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Somaya is preoccupied with her fashion project in Kuwait at the moment. (Image: Facebook)
13:02 GMT
Wondering what's keeping Egyptian actress Somaya al Khashab busy these days?
Hamas says it has carried out at least one drone surveillance mission that went undetected by Israelis. (AFP/File)
12:58 GMT
Hamas announced Monday that it has carried out a successful drone surveillance mission over Tel Aviv.
HIV in Saudi Arabia has increased by 19 percent annually according to the Saudi Charity Association for AIDS Patients (File/AFP)
12:48 GMT
HIV/AIDS cases are on the rise in Saudi Arabia. Like many countries, there is a cultural stigma that surrounds those living with the virus.
Shiite fighters in Baghdad are preparing for an ISIL advance. (AFP/File)
12:25 GMT
Militants from ISIL have taken partial control of the town of Dhuluiyah, just 80 kilometers north of Baghdad.
Nancy said that she considers herself an Egyptian. (Image: Facebook)
12:17 GMT
Superstar Nancy Ajram will be promoting tourism in Egypt through a grand concert in Sharm El Sheikh this Aug.
No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing. (AFP/File)
11:55 GMT
A car bomb in Baghdad killed at least 4 civilians and wounded 12 others Monday.
A baby lies injured at al-Najar hospital, in the southern Gaza Strip on July 9, 2014 (File/AFP)
11:30 GMT
Israel's ongoing military onslaught across the Gaza Strip is not just about the high death toll and physical injuries. What about the mental scars that haunt the Palestinian population?
Abbas in character in "Baba Al Hara" (The Neighborhood Gate). (Image: Facebook)
10:45 GMT
Syrian actor Abbas al Nouri isn't taking any time off this Ramadan like some of his fellow showbiz friends!
The Iranian government frequently censors social media sites. (Shutterstock)
10:45 GMT
An Iranian court has jailed eight youths for posting anti-government comments on Facebook.
An IDF soldier takes cover during clashes in the West Bank city of Hebron (File/AFP)
10:35 GMT
A Palestinian man was killed in clashes with Israel forces close to the West Bank city of Hebron, Monday.
Nabeeh says TV dramas are very inappropriate for Ramadan this year. (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:24 GMT
Not everyone is pleased with this Ramadan TV dramas' content, so lawyer Nabeeh al Wahsh filed a complaint to ban 40 shows from airing!
Iran's first modelling agency, Violet, was also banned (Image: Violet)
09:28 GMT
The World Cup shouldn't just be about football. At least for an Iranian fashion house which was banned for staging a footie themed catwalk show.
Israel shot down the unmanned aircraft over Ashdod. (AFP/File)
09:27 GMT
An unmanned aircraft entered Israeli territory form Gaza and was shot down by Patriot missiles.
A still from one of Eddie Verner's concerts.
09:25 GMT
US rocker Eddie Vedder spoke out about the war on Gaza during his concert in England two days ago. Meanwhile, Shakira performed at the World Club closing ceremony in a Lebanese designer!
Zayan isn't afraid to look bold in his music videos. (Image: Facebook)
08:57 GMT
We've got to wait till Amer Zayan's new music vid is out, but rumor has it that it's too intimate for TV!
Hospitals in Gaza have struggled to cope with the increase of injuries during Israel's attack on the densely populated Strip (File/AFP)
08:26 GMT
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the civilian death toll in Gaza "lies on the shoulders of Hamas" during an interview with Fox News.
The ISIL uses extreme tactics to intimidate civilians. (Shutterstock)
08:22 GMT
Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) punished a young Syrian boy by stringing him up crucifixion style because he was not fasting.
Over 1000 Palestinians have been injured since Israel's onslaught began (File/AFP)
07:56 GMT
A further three Palestinians were killed after Israeli strikes in the southern Gaza Strip, medical officials say. The latest assault brings the death toll to at least 170.
Turkish protesters protest against Israel's attack on Gaza outside the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, Turkey on July 14, 2014. (AFP / ADEM ALTAN)
07:44 GMT
Turkish protesters protest against Israel's attack on Gaza
Nusra Front seeks to establish an Islamic state in Syria. (AFP/File)
07:33 GMT
The Nusra Front intends to establish an Islamic "emirate" in Syria when the time is right.
