“Words that Speak Truth and Innovation” LG Electronics Celebrates Its Q3 Media Club Event

“Words that Speak Truth and Innovation” LG Electronics Celebrates Its Q3 Media Club Event
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Published December 13th, 2010 - 14:01 GMT

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Seeking to maintain constant communication and interaction with members of its Media Club, LG Electronics, a global leader in communications and information technology, has recently organized a celebration entitled 'Words that speak truth and innovation' to assess the performance of the Club during the third quarter of this year 2010.

This celebration underlines LG's ultimate belief of the effective role of the media and the media people in the success of any business. During the celebration, the names of some journalists from the Media Club were announced as winners for their sectors, awards were distributed to honor them.

In his key note statement during the event, Mr. Kevin Cha, Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant, commended the significance of the Media Club saying: "I am extremely pleased with this Club and highly underline its importance in maintaining and strengthening our relationship with the media and media people which enables us to appreciate their substantial efforts and establish solid ties with the media sector as a whole."

According to Cha, the Media Club has granted the Company the opportunity to interact with the media people and share their interests and aspirations.

"We, at LG, also seek through the LG Media Club to empower the media people and support them to deliver their message to the public and perform their work with great confidence and creativity, hence the title of our meeting today, 'Words that speak truth and innovation, "Cha added.

In recognition of the efforts of local media people and the strong belief in the significant role they play in the progress of their nations, LG has honored two local journalists who practiced journalism for more than 25 years, as a gesture of respect and appreciation for their long journey in this career. 


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