600 New Students embark upon a New Life-changing Educational Journey at AUD

600 New Students embark upon a New Life-changing Educational Journey at AUD
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Published September 19th, 2010 - 08:43 GMT

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The American University in Dubai (AUD) marked the start of the new academic year 2010-2011 with its Freshman Fall Orientation, catering to approximately 600 new students, which commenced on Saturday, the 18th of September, 2010. With the help of the AUD Faculty and Staff members, freshman students were introduced to the university experience, got acquainted with the campus facilities and environment, and the city of Dubai, and acquired knowledge about the University's policies and procedures, and the mission of its different departments. Students were also led by Student Orientation Leaders on an on-campus tour, and then visited their respective schools and faculties, after having gathered in the Auditorium to hear welcome speeches by the AUD President, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, and the Student Services Team.

AUD's President Dr. Lance de Masi, greeted the new students, emphasizing the academic excellence the University has been providing over the past decade and urging the youth, who have chosen AUD as the academic destination, to pursue their university studies while seizing the following personal traits:

"Do your best... Be humble... Take initiative... Respect others... Seek balance... Be open to new ideas... Develop thick skin... Assume responsibility... Consume books... Have fun! I hope that AUD helps you achieve your dreams; and should you not have any, help you get a few."

In turn, Dr. Jihad Nader, AUD's Provost and Chief Academic Officer, described AUD's liberal education, stressing that AUD provides the type of education which "emphasizes an individual's whole development in addition to providing an in-depth knowledge of one or more professional fields."

A short film about the diverse aspects of life on campus was showcased, accompanied by a series of presentations introducing AUD's Student Services Team and discussing the University's various departments and services. Students got familiar with the core values and mission of the University's Health Center, Housing Division, Student Counseling Office, Career Services Division, Athletics Office, Registrar, IT Services, Grievance and Institutional Effectiveness Department and Library Services and Resources.

Unaiza Goplani, Student Activities Coordinator at AUD, describes Orientation as, "an opportunity for incoming students to familiarize themselves with the rights and responsibilities of being a college student as well as learning to become part of the AUD community through the various activities planned for the day." She adds, "The program provides students with the opportunity to learn about the various support services available to students to enable academic success and engagement in campus live." "The SGA - Student Government Association and Student Orientation Leaders facilitated various components of the day; the focus on student to student interaction allows the more senior students to share their perspectives and insights with the incoming freshmen class and is of great value to all students," she concludes.

During Orientation, new students had the chance to sign up with several different Student Clubs, promoting their vital involvement in the activities of the University community at large and allowing them to seek education outside the classroom. A presentation by the Student Government Association (SGA) helped the students gain a better understanding of the challenging and exciting AUD experience, to better mingle with their peers, and Departmental meetings, where students were given the opportunity to hear from the Deans and Chairs of their respective departments, also took place.

Parent's Orientation is also a vital part of the Freshman Orientation Session in which new student residents and their parents meet with the Student Services Team and the Resident Assistants (RAs). During the session, Ms. Raya Al Barazi, AUD Housing Manager, welcomed the new student residents and their parents and presented her duties and the Housing Rules and Regulations at the University.

Consistent to previous years, the Student Services Office at AUD has put together this year an interesting calendar of events, for new student comers, which are set to extend over the course of the current Fall term conveying several fun games and activities, such as bowling, scavenger hunt, athletics fair, dhow cruise adventure, SGA carnival, masquerade party, among many other extracurricular activities. 


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