Libya grapples with rising insecurity as the government struggles to control armed militias. (AFP/File)
06:59 GMT
At least six people have been killed and 25 wounded in clashes between rival militias in Libya's Tripoli.
Kuwait called for the urgent meeting on Gaza to be held in Cairo Monday (File Archive/AFP)
05:00 GMT
Arab Foreign Ministers will meet in Cairo today to discuss the ongoing Israeli military campaign on Gaza that has left over 1,000 wounded in days.
Although the company will finance half the cost from its resources, it is expecting to receive the remaining funds through the debt market along with the sales of some parts of the project,
04:55 GMT
Dubai’s plans to construct mega projects such as Mall of the World could lead to another boom-bust cycle within the emirate’s real estate market
The Statistical Center of Iran put the inflation rate of the country's rural areas in the 12-month period to the third Iranian calendar month (ended on June 21) at 28.3 percent.
04:55 GMT
"Containing inflation is the main economic priority of the government," he said.
In the UAE, hotel occupancy touched 75 per cent in May.
04:55 GMT
Hotel room rates in Dubai normally peak during the January-April period and the two Eid holidays.
In the UAE, hotel occupancy touched 75 per cent in May.
04:55 GMT
Hotel room rates in Dubai normally peak during the January-April period and the two Eid holidays.
Energy-rich Qatar has come under international pressure to clamp down on violations of the rights of migrant workers, specially those building World Cup infrastructure.
04:55 GMT
A report commissioned by the Qatar Foundation chaired by the ruling emir’s mother charged that the rights of migrants, mainly Asians, are flouted in their home countries from the moment they sign up for work.
One source told The Daily Star that most international oil companies may not rush to bid for available gas blocks if Lebanese politicians failed to iron out all their differences on some articles in the decrees.
04:55 GMT
Lebanon will once again postpone the gas auction which was scheduled for Aug. 10 as some ministers expressed their dissatisfaction over the state’s share stated in the decrees
Egyptian women members of the Muslim Brotherhood hold roses as they stand in the defendants' cage dressed in prison issue white during their trial at the court in the Egyptian Mediterranean city of Alexandria on December 7, 2013. (AFP)
00:17 GMT
Egypt fills prisons with dissidents like there's no tomorrow; Sudanese president accused of massive human rights abuses invited to visit Egypt; Can you spell orientalism? Uproar over sale of Egyptian statue from British museum

July 13, 2014

Last month the Paris-based International Energy Agency too conceded that the US was the biggest producer of oil and natural gas liquids.
 In view of the growing US supplies, the OPEC too is cutting forecast of demand for its own oil by 300,000 barrels a day next year.
23:29 GMT
World's top crude consumer, the United States, is now the world's top producer too, overtaking Russia and the OPEC kingdom Saudi Arabia.
Germany 1-0 Argentina (AET): Die Mannschaft crowned world champions
22:53 GMT
Mario Gotze's goal in the second half of extra-time was enough to separate the two teams and give Joachim Low's men the world crown
He called for imposing stricter search measures on female passengers and travelers because terrorists may use women to carry out their operations.
22:25 GMT
A Dammam airport source told Al-Hayat Arabic daily that airport officers have been asked to refer any suspicious passengers for investigation.
. Cultural fit mattered more to interviewers than analytical ability or communication skills.
21:59 GMT
In an increasingly globalised economy, understanding how to deal with others is vital.
Over 1,000 people have been wounded from Israeli airstrikes on Gaza as of Sunday (AFP)
20:00 GMT
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is ready to mediate a truce between Israel and Hamas, but Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters that Tel Aviv is set to continue the offensive despite the mounting death toll.
Kurds in Syria have been fighting ISIS militants in Kobani for months (File Archive/AFP)
19:29 GMT
Kurdish fighters clashed with jihadist militants in Syria's north Sunday.
The ranking, published by, is unique in that it highlights the value of MBA programs based on employer demands of MBA graduates.
18:32 GMT
The rank was based on the demands of international employers for MBA graduates.
