Assad: Syria will defeat revolt at "any price"

Assad: Syria will defeat revolt at "any price"
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I cannot believe what I'm reading. I wish Mr. Assad would make up his mind. one day he's ready to leave Syria, and the next, he claims he will stay to defeat the enemy responsible for the loss of lives in Syria. Then he states, "The Syrian people will not allow the foreign conspiracy to succeed." Who does Mr. Assad consider to be 'foreign,' and what so-called conspiracy is he talking about? One of the worse things Mr. Assad could be doing right now is talking to any diplomats from Iran as they are a ticking time bomb waiting to destroy the nations who do not share the same faith and goals as they do. The Syrian people will not back down, not at any cost. They would rather die fighting for their peace. Mr. Assad is just adding fuel to the furnace with a verbal travesty of justice for Syria.

Donna McRoy (not verified) Wed, 08/29/2012 - 04:07

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