Ahmadinejad: End of US empire imminent

Ahmadinejad: End of US empire imminent
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The world waswoken up to shock the other day. Surprisingly the shock was that the American deplota was killed in Benghanzi.
This particular Deplomat could have been inocent but his country cannot claim to be and since he was an agent of thre guilty country, he was an accomplice to the international crimes aganist humanity that USA had committed aganist other people and the muslim in particular.
When a muslim dies, its good message jubilation from the US, when an Amercan or an isreal is killed, its an act of ckwardice and terrerism. This is not fair and it will only make every American unsafe wherever they are.
If USA wants to live in a safe world, work for a world of justice not arrogance and impunity because it is not sustainable and least in todays world. It will not build you but break you.

I advise the US government that their actions are only mobilising support for the Mujahdeens.
So make the world unsafe for others but prepare to face the same fate.

Odaka Asuman (not verified) Thu, 09/13/2012 - 09:13

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