Hundreds of pro-Morsi supporters have been sentenced to prison over the past months, with some even receiving life sentences and the dealth penalty (File Archive/AFP)
18:04 GMT
An Egyptian court sentenced 101 more pro-Morsi supporters Sunday to three years in prison for "illegal gathering" and "rioting."
Foreign Ministers from France, Britain, Germany and the U.S. joined the negotiations this weekend to see if a deal will be possible before the July 20 deadline (Jim Bourg/Pool/AFP)
17:55 GMT
Iran nuclear talks are still ongoing as Tehran and world powers try to finalize a permanent deal ahead of a self-imposed July 20 deadline. With talks bumpy in past days, some leaders have discussed the possibility of an extension, but some FMs say a chance still remains to finalize a deal.
Israeli soldiers patrol the border with neighboring Lebanon after rocket fire was exchanged Friday (Mahmoud Zayyat/AFP)
17:33 GMT
Lebanon's army told reporters Sunday that they found the launchpad from which three rockets from Tyre were fired towards northern Israel
Liverpool squad
16:57 GMT
The details of Luis Suarez's transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona were finalised yesterday as he moved to Spain for an estimated fee of £75m in spite of the Uruguayan striker serving a four-month ban for biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.
The airline will also operate four flights a week to the world-class tourism and economic hub, Hong Kong, and three flights a week to Algeria’s vibrant capital and largest city, Algiers.
16:47 GMT
Etihad Airways will launch six new routes in the first half of 2015, offering even more choice and improved connections to travellers worldwide.
The results indicate increases of 35 per cent in tourists from the UAE, 6.3 per cent from Saudi Arabia and 10.8 per cent in tourists from Kuwait.
16:26 GMT
The average stay for the Arab tourist — particularly GCC nationals — increased from 9.5 nights in 2013 to 11.6 nights in 2014.
Angel Di Maria
16:21 GMT
The Premier League club had hoped to agree a deal with Real Madrid, but the emergence of the Ligue 1 side could see the Old Trafford outfit outmuscled in transfer talks
Another option that has been pushed forward enthusiastically in recent weeks is selling gas to the international companies that have land-based liquefaction facilities in Egypt.
16:07 GMT
The problem with the Turkish deal is twofold: the delicate political relationship between Israel and Turkey, and the handling of the negotiations on the parts of the corporate bodies in Turkey.
Three apartments in Casablanca's El Hank district collapsed Friday (AFP)
15:41 GMT
At least 13 people have now died from the collapse of multiple buildings in Morocco's commercial hub city Casablanca.
World Cup Final 2014: Germany v Argentina Preview and Projected Lineups
15:38 GMT
The World Cup Final is one of the most celebrated events in the world of sport. After a grueling four-year journey, where over 200+ nations began their journey towards Brazil, there are now just two nations left: Germany and Argentina.
Factory Girl is one of the films to feature at the 2014 Arab Film Festival this summer. (Image: Facebook)
15:11 GMT
Films from Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Jordan, including Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl, will be screened at the Riverside Theatres in Sydney, Australia, this August as part of the 2014 Arab Film Festival.
14:36 GMT
The image of Israelis in Sderot watching the Gaza strikes as if they were at the cinema has created an unprecedented social media storm and international outrage.
Thousands around the world are standing in solidarity with Gaza. (Image: Facebook)
14:29 GMT
Gaza is still under attack by Israel, but you can keep up-to-date with what's happening through this blog. Also, check out some noteworthy stories you might have missed in Lebanon this week.
Iran’s Targeted Subsidy Reform remains one of the most ambitious attempts to reform subsidies in an energy-exporting country.
14:11 GMT
A new IMF paper shows how subsidy reform has recently gained momentum in the Middle East and North Africa and outlines the elements of successful subsidy reform.
Yemen may fracture more than anticipated with Al Qaeda, southern separatists, northern rebels and a weak central government threatening the country's unity and development going forward (Mohammed Huwais/AFP)
13:58 GMT
Yemen's unity and development may be more at threat today than ever before, but who-or what-is to blame?
The Israeli Defense Force has struck 200 targets in Gaza over the past 24 hours (AFP/ File).
