Al-Baddad International Sets Up Hajj Camp for Pilgrims in Mecca

Al-Baddad International Sets Up Hajj Camp for Pilgrims in Mecca
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Published September 28th, 2010 - 10:01 GMT

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Al-Baddad International
Al Oubour Co.
Al Mashaer
Zayed Al Baddad
Marwan Ashour
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For the eighth consecutive year, Al-Baddad International will be setting up a camp for pilgrims with an area exceeding 142,000 square meters in the holy region of Al Mashaer. The contract was signed by Mr. Zayed Al Baddad, Chairman of Al-Baddad International, and Hisham Rawa and Marwan Ashour, board members of Al Oubour Co.; the exclusive distributor of Al-Baddad products in the region.

In preparation for the Hajj (pilgrimage) season that attracts millions of people from around the world, the company prepped up a number of mobile halls to house huge numbers of guests in their holy visit to the Grand Mosque. The halls are characterised with different shapes and sizes, ranging from pyramidal to dome-shaped and golden. Additional halls were also constructed to serve as medical clinics and public bathrooms.

Paying close attention to the internal design of the halls, the top-notch furnishing included carpets, lighting, air conditioning systems, and necessary equipment. Al-Baddad further supported the project by providing all the heavy equipment, from electric generators to cranes and transportation means.

The Hajj project is among the highly-anticipated annual projects given its religious and social significance. Al-Baddad prides itself to be part of it as part of its ongoing commitment to social responsibility and to its core operations that cover every domain.

Al-Baddad International is an active player in the Saudi market, with important events that include the Taif Festival, Hael Desert Rally, Ihsaa Festival and the book fairs in Islamic University and Tiba University in Medina.

Al-Baddad International would like to extend heartfelt wishes to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Crown Prince for their efforts in encouraging people to fulfil their religious duties. The company pledges to spare no effort to ensure the comfort and safety of the pilgrims. 


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