Dubai Customs seizes 1000 counterfeited travelers cheques in dollars and euros

Dubai Customs seizes 1000 counterfeited travelers cheques in dollars and euros
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Published November 14th, 2010 - 12:07 GMT

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Air Cargo Operations
General Department of Criminal Investigation
Free Zone Inspection Center
Dubai Police
General Department of Airport Security

Dubai Customs managed to seize around 1000 counterfeited travelers' cheques for international companies specialized in this domain. The seizures were coming from an African country in US dollars and in Euros so as to be used in the UAE markets during Eid.

Details of the incident started when Customs inspectors at the Free Zone Inspection Center at Dubai Int'l Airport suspected the two parcels which contained reels. On inspecting them, the cheques were found hidden inside the reels. The cheques were seized and a sample was sent to the General Department of Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police to be examined and to confirm whether they were forged or not.

Mr. Omar Ahmed Al Muhairi, Senior Manager of Air Cargo Operations at Dubai Customs said that results confirmed that the cheques were forged as though it would appear authentic to the public.

Thus, the seizures along with its record were transferred to the General Department of Airport Security in Dubai Police to take the necessary legal action of arresting the two implicated persons who were supposed to receive the two parcels.

Al Muhairi added that inline with Dubai Customs awareness of the twisted smuggling techniques which involve using modern technology in forgery as well as its aspiration in utilizing the distinguished location and the ease of trade movement in Dubai, the Department is keen on developing Customs inspectors' skills to enable them to uncover all kinds of smuggling and fraud smugglers attempt to use through providing them with specialized training courses and workshops.

He clarified as well that this kind of cheques are normally used to facilitate the purchase process of the passengers who do not prefer to carry cash especially during occasions such as Eid and Hajj when some gangsters usually tend to take advantage of these seasons.

Mr. Al Muhairi also stressed Dubai Customs role in protecting the local community and economy and combating smuggling of such forged cheques in order to put an end to these kinds of operations since they threaten the markets and cause instability of trade due to losing trust in such financial notes and harming the country's reputation. 


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