13:56 GMT
The Israeli Defense Force's noon deadline for tens of thousands of residents in northern Gaza to evacuate has passed as the IDF plans to intensify air strikes on the zone Israel believes is firing more rockets.
Iraq's parliament must quickly pick a new speaker of parliament, president, and prime minister. (AFP/File)
13:52 GMT
Iraq's parliamentary session Sunday ended after 30 minutes and without progress.
At least seven Algerian soldiers were killed Sunday (File Archive/AFP)
13:34 GMT
At least three Algerian soldiers and their four auxiliaries were killed by roadside bombs Sunday.
'Biting' again could cost Luis Suarez 3m pounds from Barcelona pay
13:32 GMT
Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, in controversies over biting Italian defender, will lose 3 million pounds of his 10 million pounds-a-year salary if he tries to bite another opponent.
Mmmm, creamy…. milkshake? Nope- you’ve got your Ramadan glasses on! As @ThatBeardedChap says: “Saw this on Instagram and thought ‘That looks delicious’. Then read the caption- Mixing Paint”.
12:40 GMT
Forget #FirstWorldProblems, let's talk #RamadanProblems! If getting past the fast is hard for you, then here's a light-hearted look at the situations you face to help you make it through to Iftar. Ramadan Kareem!
Over 100 Palestinians have died in Israel's recent air strikes on Gaza. (AFP/File)
12:21 GMT
Pope Francis calls for peace in Gaza as Israel continues air strikes.
Over 1000 Palestinians have been injured since the Israeli offensive began in Gaza (File/AFP)
12:00 GMT
Medical workers in Gaza struggled to cope with the high number of civilian casualties caused by Israeli air strikes in recent days as the Palestinian death toll topped 151 people.
Israeli security looks on as Palestinian Muslim worshipers (unseen) perform traditional Friday noon prayers along a street outside the Old City in East Jerusalem, on July 11, 2014, on the second Friday of Islam's holy month of Ramadan. [AFP]
11:49 GMT
Israeli forces raided the al-Aqsa Mosque Compound on Sunday and fired rubber-coated steel bullets at worshipers, witnesses told Ma'an.
Latifa says she hosted all her concerts celebrating ousted President Ben Ali for free. (Image: Facebook)
11:31 GMT
Tunisian singer Latifa made it clear that she seriously doesn't care for the tunisian resident's Black List against her!
Rebel groups who were involved in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi have refused to lay down their arms and continue to harass civilians and government officials. (AFP/File)
10:37 GMT
Intense fighting has erupted in Libya's Tripoli.
For Egyptians, not watching the World Cup is not an option, but for the final game they are being forced to choose between what they see as the lesser of two evils. (AFP/File)
09:37 GMT
Egyptians are facing a dilemma when it comes to watching the World Cup as the only two channels that carry the games are an Israeli TV channel and a channel owned by Al Jazeera.
Who? Me? Sue me? Imam's show may be in trouble with an Egyptian hospital! (Image: Facebook)
09:07 GMT
Adel Imam's Ramadan TV show "His Excellency" may be getting sued by an Egyptian hospital... but why?
If Gaza's residents used bomb shelters, would it make a difference? (Shutterstock).
08:38 GMT
When missiles are launched into Israel, Israelis got to bomb shelters. The same cannot be said in Gaza however. Why don't Palestinians use bomb shelters?
At the moment, Libyan officials are not aware of the demands of the oil port guards. (AFP/File)
08:35 GMT
Protesters in Libya have shut down the national oil port of Brega, days after the government celebrated its reopening.
Liqa is so not happy with Galal and his prank show! (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:28 GMT
Egyptian actress Liqa Suwaidan feels "insulted" by Ramez Galal's prank show!
The UN estimates that 77 percent of Palestinian fatalities have been civilians (File/AFP)
08:21 GMT
The UN on Saturday called for a ceasefire between Tel Aviv and Hamas as an Israeli cabinet minister said the army was ready for a ground invasion.
Members of Iraq's security forces stand guard in Baghdad, April 29, 2014 (File/AFP)
07:49 GMT
Gunmen killed at least 33 people including 29 women in a Baghdad housing complex Saturday. Police said the motive of the shootings still remained unclear.
