conflict with Gaza, Lady Gaga says she's still coming later this month.
Residential properties posted a 34.5 percent growth in July - a significant increase from 2013 (File/AFP)
08:42 GMT
Residential property prices increased by 34.5 percent in July, compared to the previous year.
The fatwa has drawn harsh criticism from young Egyptians. (Shutterstock)
08:19 GMT
Egypt's top Islamic authority has prohibited online chat between unrelated men and women.
Price hikes resulted in fewer property sales in Q2 across the MENA region (Image: Dubai Marina)
08:17 GMT
As developments are on the rise across the MENA region, the increase of prices have diverted first time buyers from purchasing new homes.
The Libyan government has been battling multiple militias since the fall of Gaddafi. (AFP/File)
07:47 GMT
At least 10 soldiers have been killed in clashes between the army and the militias in Libya's Benghazi.
The protesters are demanding the resignation of the government. (AFP/File)
07:26 GMT
The Yemeni government has sent an envoy to the northern part of the country for talks with Houthis amid ongoing anti-government protests.
A tribesman loyal to the Huthi Shiite group holds a giant version of the Yemeni flag during a demonstration near the cabinet's headquarters in Sanaa calling for the government to resign on September 1, 2014. In a speech late the previous evening, rebel leader Abdulmalik al-Huthi called on supporters who have been manning armed protest camps in the capital for the past week to continue their campaign to topple the national unity government, from which the rebels are excluded. (AFP/ MOHAMMED HUWAIS)
07:09 GMT
A tribesman loyal to the Huthi Shiite group holds a giant version of the Yemeni flag
An Islamist fighter from the Fajr Libya (Libyan Dawn) coalition flashes the V sign for victory following fighting which has destabilized Libya, requiring the formation of a new government (Mahmud Turkia/ AFP).
06:00 GMT
The country’s interim speaker of parliament, Faraj Bouhashem claimed that the formation of a new Libyan government is imminent.
The new iPhone will simplify mobile payment by including a special communication chip, along with a fingerprint recognition reader that debuted on the most recent iPhone,
05:56 GMT
Apple plans to enable its next iPhone to become a mobile wallet by allowing owners to securely make mobile payments in a store with the touch of a finger,
The statement added that regardless of ownership, whether it is the husband, wife or minors, the property will be taxed.
05:50 GMT
“Incapable citizens” should submit requests to the Real Estate Taxation Authority (RTA).

He said laboratory tests before arrival were “strictly required” by the Labor Ministry for all foreigners coming from West Africa.
05:35 GMT
The Kingdom on Monday stopped granting visas to workers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the countries worst-hit by the deadly Ebola virus.
Could an Arab version of Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck help to damage IS´s image and recruiting success? (Shutterstock).
05:00 GMT
Forget Obama´s air strikes, this is the new weapon in crushing the Islamic State.
An IS flag, similar to the one shown, was burnt in Ashrafieh, a predominantly Christian neighborhood in Beirut, on the weekend (AFP/ File Archive).
05:00 GMT
Sectarian tensions in Lebanon soared over the weekend after an IS flag was burned in Ashrafieh and churches were graffitied in Tripoli, with local politicians divided over how to react.
Ahlam is one fierce Arab Idol judge. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
Never a dull moment on the Arab Idol set with Ahlam on board.
Radamel Falcao (picture courtesy of Manchester United official Twitter account)
03:44 GMT
The Colombia international, who had been linked with a host of clubs this summer including Real Madrid and Arsenal, will spend the 2014-15 campaign on loan at Old Trafford

September 1, 2014

Danny Welbeck
22:00 GMT
Arsenal have agreed a €20 million fee for Danny Welbeck, according to
Traffic congestion and journeys in old – and not necessarily reliable – vehicles are a way of life in many parts of the Middle East.
20:49 GMT
Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, transport challenges are a way of life in the Middle East – just as they are in many other parts of the world. But technology is beginning to have an impact on this space.
The Gulf Cooperation Council representatives reportedly reached a major breakthrough toward ending their dispute with Qatar (AFP/ File Archive).
20:20 GMT
Saudi Arabia and other GCC states have reportedly reached a major breakthrough toward ending their dispute with Qatar.
IS´s directive prohibits the unauthorized publication of “images of slaughter”, just weeks after IS released a video in which journalist James Foley was beheaded (AFP/ File Archive).
19:00 GMT
The Al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS has issued a directive banning the unauthorized publication of “images of slaughter” conducted by the group’s “soldiers” on various fronts, according to a copy of the orders circulating on social media.
Shi´ite militia (pictured below) supported the Iraqi security forces to retake the town of Amerli (Haidar Hamdani/ AFP).
