Nonstop Khaleeji hits by various artists

Nonstop Khaleeji hits by various artists
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Published August 10th, 2010 - 06:39 GMT

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CD cover
CD cover
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EMI Music
Aziz Al Dowahi
Yasser Habeeb
Al Bloushi
Ya Banat Al
Al Mazzrouai
Al Kebali
Al Menhaly
Track listing
Ahmed Al Kebaly
Al Haddad
Youssef Al Omani
Fadl Al Mazzroui
Al TheebShaimaa
Al MadinaKB

Great news for the Khaleeji clubs, for music stores, for Khaleeji music lovers anywhere in the world. Your favorite Khaleeji hits are all collected in one album that will take this season to another level!


EMI Music Arabia is proud to announce the release of Khaleeji Hits - which is a rich and varied compilation echoing voices of the class stars of the Khaleeji World including (Eidha Al Menhaly, Youssef Al Omani, Fadl Al Mazzroui, Yasser Habeeb, Messa’ed Al Bloushi, Munther Al Jennibi, Badriah, Ahmed Al Kebaly and many more…) along with the new generation singers.


NON stop Khaleeji DJ MIX CD, This Mix is perfect for all kind of parties, clubs and events, just press play and instantly your party starts or your dance floor will be packed.

This album will take listeners on ecstatic journey to the very core of the beautiful land of the Gulf…


This album is a must have for all Khaleeji music lovers, it has an eye catching artwork, & deluxe packaging



Track listing:

Artist / Song

Eidha Al Menhaly - Abki Alak

Yasser Habeeb - Sahebi

Fadel Al Mazzrouai - Yaza Al Messafer

Youssef Al Omani - El Hekaya

Ahmed Al Kebali - Mahdi El Gharam

Messa’ed Al Bloushi - Ala Ragabti

Munther Al Jennibi - Al Theeb

Shaimaa - Einak Mizaanak

Abdul Aziz Al Dowahi - Hatetak Berasi

Badriyah - Forset El Omer

Abdullah Mubark - Ya Banat Al Madina

KB Band - Eash Ayamak

Stars Band - Ashtagna

Fahad Al Haddad - Besokat


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