Lebanese Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi has urged protesters to open the roads they blocked throughout the week against Lebanese Army threats to do so by force (AFP/File).
07:33 GMT
Lebanon's Minister for Justice, Ashraf Rifi has urged Bab al-Tabbaneh residents in Tripoli to show self-restraint, claiming local political and security forces have manipulated their protests for personal political gains.
A Libyan soldier and onlookers gather around the bodies of two reported migrants on a beach on July 12, 2014 in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Twelve bodies of reported illegal immigrants were already found off the coast of Tajura, 20km east of Tripoli in the past two days. (AFP / STR)
07:31 GMT
A Libyan soldier and onlookers gather around the bodies
The service provides women with information on how often her potential husband frequents the local mosque and details about his driving habits. (Shutterstock)
07:30 GMT
A new internet service in Saudi Arabia allows women to pay for information about potential husbands.
A Gazan woman holds an injured child in Rafah's al-Najar hospital, July 9, 2014 (File/AFP)
07:28 GMT
Over 21 Palestinians were killed after fresh Israeli air strikes in Gaza late Saturday, bringing the death toll to 151, with at least 1000 people injured.
Iranian officials hope Kerry's presence will help solve remaining differences. (AFP/File)
07:05 GMT
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Vienna to join the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran.
George Clooney is not accepting of Daily Mail's "apology" over the Mrs. Alamuddin rumors.
05:00 GMT
Daily Mail did publish an apology for false reports that said Amal Alamuddin's mother was not approving of her marriage to George Clooney, but the Hollywood star isn't having it.
Yemen has struggled to pay public sector salaries and finance food and energy imports, which has led to power cuts and fuel shortages
04:55 GMT
But reducing subsidies is hard in a country where a third of the population of 25 million lives on less than $2 a day, and this week’s austerity package did not address subsidies.
Historically, Iran’s economy has been heavily dependent on oil, and the fluctuations of oil prices and exports over the years have directly influenced the government’s budgets and actions.
04:55 GMT
Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ali Tayyebnia says Iran will no longer promote an oil-based economy even if the economic sanctions which have been imposed against the country are totally lifted.
Efforts to reach agreement on a new government in Baghdad to confront the insurgents have been complicated by the tensions between Maliki and the Kurds.
04:55 GMT
An oil ministry spokesman in Baghdad described the takeover as dangerous and irresponsible and called for the Kurdish forces to withdraw immediately.
Chinese tourist numbers have recovered from their plunge following the 2012 eruption of the spat between Beijing and Tokyo over islands in the East China Sea.
04:55 GMT
Prayer rooms, hijabs made from local silk and even halal-certified whale meat are appearing in Japan as tourism bosses wake up to the demand from Muslim travellers.
In their efforts to satisfy their individualistic desires, Egyptians are happy to achieve the tiniest self-realisation at the cost of the country’s welfare.
04:55 GMT
In principle, every citizen deserves a better life; why should people suffer if their lives can be improved?
A number of foreign partners have reduced investments in the sector for the upcoming period, which will cause average natural gas production to stabilise.
03:14 GMT
Dues owed to foreign oil companies reached a total of $6.3bn this July, compared to $6bn at the end of April.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on as he speaks during a press conference at the defense ministry in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv on July 11, 2014. [AFP]
00:57 GMT
Netanyahu: We can’t allow Gaza in Judea and Samaria; we are weighing all possibilities and are prepared for all possibilities.
She knows she's loved by all.
00:13 GMT
In case you were wondering what hot celeb would added to the Carthage festival lineup, no more guesses needed. Nancy Ajram is on her way, Tunisia, and she couldn't be more honored.

July 12, 2014

Brazil 0-3 Netherlands: Dutch heap more misery on Selecao in battle for third
23:12 GMT
Goals from Robin van Persie, Daley Blind and Georginio Wijnaldum were enough to give Oranje the win over the tournament hosts
A picture taken from the southern Israeli Gaza border shows rockets being fired from the Gaza strip into Israel, on July 12, 2014. [AFP]
21:48 GMT
Three rockets fired from south Lebanon hit northern Israel, triggering retaliatory artillery fire on the Lebanese border village of Zebqin, a security source told The Daily Star Saturday.