17:00 GMT
Iraqi security forces backed by Shi’ite militias entered the northern town of Amerli on Sunday and broke the Islamic State´s two-month siege of the town.
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The Foreign Ministry has denied that Zarif suggested that sanctions be lifted in return for Iran supporting anti-IS efforts (Yuri Kadobnov/ AFP).
16:14 GMT
Iran has dismissed reports that Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif demanded that: “all the sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear activities should be lifted in return for its help in Iraq” in countering the Islamic State.
Radamel Falcao
15:29 GMT
The Colombia international is expected to fly to Manchester today to undergo a medical ahead of a sensational transfer deadline switch from Monaco to Old Trafford
Roger Federer
15:01 GMT
Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer came back with renewed energy after a weather delay to beat Spaniard Marcel Granollers 4-6, 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 and head into the fourth round of the US Open.
Jordanian King Abdullah reaffirmed that his country will continue coordinating Palestinian-Israeli peace efforts with all stakeholders and cited the "pivitol" role the United States is playing (AFP/ File Archive).
15:00 GMT
Jordan´s King Abdullah on Sunday underlined the need to intensify international efforts to resume peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
Caroline Wozniacki
14:49 GMT
Maria Sharapova suffered a shock fourth round exit at the US Open as former world number one Caroline Wozniacki stunned the fifth seeded Russian on a stiflingly hot day at Flushing Meadows.
Libya's militias have grown in strength since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. (AFP/File)
14:19 GMT
Libya's caretaker government has announced that most ministries and state-run institutions are now out of its control.
A delegation from Arsal will receive the body along with Red Cross officials. (AFP/File)
13:49 GMT
Islamic State militants have beheaded a Lebanese soldier in Arsal.
Javier Hernandez
13:36 GMT
The Champions League holders have announced on their official website that they have signed the Mexico international on a temporary basis
The man had allegedly placed his mobile phone in the office toilet to film women over four months (File/Shutterstock)
13:33 GMT
Ewww creepy! A 29-year-old man was arrested by police after allegedly hiding his phone to film women in an office toilet. Dubai's police rightly charged the man with sexual assault.
The sparkling champagne includes a 24-carat edible gold leaf. (Photo courtesy of Lootah Foods)
12:46 GMT
A new drink dubbed "halal wine" has been launched in Dubai.
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. [AFP]
12:40 GMT
'Der Spiegel' reported that the US National Security Agency and Britain's GCHQ eavesdropping agency had carried out "wide-scale spying against Turkey."
Karim was rumored to be paid $50,000 to appear alongside Sharif Amer (File)
12:32 GMT
Did he or didn't he? Egyptian actor Karim Abdel Aziz denied rumors that he accepted $50,000 to appear alongside Sharif Amer on a television show.
Expo Centre Sharjah saw a 25 percent rise in visitors for 2014 (File)
11:49 GMT
Expo Centre Sharjah is high in demand for events with a 25 percent rise in visitors for the first half of 2014.
Erdogan is convinced a "parallel state" exists in Turkey. (AFP/File)
11:40 GMT
Approximately two dozen police officers were arrested Monday for allegedly planning to overthrow the Turkish government.
The laptop reportedly belonged to an extremist from Tunisia. (AFP/File)
11:22 GMT
A laptop formerly owned by Islamic State militants reveals the group's plans to develop and use chemical weapons including the bubonic plague.
Abu Dhabi's economy continues to expand in all sectors including tourism, retail and real estate (Image: Gobash)
11:01 GMT
The UAE's economy is continuing go grow in both the retail and real estate markets, which means there is room for more investment.
Samira is hoping to release the album sometime this winter.
10:36 GMT
Moroccan singer Samira Saeed revealed she is wrapping up a new album.
There is no need to increase oil production. Instead, Saudi Arabia should use its resources better (File/AFP)
10:26 GMT
Norway makes good use of its oil and gas industries respectfully. There is room for investment with the large income obtained from the energy sector. Why doesn't Saudi Arabia live off Norway's example?
US Secretary of State John Kerry  meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [AFP]
09:47 GMT
According to Palestinian sources, Kerry cancelled his visit to the region due to lack of progress in talks; Palestinian delegation set to travel to Washington Tuesday to present new initiative to Kerry.
A smokin' Casper Smart stands alongside Haifa Wehbe in "Breathing You In".
09:29 GMT
She's "Breathing You In", Casper Smart!
The summit will have a mix of lectures and presentations (File/AFP)
09:27 GMT
The upcoming Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit in Saudi Arabia will be much more than an event. It will help enhance business solutions and improve technology across the kingdom.
