Annan: Assad must act now

Annan: Assad must act now
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Kofi should be scrutinized more. He has been a major obstacle to establishing a global consensus on what constitutes "terrorism". He assumed a vocal role speaking on behalf of those who refuse to accept that acts of violence in liberation movements are nothing less than terrorism. I personally make strong distinctions between any violence and nonviolence, but as I study more about the history of nonviolence, I find I can make fewer and fewer distinctions between violence and violence. I just think Kofi's role is as the ambassador of dictorially orchestrated, merchanteerfully bickered for and militastically efficient imperial rape. And, we know some rebel forces are militarized bands of militia, magnetically drawn to US interest, but I don't think these are the ones Kofi is laughing at as he mocks the world. He knows what they do and why. But I think it's those people who are dying he is using to build his case against this other domestic terrorist group, which is mostly foreign fighters so he can say: see why "liberation" (and he will gesture with his fingers "quotation") movements are terrorist too. And win the vote and go down in history as having done something. If he won't change his stance on this- I am right.

Tim C (not verified) Wed, 05/30/2012 - 10:07

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