Smoke billows from buildings following an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on July 12, 2014. [AFP]
21:22 GMT
Northern Gazans are being removed from northern Gaza and other areas from which rockets are being fired senior army source says; source adds that Hamas psychological warfare shows that it has been pushed into a corner.
Mr Hague said he spoke of the British Government’s “deep concern about the number of civilian casualties and the need for all sides to avoid further civilian injuries and the loss of innocent life” but stopped short of condemning Israel’s response. [AFP]
20:56 GMT
William Hague has said Israel has the “right to defend itself” against rocket attacks from Gaza after urging Palestinian and Israeli leaders to negotiate a ceasefire.
Israeli border guards take position as fireworks launched by Palestinian protestors lit the sky during clashes at the Qalandia checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah, early on July 12, 2014. [AFP]
20:30 GMT
Sirens blare in TA twice, also in other parts of country; no injuries reported; IAF attacks rocket launching site from which the latest barrage was shot.
Image taken from a video released in January by the the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham allegedly shows ISIS fighters. (AFP)
18:43 GMT
Modern Islamic extremist groups reconfigure modernity to focus on punishment rather than morals; outside help is needed to unify the Iraqi people and defeat ISIS; the chaos in Iraq threatens to become a global epidemic; tech-savy terrorists use Bitcoin to funnel electronic funds.
Palestinian firefighters try to extinguish fire at UN storehouse after an Israeli military strike in an area west of Gaza City on July 12, 2014. [AFP]
16:44 GMT
Palestinian initiated talks taking place to reach ceasefire with Egypt, Qatar involvement, Channel 2 reports; Blair meets with Sisi to discuss ways to restore 2012 ceasefire; Gal-On says PM must involve Abbas to end hostilities.
Well-protected: Donning military gear and carrying rifles, thousands of soldiers moved into a new position on the border on the fifth day of the deadly conflict. [AP]
14:52 GMT
Israeli troops mass on Gaza border in preparation for ground attack after airstrikes hit mosque 'that was hiding Hamas weapons'
Eliaquim Mangala
14:40 GMT
The 23-year-old was seen entering The Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester's Moss Side to undergo routine medical tests ahead of completing a £31.8 million move
A missile is launched by an "Iron Dome" battery, a short-range missile defence system designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells, on July 11, 2014 in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod. [AFP]
14:35 GMT
Channel 10 reports injuries are light; Most of the rockets landed in open areas in western Negev.
Meet the 10 World Cup footballers shortlisted for 2014 Golden Ball award
14:33 GMT
The shortlist for the 2014 Golden Ball, the prize awarded to the best player at the World Cup, has been announced by FIFA.
Nicola Rizzoli
14:28 GMT
FIFA officials have revealed that Italy's Nicola Rizzoli would referee the 2014 World Cup finale between Germany and Argentina on Sunday.
Palestinian firefighters try to extinguish fire at UN storehouse after an Israeli military strike in an area west of Gaza City on July 12, 2014. Israel vowed no let-up in its aerial bombardment of Gaza, which has claimed more than 100 Palestinian lives, as a defiant Hamas rained more rockets on the Jewish state. (AFP / MAHMUD HAMS)
13:43 GMT
Palestinian firefighters try to extinguish fire at UN storehouse after an Israeli military strike in an area west of Gaza City
World Cup 2014: Brazil v Netherlands Preview and Projected Lineups
13:06 GMT
The World Cup third place match is almost one of no importance, but with Brazil being the host nation it will certainly be one with a lot of national pride attached to it after they were humiliated by Germany in the semi-finals.
The body of five-year-old Abdallah Abu Ghazal lies at a mosque during a funeral ceremony in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya on July 10, 2014 after he was killed in an Israeli air strike. (MAHMUD HAMS/AFP)
09:15 GMT
I can no longer stand by while Israeli politicians like Ayelet Shaked condone the deaths of innocent Palestinian women and children
Palestinians sitting on a street react after a deadly Israeli air strike that targeted their house on July 8, 2014 in the town of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. (Said Khatib/AFP)
08:58 GMT
The death toll from the five days of Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip has risen to at least 122 as several are wounded in an anti-Israel protest in the West Bank.