Arab League to meet today on Gaza

Arab League to meet today on Gaza
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I agree that compared to the Arabs the IDF is doing a human live saving job.
An induction exercise:
The average daily death count of Arabs in the ongoing conflicts is 250 per day.
The total death count for 7 days would be 1750.
The ration between the Arabs and IDF is 11 to 1>

Question for an intelligent person:
( you may try to reply)
Taking in consideration the IDF superiority over the combined strength of all the armies and terror group in the ME:
And assuming that the IDF will follow the same values of the Arabs:
What should be the death ratio?
Pls read what has been asked in AL Jazeera:
Al-Jazeera about IDF.
""why the Syrian army, Hezbollah and other Islamic military groups
cannot be more humane like the Israeli. ""
Google search: omgrossmedia. mideastdispatches/archives/001423

I agree that the number of death people could be lower:
To save life's pls demand Hamas to stop using human shields:

The spokesperson for Hamas in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, spoke on Al Aqsa TV about the use of civilians as a human shield

ariely shein (not verified) Mon, 07/14/2014 - 06:17

no more----no mre----no more---no more

Can you imagine that while England was bombarded by the Nazi V rockets and innocent civilians murdered in cool blood across Europe, the family members of Hitler and Himmler where treated in English hospitals and returned to Nazi Germany?
You cannot imagine this?
Why Not?
Family members of Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmood Abbass are treated in Israeli hospitals>

1: The granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was transferred to an Israeli hospital for treatment, sources in the Gaza Strip confirmed.
Google search: Middle-East/Israeli-hospital-treats-Hamas-PM-Haniyehs-granddaughter-332193

2: The wife of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has been treated in an Israeli hospital.
Google search: palestinian-presidents-wife-treated-israel-hospital-173726192

3:The mother-in-law of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is in Israel for medical treatment.
Google search: therepublic view/story/cde5122f916145aaab6388ca7e00f559/ML--Israel-Haniyeh
The similarities and differences between Nazi and Hamas.

**The Nazi wanted only to replace governments to semi Nazi governments. (And exterminate the Jews).

**The Hamas charter (a branch of Muslim brotherhood) wants to exterminate the Jews (and impose Islamism all over).
Their vision of the future world is:
""quite and peace for Christians and Jews is possible only under
Islam wings"'
---Muslim brotherhood leader speech delivered in Cairo:
"" Hitler didn’t finish the job""
""The Muslim brotherhood will finish the job"
We – the Israelis are saying "" NO MORE""
We demand our government to furfill its duty to protect us>
Put an end forever to this vicious cycle!!

ariely shein (not verified) Mon, 07/14/2014 - 05:50

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