At least 24 soldiers from the Lebanese army remain in the hands of militants. (AFP/File)
09:23 GMT
Hezbollah has allegedly captured three senior commanders from the Nusra Front to exchange for captive soldiers.
Foo2, El-Sefr, and Mohamed El-Deeb dig deep into their souls for their performances.
09:01 GMT
The two-hour hip-hop concert, HipHop 03 Volume 3, on August 26th saw songsters jammin' to the tough topics affecting the country of Egypt.
Iraqi militia fighters from Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Saraya al-Salam , prepare to fire a mortar during heavy clashes with Islamic State  fighters in Tuz Khurmatu in Salaheddin province about 88 kilometres south of Kirkuk on August 31, 2014. [AFP]
08:53 GMT
Jordan handed NATO secret security reports showing expansion of extremists in Iraq, ideas to counter group’s advance towards its territory.
The religious police are off their rockers! (AFP/File)
08:49 GMT
A British man and his Saudi wife were attacked by members of the Haia, or religious police, outside of a mall in Riyadh.
Some of these won't be donning their jewels again for the show. (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT
The director and some of the cast are saying "see ya" to the Ramadan drama "Saraya Abdeen" after their contract ended in August.
Abu Dhabi has 157 hotels and hotel apartments across the city (Image: Trip Discovery)
08:45 GMT
Hotel occupancy in Abu Dhabi rose by three points in July while in industry saw a hike in guest arrivals by 26 percent in July, compared to the previous year.
Lebanese descent artists Massari and Ragheb Alama rubbing shoulders at the country's Comedy Club Playroom. (Image: Twitter)
08:32 GMT
Massari and Ragheb Alama at the Lebanon Comedy Club
A newly trained Iraqi army could help the region defeat Islamic State militants. (AFP/File)
08:29 GMT
Sunni muslims must lead the fight against the militants in the Islamic State.
Smoke billows from the Syrian village of Quneitra following an explosion during fighting, between forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad and rebels, near the Quneitra border crossing on August 31, 2014. [AFP]
08:28 GMT
Syrian army forces and rebels battle near border; both sides seek to control Quneitra border crossing; UN peacekeepers held captive by Islamists still missing.
The Starbucks program is currently available in Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt (File/AFP)
08:15 GMT
Global coffee chain Starbucks launched a 'Branded Solutions' scheme, where businesses in the MENA region can supply quality coffee to the workplace.
Angelina Jolie's visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.
07:53 GMT
Honeymoon, shmoneymoon. Angelina Jolie is just as concerned about those displaced by the Syrian war as she was before she donned a wedding band.
Phase two of the expansion will include new retail stores spread across 100,000 square feet over two floors (File)
07:41 GMT
Organizers have launched the second phase of expansion for Dubai Festival City. The large-scale refurbishment program started in 2014.
Angham's all smiles with her latest song. (Image: Facebook)
07:39 GMT
Surely some conservatives will dislike the controversial Lebanese dialect song the Egyptian songstress has just completed, but "Am Bakrah Al Musica" (I am Hating Music) will no doubt be a hit amongst her faithful fans.
The leaders of the world are ignoring the ISIS slaughter of minorities. (Blog of the Boss)
07:36 GMT
So ice is bringing awareness to ALS. How about some leaders bringing the attention to the slaughtered minorities in Mosul by the ISIS! HTC is a bit late to the wearable party; and all Lebanese people have some moments in life they'd rather forget.
U.S. embassy staff was evacuated in July because of raging violence. (AFP/File)
07:31 GMT
A Libyan militia group says it has secured the abandoned U.S. embassy in Tripoli.
Rogers said several US citizens have at least once traveled, participated and trained with the ISIL terrorists. [AFP]
07:29 GMT
A US lawmaker has revealed that there are hundreds of Americans, who have links with ISIL militants and can return to the US with their American passports.
Gulf Air made redundant over 25 percent of staff in 2013, but promised no more job cuts (Image: Gulf Air)
07:17 GMT
Bahrain's national airline has cut year-on-year losses by 30 percent and increased overall revenue by 10 percent in H1, according to a report by Gulf Daily News.
People hold placards and Israeli and Union flags outide the Royal Courts of Justice as Jewish groups rally in London on August 31, 2014, calling for "Zero Tolerance for Anti-Semitism". Jewish groups demonstrated outside the British High Court as latest figures published by the Community Security Trust reported a spike in anti-semitic attacks on people and property in the UK following the lastest outbreak of violence between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza. (AFP / JUSTIN TALLIS)
07:09 GMT
People hold placards and Israeli and Union flags outide the Royal Courts of Justice
Twenty-two security forces were among the victims. (AFP/File)
07:05 GMT
An explosion in Iraq's western city of Ramadi has killed at least 37 people.