Artwork based on DNA sequencing offers unique décor options for high profile UAE customers

Artwork based on DNA sequencing offers unique décor options for high profile UAE customers
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Published September 20th, 2010 - 10:29 GMT

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Graphic artworks based on DNA sequencing are now being offered as unique décor options for high profile customers in the country, with the advent of scripting technologies that magnify abstract images of a person's DNA, thereby creating truly one-of-a-kind art pieces for the high-end clientele. DeScript, a Russian-based company specializing in graphic DNA portraits, is looking forward to showcasing its expertise and capabilities of its revolutionary DNA scripting technology at the upcoming 'Big Boys Toys' event, a highly anticipated lifestyle exhibition, which will run from February 02 - 05, 2011 at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center). The company plans to leverage the networking platform of the event to explore possibilities of entering into strategic partnerships that will enable it to make its foray in the high potential Middle East markets.

The DNA scripting process starts with the harvesting of the cells by scraping at the inner part of the cheek with a special brush. A solution saturated with millions of DNA copies will be applied to a gel and run through an electric current, which will then form an inimitable graphic pattern unique to each individual customer. During the event, all 21 solution options will be displayed, which can be customised through the client's own sketch and printed on paper, glass or canvas, with sizes ranging from 60х80 cm to 120х110 cm and up to four images fitted into one frame. In addition to DNA portraits, DeScript will also showcase exclusive jewellery with ornaments designed based on the client's DNA.

"By creating these remarkable artworks based on DNA, the unique essence of each human being, and putting them into a medium that can be imbedded into a customer's personal space, we are literally bringing 'Art to Life'," said Yusef Khesuani, Founder and Creator of DeScript. "We believe that this avant-garde concept will be much appreciated in the UAE - it being one of the most dynamic and most accommodating markets for new products that proceed to become trendsetters. We are looking to debut at the 'Big Boys Toys' event as a full-fledged business in the Middle East and we are very keen to establish new partnerships in the region, especially in the UAE."

Growing to accommodate an additional day and more exhibition space, covering an even bigger area, the expanded 2011 edition underlines the growth in the luxury lifestyle market in Abu Dhabi. The exhibition is anticipating an affluent target audience of over 60,000 visitors during its 4-day run. With seven original zones: Drive, Ride, Off Road, Marine, Aviation, Digital and Lifestyle, and three new ones: Fitness, Fashion and Adventure, the exhibition is the only complete luxury lifestyle event to be held in the UAE. In addition to DeScript, other, select exhibitors across 46 luxury brand categories will exhibit, demonstrate and conduct thrilling activities within the event venue.

"This ingenious service is truly personalized: the resulting artwork from an individual's DNA will be like no other anywhere and in any time. Moreover, the fact that portraits based on DNA sequencing do not comprise human imagery will be an added attraction in the Arab world, and we can certainly expect this new kind of art form to adorn the walls of many homes here. Also, with the UAE and more specifically Abu Dhabi now promoting art and culture in a big way, as reflected by the development of five art and culture centres within its Saadiyat Island at present, DeScript will definitely have a wide audience for their portraits during 'Big Boys Toys'," concluded Biju Jayaraaj, CEO, Artaaj. 


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