A total of 714 Iraqis were killed and another 1,269 wounded in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in October alone. (AFP/File)
November 30, 2015 - 13:30 GMT
Bombs exploded in and around Baghdad in markets, restaurants, and residential neighborhoods, killing at least seven people and injuring dozens more.
The mass graves were discovered after Iraqi forces liberated the town. (AFP/File)
November 30, 2015 - 10:17 GMT
Officials in Iraq uncovered three new mass graves in the town of Sinjar after recapturing the area from Daesh militants.
US Republican Senator John McCain (L) and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R). (AFP/Gianluigi Guercia)
November 30, 2015 - 09:00 GMT
Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham urged Obama to send 10,000 troops to both Iraq and Syria to fight Daesh.
It remains unclear if the impact will have long term effects on the group. (AFP/File)
November 30, 2015 - 07:00 GMT
A high rate of death in Iraq as well as increasingly frequent defections indicate Daesh is losing man power.
The grave, which held 123 bodies, was discovered after rainwater exposed some of the remains. Image used for illustrative purposes. (Al Bawaba/File)
November 29, 2015 - 06:00 GMT
Iraqi officials say a bomb-rigged mass grave, thought to be containing the remains of more than 100 people killed by Daesh militants, has been discovered in the country’s north.
The 36 people are believed to have been taken to an unknown location. (AFP/File)
November 26, 2015 - 09:30 GMT
Some 36 people were abducted by Daesh militants in Iraq’s northern province of Salahuddin, according to al-Forat news agency.
French Rafale fighter jets return to the Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft carrier on November 23, 2015 after conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. (AFP/Anne-Christine Poujoulat)
November 24, 2015 - 10:18 GMT
Airstrikes supporting ground troops targeted Daesh positions in Ramadi and Mosul, while more French airstrikes were carried out in Syria against Daesh's self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa.
Daesh's oil supplies are under attack by a US-led coalition. (AFP/Marwan Ibrahim)
November 23, 2015 - 16:00 GMT
The US-led coalition continues targeting Daesh oil supplies, with major airstrikes over the weekend.
Russian S-300 missiles, similar to the ones being used on Syrian targets. (AFP/Vladimir Mashatin)
November 23, 2015 - 12:30 GMT
Erbil and Sulaimaniyah have suspended flights as Russian cruise missiles cross into northern Iraqi airspace.
Iraqi Christians attending a church service in Erbil. (AFP/File)
November 22, 2015 - 11:29 GMT
The Kuwaiti consulate in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, is providing emergency relief for thousands of Christian families from Iraq.
Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) greets Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, May 21, 2015. (AFP/File)
November 22, 2015 - 10:30 GMT
After granting Russia permission to conduct airstrikes against Daesh convoys, Moscow will now be sending Iraq an arms shipment.
Iraqi men inspect the site of a car bomb attack on August 6, 2013 in Baghdad's Karrada commercial district. (AFP/File)
November 22, 2015 - 09:00 GMT
Multiple bombings and armed attacks across Baghdad killed ten people in busy markets and various residential neighborhoods.
Authorities are currently investigating 26 cases of possible civilian casualties. Image used for illustrative purposes. (Al Bawaba/File)
November 21, 2015 - 07:53 GMT
An Air Force investigation concluded Friday that was prompted by allegations that an anti-Daesh coalition airstrike in Iraq caused civilian deaths.
An Iraqi man stands in front of a door covered with shrapnel and blood stains after a suicide bomber reportedly blew himself up in the midst of a Shia funeral ceremony where 17 people were killed in Baghdad, November 13, 2015. (AFP/File)
November 20, 2015 - 20:00 GMT
Ten people were killed and at least 28 others injured during a twin bomb attack in a Shia mosque after Friday prayers.
Thousands of Iraqis have been killed in bombing and shooting attacks in and around Baghdad. (AFP/File)
November 19, 2015 - 12:00 GMT
At least 14 Iraqis were killed and 35 others injured in several attacks across Baghdad and Diyala province.
The peshmerga forces, an Iraqi-Kurdish militia active in northern Iraq, have become an important partner of Western governments fighting Daesh in the region. (AFP/File)
November 18, 2015 - 15:30 GMT
NPR reports of Yazidi retribution for injustice done while under Daesh control surface.