Egypt "revoking citizenship" of Hamas members

Egypt "revoking citizenship" of Hamas members
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you know what, i think what our new gov is doing regardless whoever wrote this thinks or states.

I have personally had a home made bomb thrown in my car by a muslim brotherhood member who was cause by people in the street seeing him do that before a protest on the 25th Jan 2014. He had another one.

on that day people living in our neighborhood "Nasr city" ,which is somewhat uptown as you might say, caught about 15 or more "activists" breaking their cars, burning property and vandalizing anything they can reach.

Their reasoning is "we are infidels", and there were others that were hired thugs...

It states here there are more than 1400 killed since 30-7. it just doesnt say how many of them are police men, army personnel and/or innocent civilians does it? probably about 1/2 of that number.

Anonymous (not verified) Sat, 03/08/2014 - 08:50

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