Abu Dhabi University ramps up its recycling programme

Abu Dhabi University ramps up its recycling programme
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Published December 23rd, 2010 - 16:26 GMT

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Abu Dhabi University (ADU) is all set to embark upon a new series of initiatives designed to further enhance its Khalifa campus' Recycling Programme. A number of lectures and programs will be held in succession, in response to growing student interest in environmentalism. These will kick-off of a new drive to improve recycling on the campus by sharing information, best practices and ideas.

Chancellor, Dr. Nabil Ibrahim said that, "ADU's objective with the Recycling Programme is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly campus, equipped with the appropriate recycling equipment that all members of the university will be encouraged to utilize fully.

He added that, "the mission of our recycling programme is to implement a convenient, safe and cost-effective recycling programme that is available to as many people as possible. We are counting on participation and feedback from faculty, staff and students to continuously expand and improve these programs, as well as to develop new recycling and sustainability initiatives."

Presentations will be delivered by environmental groups at ADU, such as the Environmental Club and Dulsco, in order to provide relevant information about sustainable living so that students are aware of how to be environmentally conscientious and reduce their carbon footprint.

"Colleges and universities across the nation must make important and decisive contributions to help the environment," urged Dr Ibrahim. "We are proud to see our Recycle Programme step into gear and look forward to working alongside other campuses in the UAE to improve recycling and raise green awareness around the country." 

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