Development In Iraq

January 26, 2014

Car bombs have killed dozens of people in Iraq over the past week alone (File Archive/AFP)
12:41 GMT

Car bombs in Kirkuk and Baghdad left six dead and at least 14 wounded Sunday.

January 23, 2014

According to a Human Rights Watch tally, Iraq hanged at least 151 people in 2013. 37 people were arrested this week alone. (AFP/File)
12:41 GMT

11 Iraqi nationals were hung on Thursday on "terrorist offenses", the interior ministry said, bringing the total number of people executed in a week to 37.

The Shiite leadership in Iraq's government have blamed daily suicide bomb and related attacks on what has been described as an Al Qaeda cell in the Anbar province (File Archive/AFP)
07:22 GMT

At least 50 militants were killed in Iraq's Anbar Wednesday while U.S. President Obama met with Iraqi parliamentarians to discuss Sunni leadership integration into the government.

January 21, 2014

Smoke rises from Iraq's Ramadi after gunmen allegedly attempted to attack government troops (Azhar Shallal/AFP)
14:05 GMT

Iraq executed 26 prisoners Sunday who were convicted on terrorism-related charges.

Members of the Iraqi army listen to a speech by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a political meeting to talk about the ongoing fighting between security forces and al-Qaeda-linked groups.  [AFP]
09:56 GMT

After his capture, a Shi'ite militia leader has made claims that leaders of Maliki's political group will be assassinated if he is not released within 24 hours.

January 20, 2014

An Iraqi man inspects the site of a car bomb explosion in the Taubchi neighbourhood of the capital Baghdad on January 19, 2014, a day after the attack. (AFP)
12:58 GMT

Seven bomb explosions went off in Baghdad on Monday, killing 26 people and injuring 67, police and medics reported.

January 19, 2014

An Iraqi man inspects the site of a car bomb explosion in the Taubchi neighbourhood of the capital Baghdad on January 19, 2014, a day after the attack. [AFP]
16:25 GMT

As Iraqi government forces and allied tribal militias launched an all-out offensive against al-Qaeda-linked militants on Sunday in the Sunni stronghold of Anbar, Iraq’s premier accused “diabolical” and “treacherous” Arab states of being behind strife in the country.

Iraq soldiers have been deployed to counteract anti-government fighters in Ramadi (Azher Shallal/AFP)
11:37 GMT

The Iraqi army launched a new operation on the anti-government controlled city of Ramadi Sunday and imposed a ban on all movement within the area.

Is Iraq coming close to an all-out sectarian war? (AFP/File)
07:20 GMT

A wave of violence struck Baghdad on Saturday as seven attacks - including six car bombs - killed 20 people amid the government's standoff in Anbar province with Al Qaeda-affiliates.

January 17, 2014

Iraqi soldiers monitor a checkpoint East of Baghdad on January 10, 2014. [AFP]
22:27 GMT

The United States is planning to use U.S. troops to train Iraqi counter terrorism units in a third country, a defense official said on Friday

January 16, 2014

The Iraqi army is struggling to get large swathes of the restive Anbar province back under governmental control. Al Qaeda-affiliated militants have overrun major cities, such as Fallujah and Ramadi. (AFP)
06:52 GMT

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki on Wednesday said that although the war against Al Qaeda and its affiliated groups will be long, "the battle will end in victory".

January 15, 2014

An Iraqi man walks past the site of a car bomb in central Baghdad, on January 15, 2014. [AFP]
10:53 GMT

Over a dozen bombs have exploded in the Baquba and Baghdad areas Wednesday killing over 50 people.

January 14, 2014

A bomb-laden bus exploded in Baghdad Tuesday killing three and wounding 12 others (File Archive/AFP)
16:19 GMT

Violence throughout Iraq Tuesday left at least 12 people dead mostly near the country's capital.

Iraq's leader Al Maliki rejected Ban's calls for dialogue, saying: "We do not hold dialogue with Al Qaeda". (AFP)
08:05 GMT

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki to use dialogue to resolve the ongoing conflict in Anbar province, where Al Qaeda-affiliated militias overran the major cities last week.

January 13, 2014

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari (R) greets United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at Baghdad airport on January 13, 2014, upon the latter's arrival for a two-day visit to Iraq. (AFP)
18:32 GMT

The U.N. security council has called on Iraqi tribes and local communities in the restive Anbar province to help the government in the fight against Al Qaeda.