Egyptian Arab Land Bank Wins Football Tournament

Egyptian Arab Land Bank Wins Football Tournament
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Published October 25th, 2010 - 10:21 GMT

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The Egyptian Arab Land Bank (EALB), one of the largest Egyptian commercial banks and one of the oldest banks operating in Jordan, organized a football tournament that included the Egyptian Arab Land Bank team as well as teams belonging to the Amman Surgical Hospital, The Bank of Jordan, Abu Sheikha Exchange, Investment and Finance Bank, Al Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Al Rawayda Company and Al Takaddom Company. The Egyptian Arab Land Bank came in first place.

Mr. Hazem Yousef stated, "This is the fourth football tournament that we have organized with other companies, with the aim of creating and solidifying ties between the teams, which in turn results in a positive and productive business environment for all."

He added, "We value and appreciate the professionalism and dedication our employees put into their work every day, and we express our appreciation through various incentives, some of which are financial and others include activities that strengthen the bond that has already been established at the Bank."

The football tournament kicked off on Sunday October 10th at Al Ittihad School under the patronage of Mr. Hazem Yousef, Regional Manager of the Egyptian Arab Land Bank, as part of the EALBs ongoing efforts to strengthen ties with other financial institutions and organizations in Jordan. 


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